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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 103: It’s OK if You don’t Have Time to Come to See Me, I Can Come to See You 1

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Chapter 103: It’s OK if You don’t Have Time to Come to See Me, I Can Come to See You (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The theme of this episode of Young People Want High was Travel on a Budget.

The director not only got frenzied to expropriate all the money on all the honored guests, but also deliberately gave them very ugly make-up to make sure no passer-by would recognize them. Then like unloading goods, he just threw all of them at the airport.

This was really a big-budget crew. In each episode they would invite a big star to ensure their ratings. And this time they invited the legendary superstar Ye Yunlan who had been hot in the circle over ten years.

Ye Yunlan's career was very smooth. When she made her debut at the age of 16, she immediately had a shot to fame. And then all the movies she participated had received quite good rating and box office, and for her, she had won numerous acting awards.

Although she was already 35 years old this year, but she had great maintenance and still looked like a young women in her early twenties, delicate skin, beautiful face, and a pair of breathtaking big and watery eyes.

When Yu Xin saw her, his eyes couldn’t move from her. He pulled Yu Qinghuan’s sleeve excitedly and kept saying, “Qinghuan! I see my goddess! Oh my god! She is even more beautiful now!”

Although they were in the same circle, Yu Xin was only an agent from the bottom. He rarely had a chance to contact Ye Yunlan at all. For all these years, he even had few chances to look at Ye Yunlan from afar, let alone join the same show.

Yu Xin’s face turned all red, and his heart was beating fast. When he nearly couldn’t control himself and rushed to her, Yu Qinghuan stopped him.

“Ge, we are recording. Don’t make trouble.” Yu Qinghuan’s face was a little pace, with obvious blood streaks in his eyes, which made him even more haggard than when he was shooting Orange.

His voice was hoarse and exhausting, which immediately dragged Yu Xin back from his dream. Between his goddess and his own star, he chose the latter finally.

“Losing sleep again?” Yu Xin looked at Yu Qinghuan, a little worried, then took out a bottle of eye drops from his bag, “Here. Your eyes are like the rabbit’s eyes now. It’d be bad if the reporters shoot them.”

Yu Qinghuan nodded, then took the eye drops. When he was about to use it, Yu Qinghuan suddenly asked, “Did you have fight with Huo Qu? Look at you. How could you even…

Before he finished his words, Yu Qinghuan’s hands shook suddenly and the light red eye drops were squeezed all over his face.

“Oh come on! You are an adult and you don’t know how to use eye drops?” Yu Xin complained. When he was about to do it for Yu Qinghuan, he only found Yu Qinghuan’s face was full of light red liquid, and he could only give ip.

“You come with me. I’ll ask the staff if they got any tissues, and also say hi by the way.”

“OK.” Yu Qinghuan nodded. After wiping off the eye drops flowing down his cheeks, he then went away with Yu Xin.

When the late spring breeze blew over his face, it felt pretty cold, even his whole body felt pretty cold. Yu Qinghuan took his steps woodenly, and his thoughts involuntarily laid on Huo Qu.

What is he doing now? Is he still waiting for his call obediently? Is he still expecting that he could go to see him?

He was such a simple person and would believe whatever he said. He never knew that the promise he had made to him would never come true.

But it didn’t matter. The less they contacted, the better, and they’d also become distant slowly. Besides, Huo Qu had been much better now. After some time, maybe he would make some or even a bunch of new friends. And at that time, he would forget about Qinghuan.

On thinking of such a scene, Yu Qinghuan felt like his throat was stuffed with a ball of hemp rope, making him hard to breathe.

Such a good Huo Qu, that Huo Qu who he had taught to change little by little, now he was going to let him go.

“Qinghuan, Qinghuan!” Yu Xin’s loud voice instantly dragged Yu Qinghuan back to reality. He raised his head and looked right into the eyes of those who were in front of him.

"I'm sorry," he said with an apologetic smile." the eyes drops are a little spicy, so I got a little distracted."

“This young man is kind of delicate.” The director laughed and tried to tease him. After a pause, the director then went on, “What makes you think you could borrow tissue from those tough men? Huh?

Pointing at the direction where Ye Yunlan was at, he winked and whisper with an joking tone, “See? Goddess Ye is over there. You should borrow tissues from someone like her.”

Just as his voice died away, before Yu Qinghuan said anything, Yu Xin already leaned forward excitedly, saying with both an exciting and shy tone, “Can I really borrow them from Goddess Ye? Well, I…I can do it.”

The director did not think he really bought it, and got choked on his question.

But as the director of a variety show, he was born with talent of humor. After he came back to himself, he suddenly wanted to make a prank. Before everyone could react, he suddenly shouted to Ye Yunylan’s direction, “Goddess, some little child wants to ask some tissue from you! Do you have some?”
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