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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 102: I Want to Be with You Forever 2

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Chapter 102: I Want to Be with You Forever (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan felt like his heart being pricked, but still he wore a gentle smile. He tried to make himself sound calmer than usual, “Be good. Do as what I told you. You don’t want to upset me, do you?”

Huo Qu had no idea what the relationship between the two, but he was afraid Yu Qinghuan might really get upset, he could only nodded confusedly, “Hmm, no, I don’t.”

“That’s my boy!” said Yu Qinghuan with his slightly trembling voice, eyes lowered. He nearly couldn’t stand, so he held against the wall hard and tried to stay calm, “I’ll call your brother, ask him to pick you up. You go to the institute today.”

“Qinghuan, I don’t…” When his eyes stopped on Qinghuan’s soft and moist lips, Huo Qu immediately felt burning hot inside again. He leaned close to Yu Qinghuan and murmured, “I only want to stay with you. I miss you. If I leave you, I’m gonna miss you the next second.”

“Be good!” Yu Qinghuan felt his heart was bleeding. He tried to restrain his chokes in the throat and said, “You won’t listen to me, huh? Remember what I said before. I hate those who are irresponsible the most. You go to work and come to me when you are on a holiday, OK?”

Huo Qu didn’t want to become that kind of person Yu Qinghuan hated. He liked him too much. He wished that he could change every bit of himself that Yu Qinghuan didn’t like. He wanted to a perfect man Qinghuan liked.

On hearing him, although he didn’t want to, he still nodded, “Fine.”

After a pause, he peered at Yu Qinghuan carefully and expectantly, saying with a red face, “Qinghuan, I…can I kiss you one more time?”

“No!” Yu Qinghuan’s voice was freezing cold. He turned him down without thinking. When he was about to stress again that he couldn’t do this ever again, Huo Qu already lowered his head and kissed hard on his lips.

After the kiss, Huo Qu immediately stepped back, sneering, like a cat that had just stolen a fish, even the dimple showed his undisguised complacence.

Yu Qinghuan’s eyelashes quivered. He wanted to say something, but still he didn’t open his mouth.

Forget it! This is the last time anyway. Let it be!

Soon Huo Rong arrived. Only five minutes after Yu Qinghuan hung up, he already came to the parking lot, panting heavily.

“Why are running about all day?” He patted Huo Qu’s back of the head, both angry and worried, “Get in the car. I will drive you to the institute. Think about it. How many times have you bothered me this month?”

Huo Qu didn’t respond, smiling, eyes still staying on Yu Qinghuan.

This time Huo Rong really felt the thing between them. But time was very tight. He had no time to get into it seriously. He only nodded at Yu Qinghuan, then pushed Huo Qu into the car and was about to leave.

When he was about to step on the gas, Huo Qu buttoned down the car window, stretched out his head and looked at Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, this weakened…No, what about I go to see you after I’m off work on Friday?”

Yu Qinghuan looked at him affectionately, like he wanted to carve him into his heart. After quite a few seconds, he said dully, “OK.”

Huo Qu felt so happy on hearing him. He waved at him heavily. Even after the car left the parking lot, he was still looking back through the rear window.

Watching his silly brother’s action, Huo Rong said, “Enough. Qu, he is already out of sight. Sit properly.”

Huo Qu ignored him. He touched his own lips, and licked them again, sneering.

It felt like his heart was filled with honey, so sweet.

When Yu Qinghuan went upstairs, Yu Xin had almost nailed all the details with the production team. Coincidentally, it was Young People Want High which happened to interview Huo Qu and him last time.

The directed immediately smiled on seeing him, saying that he had kind of special bond with this program. He was the best choice to be the honored guest of the last episode of the first half year.

After some social talk, Yu Qinghuan took a look at the contract and made sure there was no problem, he then turned to Yu Xin, “Ge, you have nailed the details, right? Then I’m gonna sign here.”

“OK, OK.” Yu Xin’s eyes were beaming, he nodded, still very excited.

It was really worthy to be the No. 1 variety show of the national TV station. Man, they were really rich! This time he could finally change a new car!

After sending away the director, Yu Qinghuan and Yu Xin also left. On the way, Yu Xin took a few glances at Yu Qinghuan and finally couldn’t help asking, “Qinghuan, why do you look so terrible?” After a pause, he teased, “Had a fight with Huo Qu?”

On hearing the name Huo Qu, Yu Qinghuan’s heart quivered. He lowered his eyes and said blandly, “No, I’m just a little tired. I’ll be fine after taking a nap.”

Yu Xin didn’t believe him. When he still wanted to say something, Yu Qinghuan said, “Ge, book an air ticket for me. I want to see what they are gonna produce in this episode and get myself familiar with the style of Young People Want High.”

“OK.” On hearing that it was for work, Yu Xin instantly agreed. But the next moment he already noticed something was wrong. If he wanted to familiarize himself with its style, he could directly watch the former episodes on the phone or TV. Why would he have to go in person?

But when he was about to open his mouth, he saw that Yu Qinghuan in the back seat already closed his eyes, so he could only swallow the words he wanted to say and focused on driving.

So in the following time, every time Huo Qu called Yu Qinghuan, it was always busy tone.

Although Yu Qinghuan would text him to explain, saying he was busy with his work, Huo Qu always felt that something was wrong.

He restrained his anxiousness in his heart and waited for Yu Qinghua for one day, two days, three days, four days…

But still he didn’t have a chance to see him, now he couldn’t even hear his voice.

Finally Huo Qu couldn’t hold it.

The author has something to say:

I know after this chapter is released, everyone would have a spur to beat me, but for the record, please be gentle and I need a pot cover…

Qinghuan is a kind and sensible person. Huo Qu confessed his feelings for him all of sudden. So he subconsciously thinks that whether it is he who has influenced on Huo Qu. This is a tough way and he really cherishes Huo Qu, so he has to confirm it repeatedly. It needs a process for him to truly accept this relationship.

But I promise the next chapter will be sweet sweet sweet! Look at my sincere eyes!
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