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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 2.1: I already Graduated from Primary School.

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Yu Qing Huan looked at Liu Jia An in disbelieve with his eyes wide opened, making his already small face became smaller. When Liu Jia An saw this, he showed a rare smile: "Enough dallying. Follow me to the audition room for your part. I must figure out your acting skill properly, so that I can make proper arrangement."
"Director Liu, I don't think that's okay." Yu Qing Huan stood still at his place. He almost thought that he was hallucinating.

What kind of luck was this! That Director Liu would accidentally overheard when Yu Qing Huan was persuading his manager. Because of that, Liu Jia An held him in high regard and generously just gave Yu Qing Huan the role!

If this happened during his last life, he would be smiling even in his dreams. But it's different now, Yu Qing Huan didn't want to fly high. He had no thoughts of being famous. He only wanted to quit the entertainment circle and have a nice happy relationship, okay!

But speaking of it, in his last life, his luck had always been horrible.

When the film crew went around the country to promote the film, there would always be traffic jam as long as Yu Qing Huan was in the car; When his fellow actor got married and gave out Xi Tang[1], everyone would get good ones and only Yu Qing Huan would get an empty one; Even during eating time, of all the people at the table, only his bowl had worms inside.

Some friends used to joke with Yu Qing Huan. With his 'good' luck, maybe he should go buy some lottery. In the beginning, Yu Qing Huan listened and kept trying. When not a single number was hit after so many tries, he completely gave up in buying lottery.

Was it after his rebirth that he became incredibly lucky?

He thoughtfully touched the back of his head.

Liu Jia An looked at Yu Qing Huan face. He thought that Qing Huan was being embarrassed so his attitude became gentler, "It's okay, I am the Director. Whatever I say, goes. Your name is Qing Huan, right? Come, follow me."

It sounded like a wrench uncle trying to trick a little loli.
While Yu Qing Huan was thinking up ways as to not offend Director Liu with his refusal, Yu Xin finally reacted. Looking at this huge pie that landed on his lap freely, his mouth couldn't close. He immediately dragged Yu Qing Huan towards the audition room and greeted Liu Jia An, "Hello Director Liu. Our family [2] naive brat has always been like this. He's not rejecting you. This kid just enter the entertainment circle so he has no confidence in himself."

Director Liu nodded his head; "I know. I think like that is also quite good."

The two of them began chatting excitedly completely ignored Yu Qing Huan who was standing beside them.

Yu Qing Huan: "...O-O"

It's not that he lacked confidence, it's just that he didn't want to act ah! QAQ

The rest of the judges halfheartedly listened to the remaining actors after Director Liu leave the audition room. They hastily passed all the candidates and finally sighed tiredly at their place.

Co-director Jiang Qi used the script as a fan. Fanning once then stopping once: "Today work is in vain. Let's leave after packing, nowadays actors ah ze ze ze." Jiang Qi clicked his tongue.

[T/N: 嘖嘖嘖 (ze ze ze): Similar intonation for when you clicked your tongue.]

The producer who had a good relationship with him gave him a glance: "Lao Jiang! Stop spreading your negativity. Who knows, maybe we will find a suitable one later."

[T/N: 老 (lao): Old, sometimes used when addressing a good friend in Chinese. Ex: Old John. ]

Jiang Qi shrugged him off and used one word to express himself: "((  ̄へ ̄ ) / He-"

At this moment, Liu Jia An brought Yu Qing Huan inside the room. He raised up his hands and clapped twice, attracting everyone attention.

Jiang Qi 'homemade fan' fell to the ground.  

The producer spat out a mouthful of tea.
After a few seconds of silence, some were greeting him and some were wiping their eye glasses. Everyone wanted to see, who was this actor that could make Director Liu so satisfied.  

At their first glace. Wow, so handsome!  

When they took a closer look, everyone was stunned.

Not every actor could stand the pressure of being scrutiny. They could see that the young man called Yu Qing Huan was not wearing any makeup at all with their godlike eyesight!
This kind of beauty was simply unbelievable! The only thing that they didn't know was his acting abilities.  

They didn't know where did Director Liu found him. They also couldn't find anything relevant on the Internet.   

"Well, Qing Huan." Director Liu sat on his chair and indicated that Yu Qing Huan should sit opposite him. After flipping through several pages of the script, Liu Jia An pointed to one of the dialogue and told Yu Qing Huan: "Act these out for me."

The chosen dialogue was the part where, after Ye Shang found out that he had to go to the battlefield, he made a huge ruckus inside the plane.  

Even though the difficulty level was not high, it was still a demanding scene for a newbie because once he was careless, the acting would seemed willful.  

Yu Qing Huan immediately knew how he should act when he sweep through the dialogue. When Yu Qing Huan failed in his audition in his last life, he flipped through the script countless times to hone himself. After the film was released, he also watched it thoroughly for numerous times. There was no other reason aside from his unwillingness to accept his failure.

It could be said that Yu Qing Huan had eaten and fully chewed through the entire script a lot more compared to other actors.

[T/N: had eaten and fully chewed: Fully comprehended the script]   

He really didn't want to act this role in this life. So now, should he deliberately act poorly and privately find Director Liu to quit later?   

His wishful thinking only lingered for a split second in his mind and was quickly discarded by Yu Qing Huan.  

Although he didn't want to enter the entertainment circle, he never wanted to fool others. Yu Qing Huan refused to leave an impression of having bad acting and cowardly image.   

After Director Liu finished talking, everyone was waiting for Yu Qing Huan to act but it was as if he lost his soul and didn't move for a long time.

Jiang Qi secretly Wechat the producer: We cannot use this person.  

Producer: What is the Director trying to pull =.=? Which part he got attracted to? His face? 

Jiang Qi: Maybe. ╮( ̄- ̄)╭

Producer: I never thought there will be a day where Director Liu would use face to judge ah. 【/(╯▅╰) \ Le sigh~】

Unlike the others who were being a contented bystander, Yu Xin was like an ant on hot pan. He really really want to strangle Yu Qing Huan neck so that he would hurry up and act.  

The mood in the audition room became weirder the longer Yu Qing Huan remained silent. Yu Xin couldn't take it anymore and wanted to remind Yu Qing Huan when suddenly he put down his script.
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