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My Youth Began With Him

My Youth Began With Him

Author: BabyPiggie Status: Ongoing Update Time: 2020-04-08 15:45:14
Latest Chapter: 2897 The Trap Behind the Wedding 17

Seven years ago, after their breakup, he disappeared without a trace. Now, he reappeared on the eve of her wedding, sparing no means in forcing her to marry him… With a certificate of marriage, he bound her mercilessly to his side. From there, this “Cinderella” began her journey as a wife to the heir of a business empire… Mrs Huo – composed, sharp-tongued, and freakishly smart. Mr Qin – wife-spoiler to no end and a complete “slave” to their daughter. Quality love story, one on one. You are welcome to get hooked on this story with us. 青春从遇见他开始


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