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Not knowing how to intercept him to ask about the library she began,

"Father Arthur, do you know about the steep monument in the east land?" she asked.

"Why I do. It is one of the oldest building with sacred jewels being embedded in the statue which we don't speak," he said squinting his eyes as sun rays hit across his face while they walked out.

"It was my father's passion to collect artefacts from all the empires. I happened to catch on it as I grew up and wanted to see how it looked. My parents passed away last winter. And with the recent edict that has been put down I don't think I will be able to see it anytime soon," Katie said with a sign as she made up a believable story so that she could find a way to get permission to enter the old library.

The father of the church crossed himself with a prayer after hearing about Katie's parents.

"Unfortunately if I could I would have shown you but I don't have anyone hmm..." seeing the dejected expression on the woman's face he then said, "Or may be you can have a look in the library. There must be few recorded details in there."

"But isn't it closed?" she asked feigning ignorance.

"Follow me," he said and Katie followed him, feeling relieved that she was finally able to get in.

She felt guilty for lying in the church but she reminded herself that she was doing it for a good cause and didn't mean harm to anyone.

"The library has been locked to the townsfolk but not for the officials. With no library no one can gain knowledge, it would only be-"

"A frog's well," she completed and saw the man nod in agreement.

The library was an old building right behind the church just like Malphus had said. There were two guardsmen who stood at the door and when the father walked across the doors they bowed opening the door. When a woman passed by them, Katie turned around to see that the guards were checking the woman to make sure she didn't take anything from there.

"Have you thought about joining the church?" the question startled her. She hadn't expected him to ask something as such.

"Ah, well I don't think so," she replied politely.

"You would be a very valuable high preached sister of this empire if you ever decide to become one. It is very rare to find someone who takes such interest. Woman these days..." she did nothing but keep a smile, nodding her head in intervals. When they reached the section which read history of the sixteen hundreds he said, "You might find it here. I will be leaving now."

"Thank you for your kindness father," Katie bowed her head thankfully.

"God bless you my child," seeing him leave she felt herself smile.

Would the father still make her the high preached sister if he knew that a vampire had deflowered her. She doubted so not that she had any interest to begin with.

"Lord Alexander..." she whispered his name.

She missed him and she wanted to go back. Would it be reckless to pack everything and leave to Valeria? Or see him from a far distance just one time.

No this wasn't the time to think about it and the man had given his word to her that he would come see her. Like Elliot said he gave his word rather than a promise. Words were meant to be kept while promises were meant to be broken, at least that is what she knew.

Now that father Arthur had helped her with the access she had to be quick in searching answers for what she had come here for. Starting with the section she was standing in she picked a random book when the old woman who must have been the librarian walk in the next row to place books back. Seeing her walk away, she searched randomly row after another. Opening random books as she had no clue where to start from. Time was running as she went through several books to find nothing at all. Six hours and there was no indication about the witches.

May be it was true that the south had burnt all the books related to the witches. She sighed.

When she went to see the next rack of books on the other side of the room she caught sight of a back door which was locked. Biting her lip nervously, she looked at the librarian who had her eyes closed her as she dozed off to sleep as her head twitched. There was no one in the library except for them now. Tiptoeing slowly towards the door, she turned the knob and got inside the room.

The room she entered was nothing like she had imagined. With the state it was in anyone could mistake it to be a storage room which wasn't used in years. There was no lit candles and the windows were covered with dirt and dust letting only a scarce amount of light into the room, resulting it to be still dark. Books were everywhere.

Picking up one of the book that was lying on the ground she went to stand near the window. She opened it to see drawings and rough writings on the witches. Taking another book near her she flipped the pages to find what she had come here for. The markings.

To avoid conflicts humans made truce with the witches for their benefits which is the line.

Flipping through the pages she took the other book.

'Massacres has been a source of energy and life to the dark witches since eons. With the noted observations, we have found the day and time a massacre takes place in a month if performed which is before the day of the full moon.

When blood of the dark, blood of the white, blood of the innocent and blood of the witch will come together under the light of the witch the five sides of the massacre will take place.

Katie tried reading the rest but it seemed to be written in a different language.'

This was it. This was the room that contained everything about the witches. So it was true after all.
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