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Expected, Alexander thought. He had taken a seat at the corner instead of sitting where the human Lord sat now. Moving his head like an owl left to right and right to left wasn't his idea of viewing.

"Yes, Lord Norman," the Head of the Council spoke.

"Giving opportunity to everyone by keeping the position open just gives a higher chance for the vampires than the humans," Lord Norman said standing up from his seat.

"What do you mean?" one of the Council members pressed.

"We already have three out of the four as vampire Lords and only one as the human Lord which has created an imbalance in the ruling of the regions," the Lord explained.

"He is right," Alexander, voiced his opinion from the far corner, gathering everyone's attention.

Lord Nicholas, who wasn't paying much attention to the Council before now had his brows raised suddenly in question. It was obvious the human hated him to his very core, then why support the person? Even Norman had his brows furrowed in confusion.

"Maintaining balance is important when it comes to the Empire of the four regions. As our dear friend Norman has spoken, we have three vampire Lords with an odd of a human Lord. Perhaps we should just remove the human Lord and add vampire Lord to keep the balance clean," Alexander suggested smartly which made few of them chuckle at his words but Norman was furious.

"How dare you threaten my title of Lord?! You misfit for a Lord," Norman exclaimed in fury. He was ready to take steps towards the Valerian Lord and lunge at him but was stopped by the Head of the Council's words.

"Lord Norman, please sit down. We don't encourage such wild mannered behaviour even if you're one of the Lords. Please refrain from behaving so before you are asked to leave," the Head ordered.

"Didn't you hear what he just said!" asked Norman with a bewildered look on his face.

"Lord Alexander was merely suggesting it and people here are entitled to speak out their opinions rather than threaten," one of the Council members spoke supporting the vampire, which left Norman silently fuming in his seat.

"Lord Norman taking your words into consideration and to be fair we will have the candidates from the other Lords halved while your candidates count stays the same," the Head spoke fairly and the human Lord smirked triumphantly, "Do the other Lords have an objection to it?" he asked Alexander and Nicholas.

"No objections," Alexander replied followed by Nicholas' reply, "None at all."

"Alright then, let us begin with the voting of the candidates," the Head Council said as a big box was brought into the room to write names and put into.

Women and men came up to write the names in an orderly fashion and went back to their seats. After the process was complete, the Council gathered to segregate the names with the votes they received. Once the Council was done, they began announcing every candidate's votes and picked five of them garnering the highest votes. They would decide who to be the next Lord in a few days.

"Say, Alexander, whom did you pick to vote?" Elliot asked nonchalantly as they left the building.


"The woman who had only two votes?? You mean the old woman?" Elliot asked surprised.

"Yes the old woman," Alexander answered walking towards the carriage.

"You gave her the vote knowing she would never win it. Why would you do that?" Elliot asked thoughtfully.

"Sometimes in the game of chess you need to make a void move," the vampire Lord said getting inside the carriage as his lips curled up darkly.

In the period of time when Alexander had left for the council, Katie was left unguarded in the mansion. Maids mostly consisted of humans though there were also half-blooded vampires that served the upper class. Though the mansion had frequent guests that were of great value to build political relationships, there were also ones who rode their parents' coattails. Gisele was one of the upper-class vampire's daughter was aiming to be the Lady of Lord Alexander. She was infatuated with the man. With the help of her father, she had been staying in the mansion, providing sexual pleasure when the Lord wanted, which she was more than happy to oblige.

The little human girl who had arrived weeks ago was an eyesore to her. She had seen the affection the Lord had shown her on the day of gathering. She was a child yet a girl who would one day no doubt be a threat to her. She was going to be the one to take the name as Alexander's wife and she would give no second thought to eliminate anyone who came in her way.

Now that Alexander wasn't there, she had the opportunity to do what she had been waiting for all this while. She detested Katie and wanted her out, and it didn't matter if she was dead or alive.

Katie sat on the rough hay that was under the shed as she held a wolf-like creature in her arms. The men who worked there looked at her wondering how she had found it unless she had stepped into the forest that resided behind the castle. They didn't mind her staying as the girl kept quiet, sitting in a corner and not interfering their work for the day.

She didn't go to the gardens as that was where most of the elite vampires were found walking.

The little pup in her arms licked her hands and face making her giggle. It had a fur of cream with brown patches. As she played with it she didn't notice a couple of vampires walk towards the horse shed.

"You should see the horses we breed at my estate, I can assure you that you will love it madam Magdalene," the man accompanying the woman next to him said.

"That would be wonderful," replied the woman.

As they walked inside the woman's eyes fell upon Katie who was playing with a pup. It was the same woman whom Elliot had insulted during the first night Katie had arrived in the castle, calling her a cow. Katie had her leg outstretched as she sat and as Lady Magdalene walked she made sure to walk straight at her and tripped purposely.

"Such a rude girl," the man said coming to Lady Magdalene's aid thinking that the girl had purposefully tripped the lady.

"That's alright. She is a poor human who lacks manners," Lady Magdalene commented at the same time the pup in Katie's hand growled, showing it's tiny teeth at her, "Is that a wolf?" she exclaimed taking refuge behind the male vampire.

"Looks like it is. A bite of a wolf is fatal and this girl is bringing it here. She must be a spy!" the man said accusing the little girl of conspiracy.

"Sir the pup is harmless we-" one of the workers tried helping to only get a glare from Lady Magdalene.

"Are you trying to protect the girl who is bringing up such a vile creature in this estate?!" She asked him and he shook his head trying to speak again.

"We have a few pups tha-"

"That's enough!" The man said raising his hand, "This shall be reported right away."

Katie looked at them afraid now as she held the pup in her arms. She didn't know why the man was yelling at her.

When they reached the hall, they heard a commotion inside. Going in they found few of two vampires with their servants standing behind them, one of the vampires being Gisele herself.

"There is the thief!" Gisele exclaimed looking at them. The other vampire female took few steps towards Katie and slapped her, leaving a sting on the girl's cheek.

"Did you think we wouldn't know if you stole my necklace?" she asked with her narrowed eyes.

"Oh my God! This is the difference when it comes to us and these lowly humans who are poor," Lady Magdalene said shaking her head in disgust.

Sylvia who had just returned from the town looked at the scene in front of her confused.

"What's going on?" she asked them before she caught sight of Katie and saw the red mark on her cheek.

"This little girl stole my necklace," the vampire cried and Sylvia felt her brows furrow.

"Milady, I think you're mistaken. Katie wouldn't do such a thing," she explained going next to the little girl. Katie's eyes had welled up with tears now, making her vision blurry.

"How can you explain the chain hidden in this girl's room under the pillow?" Gisele asked to explain the situation.

"Moreover, she's having a wolf in the shed," Lady Magdalene added fuel to the fire.

By now the other people in the castle had come out to see what was going on in the main hall. It was clear to Sylvia that Lady Magdalene and Gisele had framed the little girl even though she was innocent.

"The girl needs to be punished for her behavior," the man who had accompanied Lady Magdalene spoke loudly.

"But-" Sylvia went to protest to be rudely interrupted by Gisele.

"Know your place servant. Another word and I shall see you have your head off," she sneered at her and turned towards the girl, "She has done a mistake so she shall reap."
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