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Valerian Empire 87 Council's decision- Part 2

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She shuddered when Alexander's hand moved from her waist to her stomach and when it started advancing straight up languidly her heart began beating loudly until he reached the back of her neck.

All this while Alexander kept his eyes on her, gauging the expressions that crossed her features.

Katie titled her head, raising herself by standing on her toes which Alexander responded by leaning down and kissing her on her lips. He caught her lower lip in between his teeth and tugged on it. Pulling and biting it teasingly. Both his hands caught hold of her face as he plunged his tongue into her mouth forcefully.

She moaned and sighed into the kiss, placing her hands on either sides of his shoulder. He kissed the side of her jaw and then her neck, biting the skin and soothing it with his tongue. The mixed sensations clouding her mind.

Taking her towards one end of the bath, Katie placed her hands flat on the cold surface. Her breathing fastened when he moved her hair to one side, stepping closer to her to feel her back against his toned chest from behind.

"Weren't we supposed to be taking bath?" she asked breathless.

"Hmm...We are, aren't we," Alexander trailed his nose across the length of her neck and then pressed his lips on the nape of her neck, "I am bathing you with love and care," he whispered over her skin making her eyes go wide at his words.

But the Lord didn't give her a chance to completely digest what he said and bit her neck roughly making her cry out with pleasure.

"L-lord Alexander, it hurts," Alexander let go of her skin, leaving a gentle kiss in contrast to the bite.

Katie gasped when he entered her suddenly without any warning, taking her from behind. She leaned forward to support herself on her forehand. Unlike the first time where he had gone slow, this time his movements were stronger and thrusts relentless as he pushed himself into her.

She moaned as they immersed each other in pleasure.

He filled her mind and body with nothing but him, every word that spilled out from her mouth had nothing but his name.

Alexander now picked a tired Katherine in his arms out of the bathing room after he had helped her dry as she was still dazed with the after affects of what they did in the bath. Placing her in the bed, he got in next to her.

Seeing her slip into her dream slowly as she tried keeping her eyes open he kissed her forehead. Pulling her close to him, he fell asleep next to her.

Days passed by and Katie sat looking grim while listening to something her cousin was talking about. Tomorrow morning he would leave for the south and it was only few hours ago since the information started sinking in Katie's head. Thinking about it only made her mood glum.

How she wished Ralph could stay here but he had things he wanted to and therefore she tried understanding what was best for him.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed feeling a flick on her forehead.

"What are you looking so depressed about? It's not like I'm going to a war," Ralph chided her, "I'll come often to visit you and our family, and you can do it too," he smiled and she returned it with a sigh but put a smile on her face the next second.

"Of course, I know that. You don't need to say it," she replied rubbing her forehead.

"So you're going to stay?"

"I am," she smiled looking at the horizon that had formed due to the trees and the sky, "I had initially stayed here because I didn't know where to go and then I stayed to find out about you. Now that it's done, I can find a job in Valeria and try to put my education into good use."

"I am glad to hear about that. I wouldn't know what to do if you said you were going to continue being a maid. As exciting as it is to serve and clean the mansion, you can't deny that it's dull," he grinned and she grinned back. Her cousin was never fond of cleaning.

She then saw him fumble his hand in his pocket to pull out a piece of neatly folded paper.

"This has the address where I will be staying. There's also an acquaintance's address just in case you don't find me there," he said handing it over to her.

Seeing from afar, Katie caught sight of the carriage heading towards the mansion.

"Lord Alexander and Elliot are here," she said as the carriage neared.

When Katie and Ralph stepped down the stairs, they saw Malphus walking with sped fast steps towards the head butler and whisper something to him.

Not few seconds later Elliot got inside with his shirt holding streaks and dots of red on it. Unlike his usual happy self, he had a grim expression on his face.

Following him was Lord Alexander and this time it didn't take for her to understand it was blood that was splattered on them.

Katie took a step forward to be stopped by Ralph as he held her arm. When she looked at him, he shook his head.

What had happened? And whose blood was that? Worried she bit her lip seeing the Lord go up to his room without a word. Elliot did the same, the butler following him close behind his heel.

"Malphus," she called the ghost walking towards him, "What happened?" She asked him anxious.

Malphus pursed his lips and then opened his mouth to speak,

"I'm not sure myself. One moment everything was fine when we visited the distant village in the up north and in another instance some people started attacking us out of nowhere," he sighed with his grey eyes unfocused.

"Attacked by humans? But why? I thought it was a peaceful village who abided under Lord Alexander," she asked confused.

"How come you are unscathed while those two are covered with blood?" Ralph questioned the man in front of them.

"Lord Alexander prefers to have me accompany him in my ghost form most of the times I'm out with him. We had Ebeneezer Tanner with us and the humans tried to attack him. Protecting the old man led to blood on the Lord and Sir Elliot's hands. The Lord said they showed the traits of dysfunctional turned half vampires but when we later checked they seemed to have their human side still intact," Malphus explained confused himself.

"So they were targeting Mr. Tanner then?" She asked him.

"It seemed so but that isn't what we have to worry about," he said looking up towards the Lord's room, "We found a word that the council members are on their way here and it has something to do with the safety of humans and vampires."

"That doesn't sound good," she felt uneasy hearing what Malphus had to say.

As expected in the evening, three members of the council visited the mansion where Lord Alexander resided.

Lord Alexander now sat in his study facing the council members who had taken seats across the table. History was repeating itself, thought the Lord looking at the same men in the room.

Being a half vampire, Lionel the right hand man of the council hadn't changed much. There was Mathias too who had come along with the other two council men.

"We apologize for the sudden visit without any prior notice," Lionel apologized.

"No need to be formal. I'm sure it was something urgent that needed to be relayed," The Lord of Valeria smiled at them charmingly.

"I'm glad you understand, Lord Alexander," the other man spoke and the Lord continued to smile.

"So how can I help you?" Alexander asked them.

"This is from Reuben," Lionel passed a parchment to the Lord, "All the contents and details are in there. This is not permanent, it's something the council decided to give a try on for a trial period of a month to see if there is any changes."

Reading the contents inside it, Lord Alexander didn't change his expression.

"I hope you support us with this."

"Of course," he replied and after exchanging few more words the Lord got up from his seat and the others did the same.

Shaking their hands, the men left. Once they were out, Lord Alexander called for Katie.

Katie who had been pacing front and back in her room,was startled when the butler came to fetch for her, saying the Lord had requested her to see him.

"Come in, Katie," he said sensing her behind the door, "How was your day?"

"It wasn't bad," and she said, "I heard the council members were here."

"Yes. I wanted to talk to you about the same," he said standing towards the window, "It seems like the appeal that was put forth with the division of the vampires and the humans has been picked for a trial course. For a period of one month. The instructions are such that all the middle and high class of humans are supposed to go reside in the human land for now."

"I believe someone already whiffed todays incident and let the council know about it. Right now appealing for a reconsideration is not going work as the process is in a trial and also that I killed a bunch of people," Alexander said it to her.

"But that was in self defense," she said making him smile dryly, "Death is death to the council, no matter what caused it," he sighed.

She didn't want to hear what was coming because she already knew the reason as to why he had called her to his study.

"Unfortunately as the Lord, I have to abide the council's decision for now," and he said, "Katie, you will have to leave the mansion along with Ralph tomorrow."
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