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In the morning, Alexander had woken up to see Katie fast asleep her face facing towards him as she breathed in and out softly.

The quilt that they were sharing was now covering the front side of her body and her lower behind, leaving her back exposed along with her arm and shoulder.

Last night he had taken her to his bed. He stole her innocence and he was glad that he was the one who took it.

The Lord was furious when he had found another man on top of her, trying to force her. He didn't care about his image when he had ripped the man's heart out.

Katie was naive and she believed people had a good heart but she had to know that she didn't live in a world that was pure as her. And what she did yesterday was foolish. Naivety had it's limit and so did his patience.

He had given her his word on not touching another woman but he was no saint. A man had his own needs and to top it he was a vampire. The need to touch her had been growing and knowing the girl was still yet to bloom into a beautiful rose, he wanted to keep it untouched.

But Alexander's patience that was threading on thin ice broke after seeing what happened in the alley yesterday.

He had plucked the rose bud for himself, deciding to let it bloom in his care.

Though he had told her that he would let her experience on what she wanted, he had taken things in a slow pace while holding back his basic needs to have her then and there. She had whimpered and moaned at his ministrations. And never had his name sounded so good on a woman's lips as she cried out his name while he thrusted into her.

She was utterly beautiful and he had savored her like none before.

It being her first time, he had molded her to his liking in the bed. She wouldn't need experience from other's, after all he would be the only one to touch her. The women he had bedded before were either too lean or bony, wanting to get into his good graces but this one was too shy. Her eyes seeked his to know what she had to do next and for some reason it warmed his heart.

Bringing up his hand, he touched her lower lip that was healing the little spot of redness which was caused when he had entered her in the beginning. She had bit her lips in pain unable to take the new intrusion and trying to adjust to it. Instead he asked her to hold his back and indent the pain she felt.

In the heat of passion he had taken her twice before emptying himself into her, her eyes clouded and drifting to another land.

He felt her move closer to him now and he pulled her by her waist gently.

Lord Alexander wasn't the type to let a woman sleep in his bed. The women whom he had been with were asked to leave his room or was killed in the process as he sucked their blood until the last few drops.

Moving his hand behind her back, he traced his finger at the length of Katie's spine making her body shudder. Noticing the change in her breathing he spoke,

"Good morning," he pulled away from her to see the redness on her cheeks that began from her neck.

"Good morning," she replied softly as she clutched the white sheets in front of her to cover her bosom.

Seeing her now completely awake he wanted to have her again.

Katie had still been dreaming when she felt a finger move across her spine, tickling and tingling her before waking her wide awake. The feeling of Lord Alexander's bare chest on her hand reminded her what happened the previous night.

Seeing her he smiled which she returned shyly.

Last night they had kissed and touched with the fireplace crackling and under the moonlight with no other source of light. Now that the sun had come, emitting rays of light through out the room from the windows that were open it made her aware of her nakedness.

She saw his eyes darken and it quickened her breathing. Pushing her shoulder to the mattress suddenly, he got on top of her. He kissed her neck and when his hand went to move the sheet, she gripped it tightly.

"Wait Lord Alexander!" she said quickly out of panic, "I'm not used to-this," she apologized.

"I'm glad you aren't," she heard him whisper before feeling him press his lips on her bare shoulder.

"I-It's too bright," she protested and heard him chuckle.

"Let me let you in on a little secret," he said pulling back to look at her, "I have a good sight as a day in the dark. I have seen and touched every inch of you and you have nothing to be shy about," he slowly let go of her hand from the sheets, letting him closer to her.

Feeling the fabric under the sheets Katie wondered when the Lord had worn back his trousers. But she wasn't able to ponder on it as Alexander's hand trailed down her body before letting his finger slide in and out between her legs making her moan once again.

Pleasure swept pass her face and it made him hard. Knowing that she was still sore as it was her first time, he didn't want to thrust himself into her right now. He let go of his hand after some time when she reached her peak and came over his fingers.

Her chest heaved up and down as she came down the high. Her breath was labored with her erratic heart beating in her chest.

"I should probably lock you up in the high tower," he murmured and her eyes snapped at his with a worried expression.

"Why would you do that?"

"You keep getting into trouble like it's a routine thing to do. Promise me you'll stay away from it and won't do something ridiculous like yesterday because if you don't I will take you to the high tower. You have my word on that darling," he said making her nod in agreement.

As Alexander got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, Katie sat up holding the sheets again. She heard the water run in the bath.

Her skin felt sticky and she had to bathe. Looking around she found her clothes on the ground along with Lord Alexander's shirt. When she got up from the bed, putting one leg on the floor she felt herself slip and fall on the ground.

"My aren't you a clumsy one," she saw Alexander walk across to pick her up in his arms with the sheets, "Now where were you planning to escape hmm."

"I need to go to my room," she replied sheepishly and the next second she saw him heading towards the door, "I can't go like this, please let me down! Lord Alexander!"

"Shush now. I ordered Martin not to let anyone walk on this floor until evening. No one is going to see you," walking over to her room, he placed her on her bed.

"Thank you," she thanked him.

"Katherine I have an event to attend that has been hosted by the council in the evening. I would like you to accompany me there. I'll ask Sylvia to help you with the dress. We'll depart here by four," he said and left the room with a pat on her head.

Later when Katie went down to the kitchen she found Mrs. Hicks scolding someone as Fay and Dorthy did their work. She wondered if the butler had told Mrs. Hicks about her delay in work because if he didn't she had to braze herself for Mrs. Hicks words. But when the woman saw her she frowned,

"Didn't you take the day off?"

"I did?" Katie asked confused.

"Well that's what I was told by Martin," Mrs. Hicks replied as she added salt to the large vessel that was boiling under the fire.

"I am free until two. I can lend hands until then," Katie offered help.

"Bless your soul, dear," and with that she began helping in the kitchen.

She later heard from Dorthy that Cynthia had gone to her native town to visit her parents due to urgent work. She had a gut feeling, a feeling that wasn't good that it had something to do with Lord Alexander.

Apparently no one knew that she and Cynthia had been to town. Cynthia had told Fay that she was going alone to fetch something and didn't mention about her coming along with her.

By noon Katie had made sure Samuel and his sister were doing well, making sure they were doing their work and were well. His sister Fanny was very young and therefore she spent her time doing little jobs. She was a quiet child and Katie made sure that she was well fed and someone tucked her in which was either done by her or Dorthy.
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