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Valerian Empire 41 The fall- Part 2

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Caviar wasn't a vampire but a human yet he it looked like he had fangs while he spoke.

"I am sorry. I guess I was never brought up to hate any kind or person belonging to any region. There's either good or bad in this world," she shrugged her shoulders.

"The world must have more people like you," he said going to the side and digging the ground to make space for the new horse that was going to be brought in today, "What about your family?" as he moved the mud to his right.

"They aren't here," she said turning to look outside where two men stood on either side of the ground, guarding the door. She was told not to go there by the workers. It must be where they kept the prisoners.

"They are still in the south?" he asked making her wish that they were.

"They were killed," she whispered softly but Caviar heard her.

"Sorry to hear it."

Caviar saw the girl standing still near the opened wall, staring outside lost in her thoughts. In the entire time of his work in the mansion he had caught sight of her three or four times around the garden. Compared to the other workers she seemed different. The tone she used and the minimal interaction she held was graceful like a butterfly unlike the other women in the mansion.

He had heard about her from young boys who worked in and out of the mansion. People sure had enough time talking about their interests with the opposite gender when they were young, he thought to himself.

She had been uncomfortable and a little stressed when she had first arrived there but she seemed in a better state now. The previous day he had seen one of the boys offering her help when she was trying to clean the ground but she had refused with a smile waving her hand telling she was fine doing it alone.

They were cautious with her unlike the other girls whom they blatantly flirted with. It was something to think about. Before her work here he had caught her speaking to Elliot who had patted her head like a little girl.

Something clicked in his mind as the thought crossed.

He had heard about a little girl being marked by his Lord but the matter was dismissed and forgotten years back.

"Is the butler aware of you switching your work routine?" Caviar asked Katie.

"I think he knows. I sent Corey to let Daisy know about it," she said turning back to look at him, "Your canines are long," she said curiously.

"It's been this way for a while now since the time I got bit. People always mistake me for a vampire," he answered keeping the shovel down on the ground, "Crossbreeds are foul creatures."


"They are creatures from the deep dark forest and their bites are fatal to mankind. It is a rare chance to get bit by them but I happened to be just around the corner and was attacked. I guess the venom released from the bite reacted differently like elongating my canines, better eye sight and strength than an average human could have," he explained running his tongue over one of his canine thoughtfully.

Mimicking his actions, she touched her canines. Hearing people outside she turned to see in the direction it was coming from.

"Looks like we have the new string of horses here," Caviar whistled dusting his hands on his pants.

Katie went to feed the wolf which was usually kept on leash. Bending down she carefully placed the meat on a plate before pushing it forward. She had never seen a wolf before and he was gorgeous. Its pelt was dark grey in color having white fur going around its legs and neck.

"Here, boy," she called as the wolf raised its head from its slumber. When he began eating it made her happy and she sat there looking at him until the meat was finished.

She went to fetch water when Caviar came in sight with Oliver, the second in command of Valeria. Walking past them, she took one step before her footsteps slowed down seeing the Valerian Lord himself in flesh in front of her.

His eyes narrowed at her but she missed it as his expression turned stoic while he stood not far away from her. Normally he would have given her a smile even though it was hardly noticeable, but nonetheless it was still a smile.Her throat seemed to go dry suddenly along with her lips and she licked her lips to moisten it and Alexander's eyes followed the simple movement.

Hearing Oliver suggest something to the Lord she lowered her eyes with her thumping heart and went to fetch the water.

When she was back she moved awkwardly feeling the Lord's eyes follow her every action as the other two men spoke. She didn't know why but he made her skittish, may be it was the fact that she had seen him taking bath while she was ogling at him shamelessly. Feeling her cheeks burn she avoided any eye contact while making herself busy with the hay. She wanted to cover herself in hay to avoid the burning gaze that was coming from Lord Alexander.

She wished Elliot was here to ease the atmosphere. May be she should apologize to him but now didn't seem like a right time not when there were other people around. She let out a sigh of relief hearing them leave and continued to do her chore.
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