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My life revolves around you 4 A NEW FRIEND

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Since I knew no one I just found myself a table of two at the very end of the hall near the window, this was for fresh air, second I was really not good in communicating with other people and thats why I chose a table of two so that I wou only get one person to talk to and likely no one at all 'who the hell would want to hangout with a quiet person in a party, of course one would like to socialize ' I really didn't know that the decision I made would change my life all together.

Well eventhough I was alone but atleast I got a chance to experience what a party's like. I was so busy with my phone that I did not notice someone sitting on the empty chair right infront of me 'facing me' Putting my phone away I nearly jumped from my seat, sweat already forming on my forehead.

"What's wrong? am I that ugly? "he asked. "Like seriously I don't know him and thats the question he asks after scaring me to my wits, what a shameless basta** he was supposed to ask whether he should sit atleast that's what a noble person does.Where have all the noble young men gone too my goodness, well atleast he is dazzling in that white suit, and those eyes of his oh my he is so cute, wait a minute those looks dont rhyme at all with his behavior, he sure is coming from a wealthy family from the looks of his dressing, oooooh yeah he must be one of those spoilt bra**"

"Hey miss are deaf or something " like seriously this guy needs me to punch him, I really wish I could beat him to a pulp. Well I just have to answer him so he could keep his mouth shut,"no its just that I didn't realise there was someone on the other seat you know so you kind of scared me. "

"Oooooh then am sorry I didn't mean to scare you ,I am Wen Lin if you don't mind alittle introduction please" 'Wait a minute did I hear wrong he just said sorry and please, well it seems he wasn't bad after all no problem making a friend right ' "well am Yang jie nice to meet you "
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