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My life revolves around you 3 A LITTLE CHANGE

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My brother was always possesed in playing games and so I bought him a new established ps. I picked my dress got my mom her staff and went back to the hostel. This was the first time I was going on an event like this so I just felt like whatever hairstyle I was putting on was not matching the event at all. I really did not want to stand out, and so the first thing I decided on was that I was not going to put on my glasses today .I remember my brother telling me alot of times to take them off whenever we were going out telling me that I looked way more beautiful than the tv stars without my glasses on, and that I looked more like a warthog when I had them. I had never listened to him but maybe today I could make a change.

I tied my hair into a ponytail since I could not settle on any hairstyle,the white dress was simple yet elegant with little diamonds embroidered on its neck. I settled on white heels, and diamond stones earrings,I didn't really know how to apply makeup because I had never really tried it ,I always believed in being simple so I just applied cherry lipstick and I was good to go.
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The hall was alittle bit far from the hostels and so I hailed a cab to the hall. The entrance was filled to its beam. They were so many people that I couldn't help feel nervous,due to the large number of people we had to form a line to get inside. 'I thought it was just a class so how could it bee so many people don't tell me it was the whole classes of that years semesters ' Finally it was my turn and I got to get inside, I was at the end of the line so now everybody was in the hall.
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