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My life revolves around you 2 looking back

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I don't know why but for the first time in my life I was excited to go for a party. Looking through my closet I could not find anything suitable for me to wear at the party ,to add it all nothing was suitable for the theme. The theme on the invitation stated white yet I could not find anything in my closet that was plain white. I was still pondering on what to do when I bumped into a stack of papers, taking a look while putting them together I saw a letter from my mother reminding me that I should not forget shopping her some jewelry. 'Shopping 'Suddenly an Idea struck me, 'yeah' I should probably go out for shopping, although this was not something I enjoyed doing and would attract attention since I would be going shopping in one of the malls in the university, and most of the students especially in my class knew I hated shopping especially when it came to spending money. I had a good reason right? if someone asks I would just tell them I was shopping for my mother.

I was never born with a silver spoon,eventhough my current situation is very stable I cannot forget from how I and my mother had struggled to make two ends meet by selling groceries on the homestead of our little village home that was left to my mother by her late parents. My mother got pregnant in her early days when she was working as a maid .

There was a time when my father came home drank from partying all night with his friends and my mother had to take the responsibility of tucking him in bed since she was the maid and his parents were not at home. I just don't know what happened exactly but I was the result of what had happened. My father travelled abroad for further studies not knowing my mother was already expecting his child, my mother did no know how to face my father's parents and so she decided to abandon her job and go back to the village. Those four years were the hardest of all times but were also the most memorable.

Coming back from my lumber, I picked up my side bag and decided to go out for shopping. My father had given me a card I could use wherever and whenever I needed to.I have not had the urge to use it but upon realising that my earnings from the part time jobs I did weren't enough I had to put away my ego and go for it. Even after my father officially married my mother I still did not want to depend on him I wanted to prove to my grandparents that I was able to stand on my own I did not need the money of his son. My grandparents only care about my younger brothers claiming that even though my mother said I am my father's daughter they still doubt it because I did not look anything like my father unlike my siblings who were the exact copies of dad.

speaking of which I now remembered that in two days time my youngest will be celebrating his eightinth birthday and I had to get him a birthday gift.
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