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Mother And Girlfriend Are In Trouble At The Same Time, Who To Save First?

The Sixth Prince coughed up blood, and after that he even swayed a few times. Ren Xifeng was frightened and rushed forward to support him, then she looked at the face of the Sixth Prince which was ghastly pale because he had just coughed up blood. She could not imagine at all that immediately before this, this person had been at court, debating loudly with the ministers and he had even shouted in anger before. In a blink of an eye, he was coughing up blood, could it be that the ample strength he had earlier was all a pretence?

Ren Xifeng stomped her foot in anxiousness, turning her head and opening her mouth, planning to shout loudly to summon an imperial physician. As she opened her mouth, Xuan Tianfeng covered it with one hand.

She looked toward Xuan Tianfeng, confused, but she saw the other party shake his head and he spoke in a weak voice: “Don’t tell anyone, I am fine.” Seeing that Ren Xifeng wanted to speak, wanted to push his hand away, he said again: “Ren family’s Young Miss, first promise me that you would not shout for anyone, then I can let you go.”

Ren Xifeng did not have any other choice and could only nod. Xuan Tianfeng only put his hand down after seeing her agree, then he heard Ren Xifeng say anxiously: “Being this sick, why does Your Highness the Sixth Prince still want to hide this from others?”

Xuan Tianfeng showed a troubled smile, “I only coughed up one mouthful of blood, it is not as serious as you say, I understand my own body, it is not to the degree of troubling an imperial physician. Moreover, once an imperial physician is summoned over this, people’s hearts might feel uneasy again. The current Da Shun cannot withstand such turmoil.”

Xuan Tianfeng had an aura of a refined scholar. When this person was healthy, people would feel that he was physically weak to some extent, just like those scholars outside who held folding fans. Even if he learned martial arts, people would still overlook this point, only thinking that he would fall with one gust of wind. With him really being sick now, others would feel pained seeing him, Ren Xifeng felt that if she let go, this Sixth Prince would fall on the floor, unable to recover from the illness.

She felt anxious and the temper which was cultivated since young from being raised in a General’s family boiled upwards, she wanted to scold the person in front of her, asking if he was stupid? No matter how huge the responsibility was, having a healthy body was the most important! But in the end, she was not that familiar with the Sixth Prince, in the end, the Sixth Prince had the position of Regent now. Even though he did not have the position of crown prince, he was carrying out the duties of crown prince. It was such that the Emperor had already stopped caring about anything, what the Sixth Prince did was what the Emperor should be doing. Ren Xifeng’s intellect told her, she could not speak to the Sixth Prince in such an unreserved manner.

But when some words were not said, it started to feel uncomfortable, and she was feeling conflicted. It was Xuan Tianfeng who spoke first, asking her: “Ren family’s Young Miss, why did you come? This Prince remembers telling the palace servants that no one is allowed to enter the inner hall.”

He was looking to condemn someone!

Ren Xifeng quickly lowered her head and said: “Your Highness the Sixth Prince, I am sorry, This Official’s Daughter convinced the palace servants outside to allow entry, please do not blame them, I came…… came……” She wanted to say that she came because of Feng Yuheng, but when she saw that the corners of the Sixth Prince’s mouth still had blood on them, she could not help but stomp her foot, “Oh my, Your Highness the Sixth Prince, with you like this now, I do not even know if I should tell you about this, what should I do?”

Xuan Tianfeng did not understand, gently pulling away from Ren Xifeng’s arm and sitting back in the chair, that was when he spoke: “Since you came, then say what you need to say! For a lady to enter the imperial palace, it is definitely not an important national affair, you……” As he spoke, a thought entered his mind and a premonition surged forward, “Did something happen to Princess Yu?” He had heard that the relationship between the first daughters of the Prime Minister’s manor and the General’s manor was especially good, and he was not close to these few people, yet this First Miss from the General’s manor suddenly entered the imperial palace. It should not be because of a matter related to herself or the Feng family, then, there was only Feng Yuheng.

Xuan Tianfeng hit the nail on the head, Ren Xifeng could only nod, “Your Highness the Sixth Prince is correct, This Official’s Daughter came because of matters with regards to Princess Yu and wishes to ask Your Highness for help.”

“What happened to her?” This was related to Feng Yuheng, so Xuan Tianfeng lost some composure and even his voice became a lot more anxious.

Ren Xifeng said: “Your Highness the Sixth Prince is sick, since you do not wish to alarm the imperial physicians in the imperial palace, then Ah-Heng is also a physician, just find Ah-Heng and let her take a look at you! You cannot continue holding on like this.”

“This Prince is asking you what happened to Princess Yu?” Xuan Tianfeng’s expression turned cold and he stared at Ren Xifeng, “Speak, what is your purpose for entering the imperial palace?”

Ren Xifeng breathed in sharply, even though she felt some fear at the Sixth Prince’s sudden change of expression, this showed that Feng Tianyu was correct. The relationship between he Sixth Prince and Ah-Heng was rather good. This could be seen from the Sixth Prince’s current anxious expression, it would seem that the reinforcement she looked for was correct!

She breathed in deeply and backed up two steps, then knelt directly towards Xuan Tianfeng, then she said: “This Official’s Daughter entered the imperial palace to ask Your Highness the Sixth Prince to save AH-Heng. If Your Highness the Sixth Prince can find the time, please leave the imperial palace to go to Yu Palace and see her!” Ren Xifeng’s voice had a weeping tone as she spoke and explained everything about Feng Yuheng’s recent behaviour in the capital. This included her suddenly fainting in the streets and being carried back by a hidden guard, shocking Xuan Tianfeng greatly.

“How can this be?” He stood up with a duang, slamming his hand on the table, “Why did no one tell This Prince about such a huge matter? Why doesn’t This Prince know anything?”

After shouting angrily, another mouthful of blood spurted out, Ren Xifeng practically lunged forward to support him and a wave of feeling pained rose up from nowhere. Without thinking at all, she pulled out a handkerchief which she carried with her and wiped the corners of Xuan Tianfeng’s mouth, speaking in a trembling voice while wiping: “Your Highness the Sixth Prince, you cannot feel anxious, Ah-Heng’s condition is not that serious, I heard that it is an illness of the mind. Your body is important, if something bad happened because of this matter, then…… This Official’s Daughter deserved ten thousand deaths!”

“It’s no trouble.” Xuan Tianfeng panted two times and realised that he was acting strangely, he reacted a bit too strongly after hearing about Feng Yuheng. That was Princess Yu, his younger sister-in-law. Even if he had never truly let that woman go in his heart, he should not react that strongly in front of outsiders. As he thought this, he secretly used his inner strength to forcefully push down the blood which was rising up in his body, then he reached out and took the handkerchief in Ren Xifeng’s hand, pressing the handkerchief to the corner of his mouth and wiping away the blood himself. “Ninth Brother is heading towards the battlefield in the eastern border, This Prince promised him that I would take care of the people in his palace.” He found an excuse, but he could not help but ask Ren Xifeng: “Has her condition improved?”

Ren Xifeng nodded: “She is much better, Divine Doctor Yao examined her personally, she is fine. I heard that she went on the streets to search again, I do not know if she has returned to the palace yet.”

“Thank you for coming to tell This Prince all this.” Xuan Tianfeng looked at Ren Xifeng, saying, “This Prince will leave the imperial palace now, if something happens in the future, I would like to ask Ren family’s Young Miss to enter the imperial palace and let This Prince know.” As he spoke, he detached one tag from his waist, “Take this, you can enter the imperial palace any time with this, no one will stop you.”

After he said this, he did not wait any longer and started to make his way out of the hall, Ren Xifeng quickly following behind. That waist tag was held in her hands, the body temperature of Xuan Tianfeng was still present on it, transmitting some sense of steadiness.

The two walked from the inner hall to the outer hall, without even walking through the door of the hall, a Eunuch hurriedly pushed open the door and walked inside, almost colliding with Xuan Tianfeng. Xuan Tianfeng asked him: “Being this frantic, what happened?”

The Eunuch spoke quickly: “Replying Your Highness the Sixth Prince, someone was sent over from Jing Si Palace to pass a message, saying that Noble Lady Li had run out from Jing Si Palace and has already reached the edge of Crouching Wave Lake, saying that…… she wants to jump into the lake!”

“What?” Xuan Tianfeng did not expect that at this moment, his mother who was not willing to listen to his persuasions caused trouble again, the anger in his heart surged upwards and his face turned red, alarming Ren Xifeng.

She remembered Zhang Yuan saying that Noble Lady Li caused a ruckus last night and the Sixth Prince kept watch for one night at Jing Si Palace and only returned when it was morning. Only half a day had passed and she caused a ruckus again?

“Your Highness.” She took two steps forward and lightly supported Xuan Tianfeng from the side, saying softly: “Your Highness, you must not get angry, be careful of your health.” Seeing the conflicted emotions on Xuan Tianfeng’s face and knowing that Noble Lady Li causing a ruckus at this timing, between Ah-Heng and his mother, it was difficult for this prince to choose. So she said again: “If Your Highness can trust me, for Noble Lady Li, This Official’s Daugther will help you go and take a look, what do you think?”

Xuan Tianfeng did not expect her to say this and could not help but turn to the side to look at her, without waiting for him to ask in response, he heard Ren Xifeng speak again: “I heard that Your Highness had talked to her many times, but Noble Lady Li’s situation did not change at all, then Your Highness going again would be useless, why not switch to another person to try. This Official’s Daughter does not dare to say that I will definitely be able to successfully persuade her, but there is not other better method, right? Your Highness, do not worry, This Official’s Daughter does not dare to say anything else, but I can still make the guarantee that Noble Lady Li will not fall into the lake.”

The first daughter of the General’s manor, she also learned martial arts from the old General as she grew up. She does not have much martial arts attainments but wanting to protect a noble lady from not falling into a lake was something very simple. Xuan Tianfeng nodded, looking at Ren Xifeng, speaking respectfully and seriously: “Thank you, then I will leave this matter to Ren family’s Young Miss.”

Ren Xifeng nodded, taking two steps back and bowing, then she told that Eunuch who came to pass the message, saying: “Lead the way!”

That Eunuch glanced at Xuan Tianfeng. Seeing him nod, that was when the Eunuch left hurriedly with Ren Xifeng. And Xuan Tianfeng also spoke at this moment and instructed the servants: “Prepare a carriage, This Prince wants to leave the imperial palace!”

Noble Lady Li seeking death was not something which stated recently. Ever since she moved to Jing Si Palace, there was no day which passed peacefully. In the past, she could still feel self-pity while in her own courtyard. Currently, it had already progressed to the point where Xuan Tianfeng had to be called to the scene whenever she caused a ruckus.

She did not want to be locked in Jing Si Palace anymore, she felt that her own son had sat on the dragon throne. Even though he was only regent, but that still possessed a huge amount of authority. She should have rose up in power and enjoyed the benefits as well. But she was only locked in Jing Si Palace in the end. It was fine if she could not enjoy any benefits, the most important thing was that people would laugh at her! People’s words were powerful. Sometimes, one sentence could squash someone to death, she definitely could not stay in that Jing Si Palace any longer, she had to leave, she had to attain that glory which belonged to the birth mother of a regent prince. With this, she would not cause her son to lose face. With this, those women in the imperial palace would not see her as a joke and she could make them shut up.

This time, Noble Lady Li caused trouble until she came to the edge of Crouching Wave Lake. When Ren Xifeng arrived, one of her feet had already crossed over the rocks on the edge of the lake, and her body had leaned forward as she prepared to jump into the lake…… Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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