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Someone Who Can Save Feng Yuheng

After Yao Xian left, Feng Yuheng improved slightly, but that improvement was not obvious. She still felt conflicted over the person she had not found, still wanting to send out large numbers of people to search.

But her actions conflicted each other. On one hand, she sent people out to search, but on the other hand, she was afraid of the people under her continuing to investigate once they found any clues. Wang Chuan and Huang Quan did not understand how to advise her anymore, so they could only let her give them a hard time. With the capital being this huge, their nets were spread all over, their own people were everywhere. As long as their Young Miss did not leave the capital, nothing serious would happen.

Yu Palace was worried about Feng Yuheng. At this moment, in the Prime Minister’s manor, because the Seventh Prince left for the eastern border, Li Kun who was originally staying at Chun Palace was sent over to the Prime Minister’s manor for the time being to stay. They even sent a physician from Hundred Herb Hall to go over there together so it would be convenient to attend to his injuries anytime.

Li Kun’s injuries were serious, the good thing was that Feng Yuheng carried out the treatment first and the foundation was done well, so after the other physicians took over, they were much easier to attend to. Currently, Li Kun could get off the bed and walk around freely, unlike the past where he could only lie on the mattress and even needed someone to support his head in order to drink water.

The Prime Minister’s manor was originally the Right Prime Minister’s Feng family, but because the previous Left Prime Minister Lu Song was really seeking trouble, it was to the point where not only did the Emperor remove his position of Prime Minister, he even removed the post of Left Prime Minister. Without a Left Prime Minister, there was naturally no need to be known as Right Prime Minister, for the name of the Right Prime Minister’s manor was changed directly to Prime Minister’s manor, ending the court situation in Da Shun’s court where two Prime Ministers existed side by side for a few hundred years.

Li Kun originally thought that living in the Prime Minister’s manor was much better than staying in Chun Palace. After all, it was too awkward staying in Chun Palace. Even though he was royalty and also had an uncommon disposition, that disposition differed too much from Da Shun’s Seventh Prince. Even the servants in the Chun Palace possessed some degree of respectful aura. He always felt that he could not fit in the atmosphere of Chun Palace at all, not even matching up to the disposition of the servants, so he felt especially uncomfortable when he lived there.

The Prime Minister’s manor was much better, they did not have many rules and the servants were more relatable, this caused him to breathe a sigh of relief. Currently, the Seventh Prince and the Ninth Prince have headed towards the eastern border, Li Kun did not know if Da Shun would stand on his side and help him to return to the Emperor position which should have belonged to him. Considering the essence of it, he hoped to obtain assistance from Da Shun’s court, after all, when he escaped to this side, he did harbour such plans. But as his body recovered day by day and his mind became clearer day by day, he felt that his original way of thinking was a little too naïve.

At that time, he was only focused on escaping and whatever thoughts which he had were formed in a hurry and immature. Thinking about it now, even if Da Shun helped him obtain the position of Emperor, it would be impossible for them to allow Zong Sui to develop however they want and only pay yearly tributes. Even if he obtained the position of Emperor, it would only be a puppet Emperor, and rather than being a puppet, he would rather distance himself from the political centre and become a free wanderer.

It was not that he did not have any feelings for Zong Sui. It was just that rather than proper royal blood killing each other until they had no choice but to be a puppet to Da Shun, it would be better to just hand Zong Sui over, preserving his last dignity as someone from the Li family.

Of course, Li Kun thought, Da Shun had to be in a good mood to make a puppet Emperor, and in reality, Da Shun probably did not even want a puppet! For puppets, there would still be a possibility of betrayal, Da Shun could not fight again and again. Since they have already sent troops to Zong Sui this time, then they should solve it thoroughly. The land of Zong Sui would be a property of Da Shun in the end, the fate of their Li family would probably come to an end.

Li Kun showed a troubled smile, reaching out and picked up the tea from the table in front of him and drank a mouthful. After just swallowing it, he heard his room door being pushed open from outside with a “bang”, immediately the voice of an angry lady was heard, “Everyone is working and only you are drinking tea here, Li Kun, don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Li Kun felt a headache coming on, she came again, this Feng First Miss Feng Tianyu really came all the time to “show concern” for him! Ever since he entered the Prime Minister’s manor, excluding the first few days when his injuries had not fully recovered, there were no days in the remaining days where he could take a breather. If he was not helping to sweep the floor, he would be helping to carry water.

That’s right, at the beginning, he was only helping, it even carried an excuse that his body just happened to need training to recover and he was also happy to do some things, everyone also got along harmoniously. But developing to the end, things seemed to have changed, he seemed to have become free labour in the Prime Minister’s manor. The carrying of water and cutting of wood seemed to be within his job scope and if he did not finish, he could not even eat, this caused Li Kun to feel confused.

Why was he being treated so strictly? He only accidentally walked into this First Miss bathing once? It was not as if he had seen everything, she was only half undressed and he only saw half her back? Did it need to be that exaggerated?

“I say, why are you still here drinking tea? Aren’t you going to do the chores? The water vats outside do not even have a drop of water inside, aren’t you going to draw water? There’s so much wood stacked up, aren’t you going to cut wood?” Feng Tianyu came in like wind and fire, bringing in some cold air from outside. She stood in front of Li Kun, hands at her waist, looking at Li Kun coldly and speaking loudly: “Everyone else is working, and only you are sitting in the house and drinking tea. What? Drinking tea can fill up the water vats outside?”

The corners of Li Kun’s mouth twitched, saying in frustration: “Feng First Miss, I am still considered a guest of the Prime Minister’s manor, why are you so motivated over a water vat? I helped to carry a few rounds of water out of the kindness of my heart, how did drawing water become my household chore?”

“Then?” Feng Tianyu rolled her eyes, “If you don’t want to draw water, that can be done, isn’t there still wood cutting? Or if you don’t like these two chores at all, I can change two more for you. How about watching the fire? There’s still clothes washing, or cooking? What do you know?” As she spoke, she scrutinised Li Kun from head to toe, curling her lips as she said: “Big brain and thick neck, other than having some strength, you do not have any other use. If you do not carry out menial tasks, are you going to embroider flowers?”

“Hey!” Li Kun did not want to play along anymore, what embroider flowers? Was it not enough that Da Shun had a Fourth Prince who embroidered flowers, and she even wanted to cultivate him, a proper Zong Sui prince, into embroidering flowers? “I am Zong Sui’s prince as well, why are you treating me with this kind of attitude?”

“Forget it!” Feng Tianyu waved a hand in dismissal, “What Prince? The current Zong Sui Emperor is your older brother, at most you are only an imperial younger brother, and is still an imperial younger brother whom he does not want to meet, why are you acting like it counts for anything?”

“Even if I am not a Prince, I am still a royal Highness!”

“Then go ask Zong Sui’s royalty, do people still acknowledge you as a Highness?” Feng Tianyu said loudly: “If you really want to debate status with me, then I am your saviour! Shouldn’t you do something for Feng manor to express your gratitude? Let me tell you, when you come to Feng manor, you have to follow the rules of Feng manor, you have to work! We cannot support you for free, Da Shun court did not give Feng family any sliver to support you, so you have to compensate our losses through labour. Li Kun, think about it, you don’t lose anything! If you stay in an inn, you still have to pay with sliver! The environment of the Feng family is better than an inn. Of course, if you feel that it is unfair, then you can leave, but I will say this first, once you walk through the doors of Feng manor, whether you live or die is unrelated to us. I heard that the remnants from Zong Sui are not all dead yet, there are still a few moving around in the shadows of the capital. You have to be careful of being targeted again and killed.”

Once she mentioned this, Li Kun lost his flames of anger and his expression darkened. Half a beat later, he finally opened his mouth and asked: “I heard that they threw Li Yue’s corpse into a mass grave?”

“Then?” Feng Tianyu looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “Build a coffin and conduct a proper burial? Then Li Kun, towards that blood related younger sister who wanted to kill you, you can still pity her?”

“No.” Li Kun shook his head, “From the day she decided to help Li Jian, I did not acknowledge her as a blood related sister. I am only thinking, all the people who end up in the hands of Princess Ji An would not have a good ending after all.”

“You should be addressing her as Princess Yu now.” Feng Tianyu reminded him and said again: “It is good as long as you can accept it, no matter what kind of tragic end Yu Qianyin has, she deserved all of it. Alright, alright, don’t feel emotional about this and that anymore, go and do some work! If you are unable to fill up the water vats outside, you’re not allow to eat!”

Li Kun was chased out of the room by Feng Tianyu just like this, he went to draw water with a troubled smile on his face, this had already become something he had to do every day. Of course, for a man who practiced martial arts, doing just this thing was very easy, Li Kun did not mind a woman being unreasonable while being controlled by awkward feelings, he was just thinking how long he could stay at this Prime Minister’s manor, once his injuries have recovered fully, once Da Shun defeated Zong Sui, he did not have any reason to stay anymore. But after leaving the Prime Minister’s manor, where else could he go?

Feng Tianyu looked at the figure busily working in the courtyard outside, her brows furrowed tightly. Those Zong Sui people who infiltrated the capital were not all caught yet. Ever since Li Kun started living in the Prime Minister’s manor, the defences of the manor were increased by many levels, but even with this, she still secretly heard her father say that people have entered the manor for a few nights in a row, but unfortunately, none of them were caught.

Therefore, her father Feng Qing advised her not to leave the manor to prevent for from being abducted. Being stuck at home was a small issue, but it was just that she recently heard that things were not going that well with Feng Yuheng and she did not know why, causing her to feel very anxious.

A maid ran in from the courtyard outside, speaking with the personal maid whom Feng Tianyu left outside the door. The two them came in together and reported: “Young Miss, Ren family’s First Miss has arrived, she is waiting at the Hall in the front courtyard!”

Ren family’s First Miss naturally referred to Ren Xifeng, visiting Feng Tianyu was not strange at all. It was when she went to meet the guest together with the maid and the two started chatting did she know that Ren Xifeng coming today was to look for her to talk about the matters related to Feng Yuheng.

Unlike Feng Tiany, Ren Xifeng was able to go out, therefore, she had more understanding about the situation at Yu Palace. But no matter how much she knew, for some things if Feng Yuheng did not talk about them, outsiders would not know anything.

Ren Xifeng said: “Afterthinking for a few days, I don’t know how to help Ah-Heng, I have already lent her the hidden guards from the General’s manor, but she still can’t find the person she wants to find. Tianyu, think of something as well, Ah-Heng cannot continue on like this. I heard that she had tormented herself until she fell sick, I planned to go see her, but every time I go to Yu Palace, I was unable to meet her. Madam Zhou said that she wanted to go out every day and would only return to the palace at a very late time. The capital is so huge, I do not know where I should go to find her.”

But what could Feng Tianyu think of? The two sisters sat together facing each other, both of them frowning.

They sat like that for a very long time, finally, Feng Tianyu’s eyes lit up and she told Ren Xifeng: “I thought of a way, perhaps one person would be able to advise her!”
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