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Today was the date when Chen Kexin was to be discharged from the hospital. Wang Weixi felt a little nervous, it might be because they didn't keep contact for a few days. He didn't know whether Chen Kexin was blaming him or just felt embarrassed, but in his eyes, married couples should not be like this.

There was another thing he cared about, that was Chen Keren and Yi Duanfang. Yi Duanfang, that idiot, did not know Chen Keren's feelings for him until now. Why was he doing this?

After more than ten years of friendship, they had long been like real brothers, and they knew each other well. Therefore, Wang Weixi always wondered if there was anything important that made Yi Duanfang stand up for Tong Siqi.

Not only did he not understand, but the entire company also did not understand, especially those at the senior level.

Yi Duanfang was the focus. His changes had always been gossiped about by the company's staff. Even if he only changed his clothes, it would bring about a lot of trouble. Recently, he had changed completely.

Recently, Yi Duanfang almost always shut himself away in the office. Except for Tong Siqi, he refused to see anyone, including Wang Weixi. Occasionally they met at lunchtime, every time their eyes would meet, but he always averted his eyes and then quickly left. Wang Weixi did not even have a chance to speak, and he could only watch him and Tong Siqi leave.

And the most unacceptable news for Wang Weixi was that Tong Siqi, who had said that she would leave this week, was going to stay here for two more weeks on the grounds of continuing the investigation. The company's leaders were very cautious and feared something would go wrong. What was Tong Siqi's plan, what role did Yi Duanfang play in this matter, and what would happen, were all beyond his expectations. Wang Weixi had to think twice about everything.

Wang Weixi packed up his things because he was worried about Yi Duanfang. After thinking about it, he decided to go to the office upstairs which was temporarily prepared for Tong Siqi. He needed to know what happened to Yi Duanfang.

Upstairs, Tong Siqi was watching a movie in a good mood. After hearing a knock on the door, she said, "Come in." But she did not hear footsteps. Tong Siqi looked back at the closed door, she immediately realized who came to find her and for what purpose. At this moment, she knew it all clearly.

The corners of her mouth was raised into an enigmatic smile, she stood up and combed her hair. Her makeup was exquisite and perfect. Tong Siqi felt no pressure on what was going to happen.

Opening the door, she saw Wang Weixi standing there with a sullen face. Tong Siqi's face deliberately showed some surprise. "Why are you here? Isn't your wife getting discharged from the hospital today? I heard that you took an afternoon off to pick her up."

The colleagues behind Wang Weixi had begun to look at him.

Ignoring her sarcasm, Wang Weixi asked, "I hope you can tell me, what on earth happened? Why is Duanfang with you?"

Tong Siqi asked with great interest, "Hey, am I hearing things wrong? Mr. Wang, are you jealous?"

Wang Weixi felt that Tong Siqi was disgusting to the extreme. If it wasn't because he felt guilty towards her ... However, if it weren't for his guilt towards her, she would not have become like this.

"You know what I am talking about, I don't want to repeat it again, I am not in the mood to joke with you," Wang Weixi said with a serious look. Considering the past, his voice had a moment's pause, so he added, "You hate me, but it doesn't matter, that's what I owe you. But why do you involve him in it, it's just me that you want revenge on."

Tong Siqi sneered, staring at Wang Weixi for a long while and laughing oddly. Her hand held her forehead and said softly, "It is really just our personal affair... I will promise to explain Yi Duanfang's matter, but in exchange, you have to promise me one thing."

Wang Weixi intuitively thought that Tong Siqi promised it too easily, which was unlike her current style. But because of his relationship with Yi Duanfang, he quickly decided and asked, "What is it?"

"It's very simple. As long as you have dinner with me today, I will tell you." When she said this, she smiled at him.

Wang Weixi asked with some doubt, "What did you say? Today is the day my wife gets discharged from the hospital. It's impossible for me to have dinner with you."

Tong Siqi sneered inside, "It is precisely because today is the day your wife gets discharged from the hospital, that's why I'm asking you to have dinner with me."

She smiled and asked, "So, you disagree then?"

Wang Weixi didn't speak, and his expression had already answered her instead of words.

Tong Siqi did not rush him, but showed an expression of pity. "There is no way, you should go back, I am not interested in the business of suffering losses."

"You..." Wang Weixi looked at her with some annoyance. At this moment, Yi Duanfang appeared in front of them. Looking at Wang Weixi, there was a trace of fluster on his face, "Weixi, why have you come?"

After saying that, he glared at Tong Siqi, and there was a raging fury in his eyes.

Wang Weixi stood there, looking at Yi Duanfang with a gaze of concern. In just a few days, he actually became like this. What on earth was going on? "What made you change so much? Is there anything that you can't tell me, your good brother?"

Tong Siqi knew that Yi Duanfang was angry, but she didn't care. "Don't look at me like this. I didn't invite him."

"Today, Kexin is getting discharged from the hospital. Hurry and pick her up." Yi Duanfang didn't look at Wang Weixi and just said it faintly, and then he talked to Tong Siqi, "Let's have dinner."


Hearing these two words, Wang Weixi's mood fell. These two words were very harsh to him. However, Yi Duanfang didn't look at him, and just faintly said to Tong Siqi, "Let's go."

This scene had been repeated for three days.

On that day, Tong Siqi's request for Yi Duanfang was to spend his time with her during her time in A City, having meals, drinking tea, and even shopping with her. When she was in a good mood, he was to accompany her to see Chen Kexin. In short, he was on call.

This was undoubtedly the biggest torment for Yi Duanfang. Fortunately, after that night, Tong Siqi never said that she would go to the hospital to see Chen Kexin. Yi Duanfang didn't know what Chen Kexin had said to her, but Tong Siqi's face was bad the next day. This was really gratifying to Yi Duanfang. However, these days he always thought of the lonely figure of Chen Keren. As soon as he thought about it, he had heartache. He didn't know what these strange feelings were, but he knew that he had no choice, and he absolutely could not let Wang Weixi know...

The reason why Tong Siqi asked him to stay with her, only Yi Duanfang didn't know. Women always knew other women best. At their first meeting, Tong Siqi, in fact, was aware of Chen Keren's feelings towards Yi Duanfang, and at the door of the ward, she accidentally heard the conversation between Chen Kexin and Chen Keren, which affirmed her guess. She disliked Chen Keren because of her arrogance and excellence. Tong Siqi thought that one strong woman was enough, and there was no need for another talented and beautiful strong woman to exist. Therefore, she rejected Chen Keren in her heart, and also Chen Keren was Chen Kexin's sister. Chen Keren humiliated her that day. All this made her want to take revenge on Chen Keren. And Yi Duanfang obviously did not know Chen Keren's feelings for him, although Tong Siqi could also see through that Yi Duanfang had some subtle feelings for Chen Keren. But Yi Duanfang's decision let Tong Siqi know that in his eyes, no one could compare with Wang Weixi. So she used Yi Duanfang to start her revenge.

All of this, Wang Weixi clearly knew. Although he didn't know the reason behind it, he knew Tong Siqi's goal. However, Yi Duanfang had always been smart, why wasn't he aware of Chen Keren's feelings?

"Well, Weixi, you are so considerate, you should go pick up your wife." Tong Siqi said with a chuckle.

Yi Duanfang seemed to be eager to leave, so he turned around and walked away. At this time, Tong Siqi stood on her toes and whispered in Wang Weixi's ear, "If he knows that your brotherhood can't compare with picking your wife up, won't he feel sad? Moreover, what he did was for you."

"Why are you still there?" Yi Duanfang turned around and asked impatiently.

Tong Siqi had already stood up at this time, and then waved goodbye to Wang Weixi and said, "I'm coming."

"I will go with you." Finally, Wang Weixi also turned around and said calmly.

A trace of an arrogant smile played across Tong Siqi's lips. Yi Duanfang stopped and looked at Wang Weixi with amazement, and said, "Are you crazy?" After that, he turned his eyes to Tong Siqi with a questioning look, but Tong Siqi stared at him with an innocent look.

"Don't say anything, let's go." Wang Weixi still said faintly. Yi Duanfang shouted, "Are you crazy? Don't you know that today is the day Kexin is discharged from the hospital?" He knew that Chen Kexin and Wang Weixi haven't yet reconciled with each other.

Wang Weixi didn't speak.

"If you are so angry, why don't you go pick her up?" Tong Siqi said with a smile.

Yi Duanfang glared at Tong Siqi who was smiling like a peach blooming. Was it so pleasurable to hurt others?

He glanced at Wang Weixi, but Wang Weixi had no reaction at all...

Yi Duanfang did not speak, and after a few seconds, he turned around and left alone.

He did not know that Wang Weixi was the one who was hoping that he would leave at that moment, because Wang Weixi knew that if Duanfang was there, he would be unable to ask Tong Siqi many things.

Seeing Yi Duanfang walk off, Tong Siqi said in a cheerful mood, "Let's go."

Wang Weixi nodded blankly.

He knew that this time Chen Kexin would be sad again...
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