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Chapter 80 Drunk and Disorderly (Part I)
There are some things that if you don't refuse, there will be a first time and then a second time. Wang Weixi had agreed to have dinner with Tong Siqi on the first day, but for the next few days, he had dinner with Tong Siqi every day because they were busy and had no choice.

  He called Chen Kexin at noon every day. Because of conflict with their jobs, it seemed that Yi Duanfang and Chen Keren did not have time to accompany her. Occasionally, they would go out for dinner and then go back.

  On this day, the sky was overcast, and outside the window, it was windy, signaling a high likelihood of rain.

  Wang Weixi was sitting in the office with half an hour to go before he got off work. He finally didn't have to work overtime tonight because of the weather. For a whole week, including Saturday and Sunday, Wang Weixi had been busy in the company and had more and more social activities in the evening. He often had to stay up until two or three o'clock at night before going home. Every time he came home, he would see Chen Kexin sleeping soundly. Not having the heart to wake her, Wang Weixi would go to another room to take a bath and then sleep.

  Sometimes he was too busy at noon, so he would simply send a short message to Chen Kexin. At first, Chen Kexin had complained mischievously, but after several days of this, Chen Kexin stopped even replying to his short messages.

  Wang Weixi did not think too much about it because he was incredibly busy.

  In this way, the two ended up having not spoken for four or five days.

  As he was thinking, Lan Ling came in. Looking at Wang Weixi, who was standing there looking at the sky, she sighed softly. Although she knew that Wang Weixi was very diligent with his work, she had not expected that Wang Weixi and Tong Siqi would stick together every day, leading to more and more rumors in the company.

  "I heard that Wang Weixi's wife is the miss of the Chen family. I saw her from a distance at the banquet. She was really charming. She is definitely not inferior to Tong Siqi in appearance and temperament. I heard that she is very pampered and could not do any housework, but I also heard that she would cook several dishes whenever she was in a good mood. In short, she seems to be inferior to Tong Siqi in everything except in appearance and family background."

  In addition, she had overheard the conversation between Tong Siqi and Director Yi. It turned out that Tong Siqi was Wang Weixi's first girlfriend. Apparently, she had dumped Wang Weixi because of necessity. This time, she was afraid the woman was hoping to rekindle her love with him.

  Thinking of this, Lan Ling frowned. She had thought that coveting a married man was very shameful, but she never thought there would be sabotage. Because of this, she didn't like Tong Siqi from the bottom of her heart.

  "What is it?" Wang Weixi reined in his thoughts only to find Lan Ling behind him, standing there like a wooden statue.

  Lan Ling came back to her senses and looked up. She saw Wang Weixi's deep eyes right in front of her. This week, he seemed gaunt and tired. Lan Ling couldn't help but feel distressed.

  "Well, General Manager, the president has asked you to go to Hainan Island on business with Miss Tong Siqi next week." Having said this, Lan Ling paused, wanting to observe Wang Weixi's reaction, but Wang Weixi seemed to have expected this and just nodded. Lan Ling's heart felt sour, feeling a little lost.

  Wang Weixi asked, "Is there anything else?"

  Lan Ling shook her head and said, "Well, this evening, Miss Tong Siqi would like to invite you to have dinner at D Major Western Restaurant. She said that it is to thank you for your efforts for the two companies."

  It was such a hypocritical reason to listen to because if the cooperation was successful, although Wang Weixi had great contributions, praise or thanks were absolutely not necessary from the partners. It was Huaxia that should solemnly hold a signing ceremony, formal and splendid to establish a cooperative relationship.

  Lan Ling thought that Wang Weixi would refuse, but unexpectedly, he merely thought for a moment and then calmly said, "I know."

  Lan Ling froze for a second and then she smiled helplessly and said, "Well then, I'll go out first."

  Wang Weixi nodded, turned around and looked at the changing weather. He helplessly sighed. When this period passed, he would be able to rest for a while and spend time with Kexin.

  Thinking of this, he picked up his cell phone and called Chen Kexin. Unexpectedly, Chen Kexin didn't answer the phone. He couldn't help but frown. He then dialled Yi Duanfang's number. He had just come from a meeting and seemed to have left early. This guy really didn't want to work?

  Yi Duanfang didn't answer his phone either.

  Wang Weixi's brow became even more wrinkled. Finally, he was really helpless. He dialled Chen Keren's number, but Chen Keren also did not answer.

  Wang Weixi was a little worried. Were these three colluding? But it didn't matter if they were colluding, at least he knew that the three were together, so he didn't have to worry about them.

  So he sent a text message to Chen Kexin, and then Wang Weixi packed up and prepared to leave.

  Recalling Lan Ling's expression just now, Wang Weixi's hand that was packing his things paused. It seemed that even his secretary was affected by those rumors.

  Actually, had Tong Siqi called personally, he would have rejected the invitation. However, Tong Siqi did not call him as usual, nor did she mention it to him directly before she left. Instead, she had asked Secretary Lan Ling to convey the message. From this perspective, one cannot refuse her, because if he refused, the people in the company would certainly be more paranoid.

  Wang Weixi sighed lightly. He didn't want the company to think that he had anything to do with Tong Siqi, but he also didn't want the company to spread bad personal information about Tong Siqi. No matter what happened in the past, he found that he still could not let Tong Siqi get hurt.

  As time went by, he knew what Lan Ling had been hesitating about. It seemed impossible to keep her any longer. The moment he came back from Hainan Island, he would transfer her to Duanfang.

  After packing up everything, Wang Weixi went out. He had barely reached the gate of the company when the heavy rain came as if on schedule.

  Wang Weixi frowned, got in the car in the middle of the rain, and drove to D Major. He was initially supposed to pick up Tong Siqi, but it seemed that Tong Siqi had heard about the rumors in the company. She said that he did not need to pick her up so that they wouldn't have to worry about other people's eyes. She also joked that in modern society, others considered a friendship between men and women to be a big mistake. When Wang Weixi heard this, he felt extremely sour. Friendship? From the beginning to the end, he had always regarded Tong Siqi as his partner. All the time he spent accompanying her was just because this was what the president expected, but there was no feeling of friendship. However, from that day forward, he really wanted to treat Tong Siqi as a friend.

  If friendship was possible, no one would be willing to become strangers with the first love they loved so much, although sometimes, becoming strangers was the best choice.

  D Major Western Restaurant, the most upscale western restaurant in A City, cost thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan per meal. It was the place where rich playboys in A City liked to show off and where many bosses entertained their partners.

  Here, bribes, beautiful women, one-night stands, and all kinds of agreements were made.

  It was Wang Weixi's first time to come to a place like this. As soon as he walked in, he sighed to himself that the design and decoration of this restaurant were absolutely domineering. No wonder it was called D Major一it was definitely not low key.

  There were many people in the restaurant. The rainy days had not caused its business to slow down. On the contrary, rainy days, fine wine, and flashy cars all seemed to contribute to making the place an even more beautiful thing.

  Although it was raining, Wang Weixi still chose a window seat on the second floor. He and Tong Siqi both liked sitting in this area. Sitting there, whether it was sunny outside or there was rain trickling down the window, Wang Weixi felt comfortable. On this rainy day, he did not feel flustered at all. He even felt peace in his heart.

  Before long, Tong Siqi came up. As she walked toward Wang Weixi, he felt a bit surprised. In front of him, Tong Siqi had a gentle, charming smile, the corners of her eyes were curved, and her eyes were shiny. A white cake skirt highlighted her exquisite and lovely figure.

  During the past few days, Wang Weixi had not seen Tong Siqi like this, like a little girl next door, like she did when she was waiting for him by the lotus pond many years ago—fresh, lovely, and full of vitality.

  "What's the matter? Don't you like my style?" Tong Siqi slowly sat down and asked with a smile.

  Wang Weixi shook his head and said, "How could that be? It's just... some nostalgia."

  "Missed you a bit, the one who used to belong to me, who was much simpler than you are now, and whose smile was much cleaner."

  Hearing this sentence, Tong Siqi was only briefly stunned for a few seconds, then she regained her tranquil smile. "Really? That's good. Everyone should have something to miss and pursue it with nostalgia."

  Wang Weixi chuckled and said nothing.

  Thus, the meal was somewhat dull.

  The only topic they discussed was the business trip the following week. The Hainan Island project actually required them to go together. Wang Weixi felt a bit helpless, not knowing what the directors were thinking. However, whether it was done intentionally or not, he had to do this job well.

  When he had first been promoted to general manager, there was so much gossip circulated in the company. At that time, he even seemed uncomfortable with laughter. However, after some time, it seemed as if his ability had finally been recognized by everyone. Therefore, he would never allow any mistakes in his work. It was better to do everything by himself.
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