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My Wife Is Dominant Chapter 3 The Same Wedding Gifts I

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Chapter 3 The Same Wedding Gifts (I)
Marriage was a happy thing, but inferior to receiving wedding gifts.

Wang Weixi was a poor man with a humble background, but he would have the best wedding ceremony in the city in a month, so he became the topic of his colleagues. There were many versions about how he, a poor guy, won the love of the peacock woman Chen Kexin, the eldest daughter of the Mo family.

On the wedding day, Wang Weixi delightedly greeted his guests, but he was recalling what he saw when opening the door of his bride's room. Although he knew Chen Kexin was pretty, he was flurried as he saw her in a wedding dress standing among her friends. Aside from "gorgeous", he could not find a word to describe her.

"Mr. Wang, Miss Chen's younger sister is coming. My boss asked you to take care of her." As Wang Weixi was busy drinking with his colleagues, Little Six came over and whispered. His voice sounded like a terrible person was coming.

Wang Weixi turned to look at the legendary terrible lady. The wine bottle fell from his hand onto the table as he saw her. He even forgot to fill his guest's cups. Chen Kexin had once told him that her younger sister was as beautiful as a fairy and also highly intelligent but was bad-tempered. If a word was used to describe her character, that was "awful"; if two words, that was "extremely awful". Few men could resist the lure of such a beauty, and it would be a shame to talk about beauty's character before them.

Wang Weixi stared at the charming Chen Keren, who wore a close-fitting black silk gown and was exquisitely made-up. Her bright black eyes looked attractive as if it could seduce one's soul. Unlike Chen Kexin's long straight black hair, Chen Keren had neatly bobbed hair and her long angled bangs covered the half of her right eyes, which made her look kind of arrogant and frosty.

Wang Weixi put his wine cup on the table and walked forward with a smile. He had a pretty wife and an outstanding sister-in-law. No wonder the other men in this hall were jealous of this lucky guy.

"You're Keren, right? You finally came. Your sister has been waiting for you in the room..." Wang Weixi greeted his beautiful sister-in-law warmly with the most handsome smile he thought he could wear, but Chen Keren only shot a disdainful glance at him and turned to walk away.

Wang Weixi embarrassedly scratched his head. Seeing the people around him hold back their laughter, he could only grit his teeth. His sister-in-law really deserved a kick.

Wang Weixi's good expectation for her was shattered by the reality.

Chen Kexin was chatting with her good friend Tiantian. At this point, an unwelcome guest suddenly broke in.

Chen Keren said in an icy tone, "Please get out of here, I want to talk to my sister alone."

Tiantian nodded and quickly ran away. Chen Kexin fixed her eyes on Chen Keren, who looked cold as usual, and stuck her tongue out. "Keren, today is my wedding day. Just give me a smile."

Chen Keren threw her an emotionless glance. Then she slowly walked forward, sat down, and fixed her angled bangs. Ignoring Chen Kexin's expectant face, she pulled out an exquisite jewelry box from her bag.

Chen Kexin was astonished. She had never received a gift from Chen Keren, so she had thought that Chen Keren was the stingiest person in the world although she was rich and competent. Grabbing a piece of bread from her mouth was harder than ascending to the sky. However, Chen Keren actually gave her a jewelry box?

"What's wrong? You don't want this wedding gift from your sister?" Although Chen Keren had been arrogant, she felt a bit unhappy when seeing her sister's surprised look. "Am I so stingy?" Thinking of it, she impatiently waved the jewelry box in her hand.

Chen Kexin burst into tears. She gingerly received this box and responded in a weepy tone, "Keren, you grew up."

Chen Keren waved her hand with an indifferent expression.

Chen Kexin regretted saying those words and wanted to bang her head on the wall. She had actually believed that Chen Keren would give her a piece of precious jewelry. When Chen Kexin opened the box expectantly, her face experienced a quick change: red, green, and eventually purple.

What did an arrogant, reserved girl think when she bought such a thing? Chen Kexin dully considered Chen Keren, who wore a faint smile, imagining that how surprised the helper would be if Chen Keren had let her secretary prepare this gift for her.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple: a set of rainbow-like condoms in the same shape. Hum... it even emanated a faint scent... Chen Kexin's mouth twitched slightly. She raised her head and tried to keep her lovely smile. "Dear Keren, did you buy them by yourself?" She should say "Thanks", but faced with a rich woman who took condoms as wedding gifts, no one would treat it calmly.

Chen Keren narrowed her eyes and amusingly looked at Chen Kexin. Dear Keren? It had been long since she heard someone call her like this. She responded with an arrogant look. "You thought I would buy them by myself?"

"Puff!" Chen Kexin could not restrain herself. Giving up her manner and a gentlewoman's image, she laughed out.

Chen Keren rolled her eyes toward Chen Kexin and said, "I asked my secretary that what I should take as a wedding gift for a couple who will definitely divorce after they get married. This is her answer, and I'm satisfied with this gift. How about you? You don't like it?"

Chen Kexin's smile froze on her brilliant face. She curled her lips. If she replied that she did not like it, she would hurt her quirky sister's feeling, but if she said that she liked it... It would sound like she agreed that her marriage could not withstand a single blow.

"I'm not bad like this, right?" Chen Kexin asked while touching her depressed face.

Chen Keren suddenly showed a glamorous smile at Chen Kexin. Chen Kexin pitifully stared back at her arrogant younger sister with her eyes full of expectancy. "Yes, you're, my dear." Chen Keren responded without hesitation.


Chen Kexin pursed her lips and looked aside, saying in an imposing manner. "No, you brother-in-law will treat me well. Wait and see."

Chen Keren sneered and replied, "I've learned that he will get a promotion next month, but it's all because of our father's help. Why is a man willing to be with you, a useless woman? I think you should be clear about it, so make good use of my gifts. I'm reluctant to see you get divorced after you have a baby. No one is willing to marry you, so don't hope a child can help your marriage." After finishing her words, she ignored Chen Kexin and left calmly.

Chen Kexin opened her mouth. She wanted to say something but choked it back. She watched herself in the mirror, sighing. "I'm good, why does my sister have no confidence in me? Maybe she is worried that I will be hurt." Thinking of this, she smiled again.

It had been a long period of time since she talked to Chen Keren like this. Chen Keren had been busy with her job after she came back from her overseas study, and even had her own apartment. As a female otaku, Chen Kexin had no chance to meet her. Even though her sister treated her in such a manner, she still thought her sister was adorable.

When Chen Keren walked out of the room and raised her head, she suddenly heard a sharp voice. "Wang Weixi, asshole! You've deceived me for so many years and get married behind my back. Bastard! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

The sudden voice caused an uproar among the guests. Chen Keren looked at the source of the voice and furrowed her eyebrows. It was him?

The voice had driven Wang Weixi crazy. Surrounded by his colleague's smirk, he shook his head with resignation and turned around. Seeing the comer rushing over, Wang Weixi showed a normal smile, saying, "Duanfang, you don't have to do this..." He was stunned with his mouth in "O" shape before he finished his words.

There is a saying that the unexpected comer might have bad purposes. When everyone thought Wang Weixi's little lover showed up to defend herself at the last minute and to destroy the ex-boyfriend's wedding at any price, a man, instead of a coquettish woman, came into their sight. Although the man had a beautiful appearance which attracted all the men's and women's attention, his nature could not be changed.

"Humph, Wang Weixi, what do you treat me as? Do you think we have no relationship with each other? You actually haven't told me that you'll get married. You only care about your girlfriend and forget your friend. Have you forgotten when you had a desire, who..." As Yi Duanfang chattered and cried out the words, Wang Weixi quickly went over to him covered his mouth in front of the flushed women and laughing men.

Yi Duanfang glared at Wang Weixi with his attractive eyes. Wang Weixi whispered with an appealing expression, "Bro, this is my big day. Could you quiet down?"

Then he released his hand. Yi Duanfang looked aside with a snort.

Chen Keren looked up and down at the amusing guy, who wore a female red batwing-sleeved blouse, close-fitting black and white trousers, and male heels. The man's voice sounded weird. He had fair hands, red lips, and blond hair. Chen Keren sneered. "This is a totally nancy boy, who has flirted with a man on the plane. That's destined. I can meet him here."

Yi Duanfang stretched his orchid finger and gently poke Wang Weixi's head, blaming him. "You know, I'm having a business trip. You actually did not tell me about it. I know you're afraid it will hurt my feeling, but you're my brother. Even though you get married, you're still my friend. You hid it to me, have you considered my feelings?" Then he wiped the corner of his eyes as if there were holy tears.

Wang Weixi embarrassedly looked at the wild eyes around and smiled. "I heard the case you're in charge of is at the critical moment, so I don't want to bother you. I don't know you will come back today. Sorry, my mistake."

Hearing this, Yi Duanfang showed an evil smile. "OK, I forgive you. Congratulations! Wait, I bring you a gift." Then he took out a delicate box with his orchid finger.

Wang Weixi gladly received it. "What good stuff? So small and exquisite?"

When he was about to open the red box, Chen Keren had appeared by his side. She grabbed it and opened it under the surprised stare of Wang Weixi and Yi Duanfang.

Glancing at the gifts quietly lying inside, Chen Keren suddenly lifted up the corner of her mouth. "I'm looking forward to it, but it seems nothing special." Then she threw the gift box back to Wang Weixi.

Wang Weixi stared at the gift in shock. His fair face blushed soon and did not know what to do in front of Chen Keren, who had shown her contempt.

Seeing someone despise the gift he gave, Yi Duanfang glared at Chen Keren with a frown. He folded his arms and snorted, "Humph, I wonder who it is. It's you, a brutal tomboy."

Chen Keren furrowed her eyebrows, but how could an arrogant woman allow others to laugh at her? She immediately showed a faint smile and said in an ironic tone. "What? Surprise you?" Then she gave a quick glance at Wang Weixi, who was petrified, and snorted, " Birds of a feather flock together." Then she left.

Looking at Chen Keren's back, Yi Duanfang stomped angrily. When he was about to say something, Wang Weixi, whose face darkened, pulled Yi Duanfang to his side. "Tell me, why you give me condoms."

"I do it for you. You should believe me."


"Why are you dressed like a prostitute? "You're here for my wedding ceremony, or for sexual service?" Wang Weixi felt he could not help to give him a punch.


"Bastard, watch your mouth!"

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