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Just as Wang Weixi and Chen Kexin were tangled, two pretty people were sitting in a red sports car in the park downstairs. The woman looked cold and proud while the man was stunning. They were Chen Keren and Yi Duanfang.

  They both stayed silent, looking nervous and weird.

  Chen Keren rolled down the window a little bit and lighted a slender lady's cigarette, smoking elegantly.

  Yi Duanfang waved his hand in disgust. He did not like Chen Keren's smoking. In all senses, Chen Keren was an uncultivated and rascal girl in his eyes. To be honest, she was even less sultry than him, a cross-dresser.

  "Damn it. It stinks!" When the smell of tobacco attacked his nose, Yi Duanfang finally couldn't stand it and said.

  Chen Keren slightly turned around and said with a naughty smile on her face, "What? You don't smoke?"

  Yi Duanfang turned back his face and said, "No, I don't. Although I am a man, I know what is good and what is bad."

  Chen Keren sneered but she didn't say anything.

  "But I am very curious. Why do you want your sister to go to the family gathering? It was me who came up with the idea of the lady's party. You are plagiarizing me, do you know that?" Yi Duanfang continued angrily.

  Chen Keren calmly smoked and ignored him. How could he know about her family matters?

  "Are you done? If you are, get off the car. Don't linger," Chen Keren said lightly while the cigarette in her hand was still burning slowly.

  Pointing at Chen Keren, Yi Duanfang wanted to say something, but he withdrew because of Chen Keren's chilly eyes. He shook his head helplessly. No matter how coquettish he was, in this woman's eyes, he could be killed as easily as killing an ant with the palm of her hand.

  Therefore, as a man who was good at reading the situation, he had to get off Chen Keren's car silently.

  The underground park was very quiet at the moment. Looking at the slightly lonely expression of Yi Duanfang, Chen Keren frowned and pondered.

  When the figure of Yi Duanfang disappeared from the park, Chen Ke snuffed the cigarette butt. She started the car and left with a serious expression on her face.

  Recalling Chen Kexin's worried and timid face upon hearing the family gathering, Chen Keren felt very uncomfortable. Moreover, what she did not tell Chen Kexin was that she must come with her husband.

  As the son-in-law of the Chen family, Wang Weixi had long been regarded as a miracle by the high-ranking figures in this city. This time, the aunts, who had invited Chen Kexin to the so-called tea sessions, were all going to take the chance to humiliate Wang Weixi who had no status at all in the name of communication.

  Chen Keren drove quietly, thinking about these things. At this moment, she was still determined to separate them. It was absolutely a must in her eyes.

  However, what Chen Keren had not understood even now was she could not grant others happiness or tragedies.

  Chen Keren felt so upset that she made a U-turn on the road carelessly. Her car turned around directly in the opposite direction. This dangerous action made everyone sweat. The traffic police stood not far away, who should have stopped her. However, when they saw the "C" on the plate, they could only stand there and hear people scolding them.

  There were few people who could go against the Chen family.

  However, people from the glamorous Chen family hardly lived happy lives.

  The previous generation was not happy, and the next generation had already been deemed as such.

  Rolling down all windows of the car, Chen Keren turned on the music. It was a piece of unknown piano music. The breeze swept through the window and blew Chen Keren's hair. The sun shone down, creating many light spots on the smooth car surface. It shined on Chen Keren's enchanting red hair, reflecting on her face which looked cold and proud all the time.

  Down along the highway, Chen Keren went all the way north, through the row of birch trees, listening to the sound of the bustling city. Everything gradually drifted away as she passed through at a constant speed until she drove the car to a smooth road. The road was narrow, surrounded by fields, and it looked very empty.

  Chen Keren drove the car like this all the way and the piano music was played over and over again and still made people feel comfortable.

  Crossing the field, the car finally arrived at the destination—it was a small cemetery filled with hibiscus flowers. Within the cemetery, a tombstone stood on a small hill, which looked beautiful and glamorous, but lonely and simple at the same time.

  Getting off the car, Chen Keren put on a pair of sunglasses and slowly walked to the hill.

  In October, the hibiscus was blossoming in the wild, red like fire.

  Chen Keren slowed down.

  Stopping in front of a tomb, Chen Keren slowly took off her glasses.

  "Miss, you are here." Behind her, an old voice rang.

  Chen Keren nodded, faintly said, "Aunt Wu, go to rest. I want to trim these hibiscus flowers for my mother."

  Aunt Wu was an elderly woman with a wrinkled face and a weak body that seemed to fall as the wind blew. Looking at Chen Keren's back, she just shook her head helplessly, and her murky eyes flashed with a bit of distress. Then she turned and went to a small house under the mountain.

  Not only the ancient emperor's family had eternal grave-keepers. Aunt Wu, since the completion of the cemetery, resolutely moved here. Not because she was loyal, but she knew that she was able to set up for life only because she met Chen Keren's mother, Ni Ya.

  Therefore, after Ni Ya died, she decided to live with her own mistress forever.

  Chen Keren stood there and let the wind sweep over her silently. She lowered her head and looked at the scissors aside. She slowly squatted down, picked it up, and then walked toward the hibiscus flowers.

  This hibiscus garden did not need to be trimmed. She just wanted to cut them off. She wanted to pick the most beautiful flowers for her mother, tie them into a bunch of flowers, and put them in front of her mother's tombstone. She wanted her to face the hibiscus flowers and reveal the most beautiful smile.

  Carefully picking the flowers, Chen Keren's heart at the moment was at a peace that she had never been in recent days.

  Soon after, she finally held a bunch of flowers, and then carefully placed it in front of the tombstone. She got up and looked at the picture on the tombstone. Her mother was still so beautiful.

  The memories of the past days were constantly flashing in her mind, constantly replaying. All the happiness and pain were playing back.

  Chen Keren stood there silently, and her eyes were already moist for some time.

  "Mom, I haven't told you about it and I really want to tell you today." When the sun went down, the breeze became cold. She finally slowly opened her mouth.

  In the photo was a woman with a bun and a beautiful face. Her narrow eyes were full of happiness.

  "A few days ago, my sister and I finally found dad. He actually took the woman home." When she said this, she sounded a little choked. Chen Keren, who was standing here at this moment, had already lost all her arrogance. Her expression had never been so soft.

  Looking at the photo, she smiled and continued, "Dad is really stupid. He doesn't even know it was the woman who colluded with her son to set him up and hurt my sister."

  "Kexin is sad, but she has been concealing it. Now, she marries a man who can't give her happiness. Mom, I will never let my sister be looked down like you. Rest assured. I will find her a good man and I will... drive the other woman away."

  After that, she fell silent again. The red clouds cast hues in the entire sky, and the hibiscus flowers in this garden looked amazingly beautiful against the setting sun.

  After a long time, Chen Keren put on her sunglasses and turned around without saying a word. She just left alone.

  Recalling the sarcasm against her mother from those people at that time, their disdain for herself and Chen Kexin, and her deceived dad, Chen Keren felt only a wave of emotion ripples. She would not be angry because she knew that she only had to revenge them calmly, then everything would fall into places.

  However, thinking of Chen Kexin and Wang Weixi, she could not help feeling sorry for them. "Sister, I'm sorry. Don't blame me."

  She never believed that Chen Kexin was in love with Wang Weixi, so she firmly believed that Chen Kexin could leave Wang Weixi, who would continue his life with another woman without Chen Kexin, just like his father did.

  She just did not know if Chen Kexin would become her mother one day.

  In this world, one could live all by themselves. Without love, instead of continuing their lives, some people chose to die or torture themselves. No matter what, for those love victims, it was a tragic ending.

  Chen Keren did not know Chen Kexin's love so that she did not know which way the latter would go. Therefore, she insisted on her own arbitrariness.

  When she got in the car, she finally disappeared out of people's sight like the setting sun.

  That cemetery was just a dream she would like to stay in.

  Wang Weixi and Chen Kexin, who didn't know all of this, were sitting at the dinner table and having dinner. Looking at Chen Kexin's satisfied look, Wang Weixi was full of sweetness.

  Chen Kexin looked up, interweaving her simple gaze with Wang Weixi's gentle eyes. She stayed still, and then her cheeks blushed. She asked shyly, "Dear, why are you looking at me like that?"

  Wang Weixi shook his head obsessively.

  Chen Keren put down the chopsticks and covered Wang Weixi's eyes with her hands. She said, "Don't look at me. I will be shy!"

  She looked even more lovely. Wang Weixi couldn't help laughing out. Although his recent life was simple and unpretentious, it was still full of warmth all the time. He liked it very much. He enjoyed seeing Chen Kexin's peevish appearance. If his life could go on like this, he would never get tired. Having her for company these days made him pamper his little wife even more.

  Putting down the chopsticks in his hand, Wang Weixi extended his hands and held her delicate little hands. Chen Kexin's face became redder. She smiled and said, "Stop, Dear. Don't mess up with me. Focus on the food!"

  Hearing this, Wang Weixi got up and then bent down to kiss her warm lips.

  Chen Kexin closed her eyes and enjoyed this gentle and overbearing special caring.

  "I will go to work the day after tomorrow, will you miss me?" Childishly, he asked in expectation.

  Chen Kexin nodded, and her eyes were full of firmness. "Dear, I must really miss you very much, so every day when you get off work, you must go home, okay?"

  Wang Weixi smiled and nodded. "Of course, I want to see your simple smile as soon as possible. I want to hear you call me "dear" and to see your happy face when you eat as soon as I get off work."

  It turned out that your heart was always full of expectations if you had the one beside you.
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