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My Wife Is Dominant Chapter 16-Woman's Sessions?

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Wang Weixi had always watched groups of women gathered together for flower tea appreciation parties in those dry and uninteresting soap operas, but he had never thought of that one day, his woman would be required to attend one of these boring parties as well.

  "What did you say?" Wang Weixi shouted in consternation at Yi Duanfang on the dining table. Sitting beside him was Chen Kexin, who appeared to be in shock.

  Ignoring the eye-catching "strawberry" mark that was planted on Wang Weixin's neck, Yi Duanfang behaved like a lady as usual as he said calmly, lifting his pinky, "Why are you so shocked about it? This is normal. Don't tell me you don't know about it."

  "Obviously! How would I know?" Wang Weixi instantly gave him the cold shoulder after hearing Yi Duanfeng's words—the female colleagues from his company would love to invite Chen Kexin for a tea session on the 15th. This news had, no doubt, shocked him.

  At the sight of Wang Weixi's disgusting attitude, Yi Duanfeng snorted in disdain and took a bite of food on the plate before he began his explanation, while Wang Weixi and his wife were staring at him anxiously.

  "After all, you are the 'friend of the office ladies' in the company." He cautiously took a glance at Chen Kexin, who looked surprised, and then he continued, "Now that you're married, those sisters will definitely treat your wife as their friend. Isn't that great? Everyone can get to know each other. Those sisters in the office can help you in the future as well. Moreover, all of them come from prestige families. Even if they're unable to assist you at work, I bet it will still come in useful in other aspects, right?"

  Wang Weixi looked offended and said unwillingly, "Why do I need to make use of others? And..." He paused for a moment before he continued, "And you mentioned that a newly joined lady must prepare a dish during the tea session. Kexin doesn't know anything about cooking. What's the purpose of attending?"

  Chen Kexin felt embarrassed and lowered her head as she heard those words.

  On the other hand, Yi Duanfang was pleased as this could let him despise Chen Kexin more openly. Who asked you to be so useless? Heehee, here's a punishment for you to steal our Weixi from us!

  Despite being pleased with the situation, he appeared to look worried and said, "Exactly. That's why you must teach Kexin how to cook within the next few days. I thought you can do everything. No?"

  "I..." Wang Weixi hesitated and said nothing.

  Chen Kexin raised her head grumpily and asked cautiously, "That's... Sister Duanfang, Can I not go...?"

  Yi Duanfang rolled his eyes and said in an annoyed tone, "Of course you can't. Aren't you showing them disrespect if you choose not to attend? Moreover, you are from a prestigious family. They might think that you are looking down on them. Since all of you are from rich families, aren't you putting Weixi in a bad light if you act snobbish?"

  "Stop your nonsense!" Wang Weixi said glumly.

  Yi Duanfang stared at Wang Weixi's gloomy expression and snorted. Then, feeling satisfied, he lowered his head and continued his meal.

  Chen Kexin leaned back on the chair like a deflated balloon as she put down her bowl of rice and chopsticks on the table. She looked dejected.

  Wang Weixi was feeling dismal as well. Indeed, those ladies were treating him well. His life at work was less painful because of their help. They could even help him in the promotion if some other employees didn't have good backgrounds. Of course, they brought up the matter before, but he rejected their offer.

  After thinking for a moment and taking a glance at Chen Kexin, who was sitting beside him gloomily, Wang Weixi felt worst. Yi Duanfang was the only one enjoying the meal because he was thinking how he could torture Chen Kexin harder.

  "Darling, why don't you try to teach me first? I don't want to put you in a bad light." Chen Kexin said. She seemed to have finally made the most painful decision in her life after considering it for a long time.

  Wang Weixi turned around and looked at the pitiable Chen Kexin before he apologized, "I am sorry, dear."

  Chen Kexin smiled and shook her head. She put her arms around his and said, "No worries. I won't put you in a bad light."

  "Good girl." Wang Weixi smiled and said. He turned his head and glared at Yi Duanfang as he saw the angry look on Yi Duanfang's face. He then picked up a piece of meat, placed it in front of Chen Kexin's mouth, and said, "Dear, come on, eat it."

  Chen Kexin opened her mouth and ate the meat. Her gentle smile was as beautiful as a blossom and this aroused Wang Weixi. If not for Yi Duanfang, he would probably do an afternoon exercise with her.

  Seeing how close they were, Yi Duanfang finally placed his bowl and chopsticks down on the table and said sullenly, "I've lost my appetite."

  Chen Kexin asked in a concerned manner, "Sister Duanfang, what's wrong?"

  Just as Yi Duanfang was about to speak, Wang Weixi mocked, "Lost your appetite? I supposed you are full. For someone who has eaten two bowls of rice, what kind of right does he have to say he has lost his appetite?"

  Yi Duanfang stared at Wang Weixi's mocking face angrily and said, "Hey, bastard. Aren't you just worried about me?"

  Chen Kexin covered her mouth to hide her giggle, while Wang Weixi pursed his lips and directly ignored Yi Duanfang.

  "Boo hoo, I knew it. You value sex over friendship. I've been protecting you and treated you as my blood brother for so many years, yet you betrayed me. You just got yourself a wife and you are starting to give me the cold shoulder now. Boo hoo..." To Yi Duanfang, there was no such thing as being the most girlish; instead, one could only become more girlish than before.

  Chen Kexin's and Wang Weixi's eyes met and they smiled. Wang Weixi waved his hand and said, "Hey, stop your nonsense. It was you who was being teased by a few guys years ago and I had to tolerate their disgusting actions to rescue you, all right?"

  "Teased?" Chen Kexin asked as she sounded excited again. Her big eyes glazed at Yi Duanfang, who was sitting opposite her and whose face had turned green.

  Yi Duanfang never thought that Wang Weixi would mention his weakness in front of "an outsider". He immediately slammed the table and stood up as he roared. "Bastard! Wang Weixi, you are such a bastard! You are a bastard!"

  Wang Weixi smirked and said, "Brother, you are not any different from a crazy bitch now."

  Yi Duanfang was mad after hearing his words. Just as he was about to lose his temper, the doorbell rang.

  Chen Kexin ran to answer the door. Yi Duanfang spoke to the elated Wang Weixi in exasperation. "Wait and see. Your wife is going to make a fool out of you. You better don't complain to me then!"

  Wang Weixi shrugged his shoulders and said casually, "Whatever. I have thought about it. I'll attend the session with her and I will help her. I suppose a good gentleman like me would not be nagged at by the ladies?"

  "You!" This made Yi Duanfang speechless.

  "How long more are you going to make a fool of yourself? What a din!" Just then, Chen Keren stood in front of the two men.

  Chen Kexin immediately pointed her finger at the seat next to Yi Duanfang and said with a smile, "Keren, sit down please."

  Chen Keren shot a dirty look at Yi Duanfang, who was already too shocked to speak and said in a disgusted manner, "Forget it. I will sit outside. Come out later. I need to discuss some matters with you."

  The three people gawked at Chen Keren. Chen Kexin asked curiously, "What's the matter? Could it be...?"

  Chen Keren was annoyed and said, "It's not about father." She then turned and walked out of the kitchen.

  Yi Duanfang sat down and said in a bad mood, "All you know is about playing cool!"

  Wang Weixi chuckled and asked, "Why? "Don't you like it?"

  Yi Duanfang raised his head and rolled his eyes.

  Chen Kexin covered her mouth to laugh, and then she said to Wang Weixi, "Darling, I'll go out then. Enjoy your meal." She then skipped out of the kitchen.

  "You're not eating anymore?" Wang Weixi shouted in concern, yet all he heard was the sound of Chen Kexin's footsteps.

  Looking at Wang Weixi's concerning look, Yi Duanfang said as he picked his teeth with a toothpick, "Problematic sisters!"

  Wang Weixi turned around and said in a displeased manner, "What did you say just now?"

  "Flap!" Before Wang Weixi could complete his sentence, he saw a small object flying in the direction of his face. He was stunned for two seconds before he stared at Yi Duanfang, who was too scared to move with the toothpick in his hand. He was breathing heavily.

  "Yi! Duan! Fang!" Wang Weixi stood up and was about to hit him with the chopsticks.

  Yi Duanfang strode out of the kitchen. He raised both his arms to indicate that he had "surrendered" and said, "Weixi, I did not do it on purpose. It's just a meat residue, and it just happened to land on your face only. It's not as if it had entered your mouth. Why are you so agitated?"

  Upon hearing these words, Wang Weixi was really pissed. He really wished that he had a chopper right now to chop Yi Duanfang into minced meat. Otherwise, Yi Duanfang would never understand how angry he was.

  The two women at the living room were shocked by the commotion. It was followed by a burst of laughter by Chen Kexin. As for Chen Keren, regardless of how cold her usual attitude was, she had a smile on her face after seeing what had happened.

  In order to maintain his own image, Wang Weixi had no choice but to put down the chopsticks and unwillingly pulled out a tissue paper to wipe his face clean. He lowered his head and looked at the pathetic leftovers on the plates. "How irksome can Yi Duanfang be? Guess I have no choice but to wash the plates. Who has the appetite to eat after being hit in the face by that?"

  At the thought of this, Wang Weixi became gloomy and started to clean up the table.

  At the same time, the atmosphere in the living room became odd. No, to be accurate, Chen Kexin looked depressed again.

  After tidying up everything, Wang Weixi went out of the kitchen and saw the heavy looks on the three people. He frowned and asked, "Why isn't anyone talking? Keren, I thought you have some matters to discuss with your sister? What's wrong?"

  Chen Keren remained silent. Instead, Yi Duanfang answered in a light-hearted tone, "Your wife needs to attend two gatherings now."


  Wang Weixi goggled at Chen Keren. "Two? Why?"

  Chen Keren coughed softly twice before she said to Chen Kexin, who remained quiet throughout, "It's fine if you don't wish to attend. I am just here to inform you."

  Chen Kexin was in a dilemma as she looked at Chen Keren.

  Chen Keren looked away and continued, "You don't need to worry about me. Whether you attend the gathering or not, you are going to make a fool out of me anyway. Even if that's the case, no one will dare to say a word."

  Chen Kexin felt a knot in her heart and felt disheartened.

  Wang Weixi frowned gently. "Why does she always have to say such awful things?"

  "Since that's the case, why do you need to tell her about this? Can't you just reject those people? What's the point of coming here all the way just to say these?" Yi Duanfang spoke suddenly, but not in his usual tone.

  Chen Keren turned around and peered coldly at Yi Duanfang, trying to make him shut up.

  Yi Duanfang pursed his mouth in a self-satisfied smirk as though he was not going to let her off easily this time.

  "I'll go..." Chen Kexin finally said.

  Chen Keren's expression seemed slightly at ease at that point in time.

  "All right then. I will pick you up on the 16th. The four aunts will be waiting for you at home. That's it. I am leaving." Chen Keren stood up and left instantly after she completed her sentence. She was always very decisive when handling matters.

  "I'm leaving too. I am full and need a walk. Bye then." Just when Chen Kexin and Wang Weixi were still in a daze, Yi Duanfang stood up and left the house as well, right after Chen Keren.

  In the end, only Wang Weixi and Chen Kexin were left alone in the house.

  Looking at the sad-looking Chen Kexin, Wang Weixi pulled her into his arm and asked gently, "Dear, what's wrong?"

  Chen Kexin shook her head and remained quiet.

  Wang Weixi shook her lightly and asked her patiently, " Did Keren bully you?"

  "It's not about that." Chen Kexin sighed and said, "It's just that some aunts from my family want me to attend a family gathering... and they want Keren to notify me about it..."

  Wang Weixi frowned slightly. "Can't you reject them?"

  Chen Kexin nodded her head and said, "If I didn't attend, they will nag at Keren. Keren dislikes them. I don't want to put her in a bad spot. It's fine. I don't need to do anything anyway. I just need to show my face."

  Wang Weixi hugged her and kissed her hair. He comforted her in his gentle voice. "It will be fine, my baby."

  Chen Kexin nodded her head.

  "Go ahead and surf the net, while I mopped the floor," said Wang Weixin as he released her from his arms and softly pinched her cheeks.

  Chen Kexin nodded her head, turned around, and walked toward the bedroom.

  After seeing Chen Kexin closed the door, he wiped the smile off his face. After all, he did feel upset when he saw the dejected look on Chen Kexin's face.
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