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Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband 50 Chapter 50 : Before The Wedding

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Inside a dimly lit hotel room, the queen size bed and the crumpled white sheets created a velvety sound when the slender female hopped on top of a man who's currently enjoying smoking a blunt. It was obvious that his mind was wandering somewhere else, totally ignoring the beauty on top of him.

"What are you thinking?" the seductive woman asked. She kissed his neck and sucked on it to get his attention. She was rather pissed off that this casino heir was too preoccupied to whatever in his mind. It's a first time that a man would rather stare onto space than bask on her erotic body.

"The woman I love so much will be having her second wedding tomorrow." Mo Dejiang melancholy said. His demeanor was rather solemn and adds that his handsome features were rather dark and gave off a mysterious look.

The sultry woman was weak against this kind of sight, a handsome man longing for someone he can't have. The best target she could find. A fire ignited inside her, she wanted this man.

Like a greedy person who feeds from people's problems, she will take advantage of his sadness. She wouldn't let him crash that wedding.

"Oh, let me fill up that void in your heart. Use me." the woman whispered like a succubus.

Mo Dejiang smirked from the woman's tempting and submissive offer. He had always been using women to satisfy the void in his heart. He would call out that woman's name while having intercourse with the women who would throw themselves at him. He always imagines her. But everything is just an imagination.

He will never have her but using drugs to stimulate his lonely mind that could create an illusion through these sluts, he was somewhat satisfied but the sadness still lingers.

If that annoying man hurts his love of his life, he would snatch her in a heartbeat.

"Xiulan..." he silently mutters her name. Flashbacks from their university days were clouding his mind. Oh how he loves her so much.

The sultry woman heard his murmur but didn't understand what he said. She guessed that it he uttered the darn lucky woman's name that he can't forget.

"Let me be her. Let me love you like how you want her to love you." she sexily whispered and breathe heavily close to Dejiang's ears.

Dejiang frown from her nonsensical words. He slightly pushes her away from him. He gave a deathly glare "You will never be her." His eyes were so intense that anytime a fire could start.

The erotic woman was frightened from Dejiang's sudden change of mood. He was just smiling and endearing awhile ago.

"Who is this woman that makes Mo Dejiang like this?" the erotic woman secretly asked herself. She was curious and furious but at the same time she wanted to just leave it be. If she finds out who this woman is, she might get a sour mood for the whole time with Dejiang.


It was already 7:30pm in the evening when Xiulan's big sister Qiaohui came to her office without any prior notice.

The famous patisserie was wearing a light pink dress and white sneakers. She has no makeup on her youthful face. Her hair was in a ponytail that made her overall look very casual but still alluring.

"What are you doing here?" Xiulan glanced at her big sister while she's packing some documents to work on while she's in her honeymoon.

"Honeymoon…" she silently sulks. She even wants to gag whenever she claims that it's her honeymoon.

Going back to the documents, she must study these files since it's a report about the project planning, proposals and client revisions that she must manually analyze. Huge money is involved in here so she must work even if she'll be in a paradise island for a whole week.

Xiulan was the type of boss that would do anything to meddle in her company's affairs and she'll try to squeeze in herself to help so that the job could finish faster. She was particularly hands on to any work related.

Quiaohui sat on the sofa in her office and gave her a pensive look. "Duh, I'm escorting you back to our parents' house. You're getting married tomorrow yet you're still here doing work. Are you a masochist?"

Since it was a traditional ritual that the groom will set out to the bride's house to escort her to his home to meet his parents and have all the necessary ceremonies like tea ceremony there. But before that happens, the groom and his attendants and the bridesmaids must face some games and rituals in the bride's home first.

"I'm packing work while I'm away from the office." Xiulan answered without looking at her. She realized that she can't bring the other files. She should leave the rest of the documents and ask Secretary Dandan to scan them and send it to her.

Qiaohui sighed and slightly shook her head while she listens to her workaholic little sister.

"Don't work too much, radiation from computers or any devices are not good for the womb." Qiaohui teased. She smirked like a prankster at her little sister.

Xiulan casted an annoyed expression at Qiaohui and clicked her tongue. "Don't start."

Quiaohui's playful smile didn't disappear, instead she stand up and went closer to annoy her little sister more.

She wrapped her arms around Xiulan's shoulders and teasingly said "You should drink this when you arrive in Maldives. This will make you irrational and do regretful things." she giggled like she was enjoying her own inside joke.

"When I didn't love my former husband yet, I use this whenever we have to do it, definitely helps." Qiaohui displays a small clear bottle close to Xiulan's face and it dangled quite prettily with its pink and purplish hue. Qiaohui quickly hid the bottle inside Xiulan's pocket.

"H-hey!" Xiulan exclaimed and wasn't able to remove the bottle inside her pocket due to her hands were full of documents.

"I did it for our family's reputation. He said he loves me but in the end he still left me. Your story might differ to mine since you have a billion worth of penalty. You might be stuck forever with him." Quiaohui giggled and went back to her seat. "What time are you going home? I'm starving!"

Xiulan suddenly felt sad for her big sister. Just like her, she married a man that she didn't love for her parents' sake. Her big sister eventually fell in love and thankful someone like him loves her unconditionally. But before she even confesses her love, the man was already tired of waiting for her.

"Xiulan, I know this might be a selfish request. But please try to stay with your husband as long as you can. If you could love him, please tell him. Don't make the same mistakes like I did. Please think about mom and dad. They are already tired of their daughters' bad luck." Qiaohui's usual happy expression was too solemn today.

"Why are you suddenly so melodramatic?" Xiulan gazed at her big sister with a doubtful frown. She sloppily closed her file case with the documents inside and opened a gym bag to put her toiletries she bought this afternoon.

She doesn't have any extra time to go to the grocery tomorrow since after the wedding, they will immediately go the airport and ride Hongqi's private jet going to Maldives. Hongqi was being impatient that he has to rush everything, a cunning man.

"I just remembered myself a few years ago." her big sister timidly muttered.

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Xiulan briefly gaze at her big sister. She didn't expect her sister to have slight regrets.

"Sis, I will be passive in this relationship as long as I can. I don't have the money and guts to pay a billion worth of penalty. Might as well wait for him to get bored of me. As long as he won't hurt me or any of my family that will be my plan... for now." Xiulan shrugged off her melancholic mood and continued packing the the toiletries and writing on the sticky note to use as a label.

"So you have other plans?" Qiaohui's eyes glinted with curiosity. Her sadness seems to be swept away so easily.

"No plans yet but I somewhat thought I should act like a brat for him to get bored of me." Xiulan was not sure if that will be effective. She didn't want to act like a haughty brat in her entire life either. She might even discard that plan in her mind.

"No, that's not a good plan. I did that before and it backfired to me." Qiaohui gave a curtsy smile that's full of loneliness.

Xiulan didn't like seeing that expression from her big sister. She was always loud and a prankster. Xiulan threw a crumpled paper at her big sister so she can stop seeing that sour expression.

"Ah!" Qiaohui screamed when the paper landed directly on her face.

"Stop bothering me, I have to finish this." Xiulan nagged and swiftly continued what she was doing.

Qiaohui pouted and started straightening the crumpled paper. "You are not cute today, little sister."

Qiaohui's eyes suddenly naughtily sparked when she saw the contents of the paper. She bit her lip to suppress her laughter.

"What's with this gym schedule? Are you trying to strengthen your stamina? Hmmm?" Qiaohui teased and gave a naughty smirk at Xiulan. She can't believe her sister has been taking notes from her gym instructor on what to do during "nightly activities".

Xiulan's movements rigidly paused and surprisingly looked at her sister. She saw the paper on her sister's hands and never in her life had she wanted to punch herself. She sighed contemptuously.

It was true that she wanted to strengthen her stamina but the nightly activity paper was just Li Rong's usual teasing. The stamina thingy was an embarrassing decision Li Rong came up with. She doesn't want to pass out in case they will really do it.

Gosh, that would be a huge embarrassment for the Song family. She couldn't handle that kind of atrocious ridiculous situation. So she did her best to go to the gym as possible during those two weeks.

"It's better to be prepared." She half-heartedly confessed. She wanted to get away from her big sister's scrutinizing gaze so she concentrated on packing everything and ignored her big sister.

"Bwuahahaha!" Qiaohui created a very loud laughter that roared throughout the dark and empty hallways outside of Xiulan's office.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe this. Hahahaha!" Qiaohui's tears of joy were uncontrollable and it kept running on the side of her face. "I must help this awkward couple. Gosh, so cute." She secretly thought. She must contact the resort tomorrow and do the necessary preparations to spike Xiulan's food or drink with an aphrodisiac. She evilly sneered while she has happy tears on her face.

Xiulan didn't mind Qiaohui's unladylike laughter. Even though her current predicament was her big sister's source of happiness, she was glad that her sister can still laugh like an old geezer.

"I bet she can't even laugh like this while she's in her house and knowing that her neighbor is her ex-husband with his new lover." Xiulan secretly thought and imagined that her big sister is brooding at the corner of her house and kept cursing her ex-husband. Her small lips raised a little bit from her little imagination.

"Stop laughing now. Let's go and eat." Xiulan muttered and quickly picked up her bag and file case.

The two sisters ate at a small and intimate Chinese restaurant before they decided to go straight home.

Qiaohui teased Xiulan that she might get homesick once she's in Maldives. So she better eat a lot Chinese food now instead of eating their usual meals in Maldives. Qiaohui advised Xiulan to eat every delicacy and local food in Maldives since she rarely goes out of the country.

Since the wedding reception tomorrow will also have Chinese food, Qiaohui teased again "You better eat more tomorrow too. Hongqi might extend your stay in there if he enjoys the snu-snu with you. If that happens then you won't be able to eat these meals for another extended time."

Xiulan made an annoyed glare at Qiaohui. She didn't say anything but the intensity of her eyes says it all that.

Qiaohui burst out laughing again. She really likes to tease her little sister. Since eldest sister Nuo Shu was such a bitch and rarely laughs, while the second youngest sister Shuchun is still in abroad then she could only pester is her very cute youngest sister.

The two finally went home and the usual loud mother Song Qingge didn't say much when they arrived. She was abnormally quiet and they could only hear her soft commanding voice to the servants. Qingge was busy decorating the place with gold and lucky ornaments. The place was also decorated with too much red. When Xiulan saw the house, her stomach churns from anxiety.


The next morning, Xiulan had to wake up by 5 am to do all her morning routine. After that the stylist and makeup artist started their magic on her.

Xiulan's makeup was simple but the color deep red lips made her more mature and alluring. She never had the chance to have this kind of tint on her lips before since it was such a loud color. But seeing her face now with this deep red, she felt like she's one of those seductive women she sees in movies and magazines.

The stylist let her wear a very luxurious red qipao with gold embroideries of flowers, a phoenix and fishes. The dress hugs her curves and carved her body beautifully. Her small waist was too eye catching since it was undoubtedly very slim, it created an hourglass figure.

The color red also made her skin very vibrant and healthy looking. Overall her looks was overkill and can top all the models and actresses out there.

"For the last touch, gold jewelry headband for your hair and paired with these large gold orchid earrings as well." The stylist mumbled. Once she finished her masterpiece, she looked at Xiulan with so much amazement. She can't help but tear up on how good the bride looks.
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