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Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband 49 Chapter 49 : He's so honest, it stresses Xiulan so much

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Xiulan woke up feeling depressed. She remembers again that after the second wedding, they will have a one week honeymoon. Out of all the places they could go for a honeymoon, they have to go to Maldives. So far from China. The place is very beautiful but she's not in the mood to be in a place like that with the wretched Hongqi.

It's also a tropical island so she'll be wearing less clothing there.

Just thinking about the skinship they have to share with each other gave Xiulan scold sweats.


"Before you go to your office, let's meet up with our wedding planner. I need to instruct her with further details and also if you want to add more just tell her later." Hongqi suggested while they were having breakfast together. It's already a week passed and six more days before their wedding.

"Okay. Will it take long?"

Xiulan asked and stopped eating to converse with Hongqi. She has a meeting with the HR manager and Project Managers later regarding the training of new employees so she must be in the office before lunch time.

Xiulan's company has gained lot of projects to work on for the past months and they must hire more employees to accomodate faster project completion and good client satisfaction reviews and ratings.

"Not much. As I said I just need to tell her something about some adjustments. I think you might need to tell her your concerns as well. Your parents seems to have left us the planning. While my dad was never fond of designing and planning events so the both of us must always communicate to the wedding planner."

Hongqi explained. He cut a piece of the ham and dip it on a special sauce before putting it inside his mouth.

"Okay. Got it." Xiulan agreed and they went back to eating quietly.

Hongqi already finished his meal and only reads the newspaper while he waits for Xiulan to finish. He was reading the showbiz section in case he sees malicious articles about his artists.

As Xiulan was wiping the extra sauce on her plate with garlic bread, she suddenly remembers her problem regarding her dowry. She feels like her dowry is too cheap for the likes of Hongqi.

Xiulan clears her throat first before voicing her concerns. "By the way, I just remembered."


Hongqi responded but his eyes concentrated on the newspaper.

"I have concerns about the dowry. You are filthy rich already so I'm not sure if you will like the dowry I will give to you."

Xiulan informed and drank her orange juice.


Hongqi finally puts down the newspaper and put his attention on his wife. He didn't understand why his wife has this kind of problem in the first place. Gifts were never an issue to him.

"It's a small land in the north. It's actually a vineyard."

Xiulan disclosed. That small land and vineyard was suppose to be her secret place to stay in the future. She uses her own resources this time. She didn't want to bother her parents about this. They can give a separate dowry but she would like to personally contribute something in this second wedding.

There's no special reason for this. She only wanted to secretly thank Hongqi for the great leap he made for their family business or more like her father's company. Their family business has entered in the top ten earners this year.

With a huge investment and the number of zeros for the total accumulated income, their family can live for five generations without any mishaps or problems.

"I'm fine with any."

Hongqi nonchalantly replied. He briefly looks at Xiulan's plate and his mouth's corner were slightly raised.

"The more she eats, likely the more she'll have more stamina." he secretly and naughtily thought. His inner desires for her are now more lascivious due to the upcoming honeymoon.

"Are you sure?"

Xiulan asked for clarification. She also didn't get what that smirk was for. Xiulan thought he might be thinking about something perverted again.

"Will you give me what I want then?"

Hongqi dared and his eyes glinted with desire. Obviously in his tone, he was already insinuating something indecent.

Xiulan's expression became sullen and she sweated. She felt like it was a wrong idea to ask that. She can already see that lewd glint in his eyes. "... what do you want?"

His naughty smile became more obvious and his pearly white teeth were displayed. Xiulan only notice now that he has a small dimple if he smiles like that.

"You in our honeymoon."

Hongqi didn't dare to dilly dally anymore. He was so honest that Xiulan almost lose the grip on the glass she was holding. Her hands shook and she immediately shot him a ghastly expression.

Xiulan hit him on his arms and cutely glared at him. "Stop kidding."

"I'm not kidding."

Hongqi laughed seeing her reaction. "I am 100% serious. You do know I've been a loyal husband and I didn't dare to hook up with anyone for the past months. As you know of my old lifestyle, I am very daring. Abstaining was not in my dictionary but I did it for you." Hongqi pointed out. He was making Xiulan feel the guilt.

Xiulan glared at him. "I don't want to talk to you anymore. My dowry is final."

"But I think my suggestion is better." Hongqi winked at Xiulan.

"In your dreams, mister. I didn't pressure you to abstain. Didn't I said before that you can bed someone else but not me." Xiulan scoffed. She wouldn't let him. A demon might have to possess her before she'll do anything sexual with him. Gosh, she can't imagine.

"Oh I can't do that, I am married. Why would I look for someone else when I have a beautiful and caring wife? Love, I am an honorable man and I respect my wife so much to even cheat." Hongqi's in a good mood and this conversation was a good start for his new seduction plans. He begins his sweet casanova mode.

"Hongqi.. your fake ass is leaking." Xiulan didn't want to believe that he was truthful to his words. She still has trust issues. He was still dating Gong Yuming before when he started giving courting her. He can do that to anyone he feels like an asset for him.

Xiulan already knows Hongqi so much that she has difficulties in trusting him.

"Gosh, how many did he bed when he was still single?!" Xiulan secretly exclaimed in her thoughts. Just thinking about it made her depressed.

Of course she's a virgin and whenever she remembers that this man has shared a lot of time in other women's arms bothered her. She was virtuous and pure ever since. She didn't expect her future husband to be a virgin as well but she wanted him to be not that exposed to too much relationships. But she ended up with a husband like Hongqi instead. Completely different from what she wants.

"Oh love, I know I was such a naughty man before but let's just forget about that. I am now your husband, I am only yours. Please give me a chance." Hongqi

pleaded. It's not about scoring sex with her , he deeply wants to involve himself with her. How he wanted her to think of him in much more intimate way.

Xiulan shot him a brooding expression. She didn't want to think about it, but in all angles they will have to do it in the future especially that she still doesn't have any good plans on how to divorce their marriage. She was just not ready to give up her v-card to him. She might be too old to be a virgin but she never had any sexual frustrations.

She was pampered and guarded by her parents to the point that she never had any interests in having a relationship with the opposite sex due to their strictness. Her attention was also concentrated in school and work. How can she even think about lewd stuff? She did have a boring life but she was happy that she end up virtuous.

"I'm finished eating. Let's go meet the wedding planner." Xiulan changed the topic and didn't want to talk about the his stupid dowry request and honeymoon.

Hongqi only sneered and didn't push the topic anymore.

They were now inside his car. They sat beside each other in the back seat while the usual chauffeur drives them to their destination.

Xiulan was wearing a baby blue fitted dress up to her Knee that hugs her curves and flattered the right plumps of her body. Her hair was down too and she was wearing minimal make up to hide her eyebags. All that anxiety gave her insomnia.

Overall she looks so fresh, radiating and young. Hongqi can't stop staring at her.

"Can you stop that?" Xiulan warned Hongqi. She briefly glared at him and as usual Hongqi would only smile charmingly at her.

"It's your fault that you are so beautiful." Hongqi chuckled and held her left hand.

Xiulan raised her eyebrows at him while she watches him as he pulls her hand towards his lips. He kissed the top of her hands and coquettishly smiled at her. He was really handsome and any woman would be giddy because of him but Xiulan has her reservations.

Xiulan sighed and made an awkward smile. "We are here so stop being so clingy." She pulls her hand away from him and quickly opened the car door as soon as the car parked.

Hongqi's smile hanged and he felt like this journey in seducing the stubborn wife might take long but it'll be worth it.

He eventually went out of the car and quickly paced together with Xiulan.

Random strangers were shocked to see the famous couple inside the elevator. All of their eyes were all glued on Hongqi's hands on Xiulan's small waist.

"An ethereal couple." one of them silently mutters.

"They are just standing there but why are they oozing in charisma?" one of the female observants secretly thought.

Xiulan can feel the intense gaze of the people inside the elevator. She can feel that all their eyes are glued on her waist because of Hongqi's ninja hands. She awkwardly stood there and waited for their floor arrive in agony.

Now that they are out of the elevator. The employees in the wedding planner's office greeted them enthusiastically and all the female employees obviously were there to catch a glimpse on Hongqi.

"So so handsoooome!~" Xiulan can hear the fading squeal while they enter a private room to meet with their wedding planner.

"You are really popular." Xiulan muttered when they finally sat on the sofa while they wait for the wedding planner.

"Ignore them. I'm popular but I'm yours." Hongqi sexily winked at her and Xiulan made a disgust expression on how cringy and corny he was.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." The wedding planner finally arrived. This will be the first time Xiulan to meet the wedding planner in person.

The wedding planner was slightly old and has a lot of jewelries hanging on her neck. Xiulan guessed that she might be in her 50s.

"Good day, I have some adjustments for the reception and my wife has concerns as well." Hongqi said and handed a file to the wedding planner.

"Oh, I see. You could have sent these through email." The wedding planner suggested.

Hongqi didn't answer but only gave a pursed smile. "I could have done that in the first place but I want to flaunt my relationship with my wife." He secretly mutters. This is the best time to warn all the girls who were still sending him malicious thirsty messages. They should just back off. He doesn't have any plans to become a bastard husband.

Hongqi slightly taps Xiulan's shoulders to let her know that she should start voicing out her concerns.

Xiulan understood and quickly noted in her mind what she was about to say.

"Madam, I would like to change the flowers and also if I could get a handbook on what to do during the ceremony." Xiulan laid her concerns.

The meeting lasted for 2 hours. Xiulan asked a lot of questions and was a little puzzled and nervous on what to do during their d-day. She did not expect that there will be a lot of ceremonies. There was also the 'red chamber' where they will have to spend their first time together. It made her mood sour. She thought she could escape or delay the cherry popping during their honeymoon in Maldives but the red chamber destroyed all of the plans to delay.

"Now now, don't be sad. I will send you to heaven as many times as you want during our time in the red chamber." Hongqi continued to tease the poor reluctant wife.

Xiulan gravely glared at Hongqi and hit him with her small bag.

"I didn't know there was such a thing. I should have known." Xiulan worriedly muttered while she walks away from Hongqi. If she knew about this red chamber thing, she could have delayed the second wedding.
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Hongqi quickly went after her and intertwined their hands together. He lovingly looked at her and said "If you are really hesistant to do it in the red chamber, just say so. I will wait but I can't wait that long. We can do it in Maldives."

Hongqi tried to negotiate. Of course he's a man, he wanted to do it as soon possible.

Xiulan casted a pensive look at him. She finds it a little funny that she thought his negotiations were quite thoughtful but at the same time impatient.

Everything will be happening next week. It's like she's hearing an imaginary ticking bomb and the anxiety was seeping in through her veins.
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