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Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband 15 Chapter 15 : The Wedding 3

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The wedding ceremony ended half an hour ago and now they all transferred to the wedding reception.

The ceremony was short since there weren't any vows from both the bride and groom. It's just a matter of a fancy ceremony and signing the marriage certificate.

The guests were all touched and amazed when they found out it was a surprise wedding planned by Hongqi. They never expect him to be so responsible. With this new found knowledge of the great Xing Hongqi's attitude, this made the women who longs for Hongqi feel somewhat depressed and overly jealous.

It was an intimate wedding and only specific people were invited. The guests felt honored that the great Xing Hongqi invited them to his little surprise.

Though the ceremony was short, the wedding kiss created an uproar. It was just a regular peck but the interesting part was how Hongqi caressed and held Xiulan while kissing her.

He endearingly held her face and waist. Then charmingly smiled like he was the happiest man on earth. When he was finished kissing her, he suddenly held her up to his arms like a princess then quickly stole a kiss from her again.

The guests were again amazed by Hongqi's very daring display of affection.

At that moment, all Xiulan could think of how embarrassing it was. He doesn't need to hold her like that. He was so extra that Xiulan wanted to cry from such extravagant act.

For the kiss, Xiulan doesn't think much of it. As possible, she doesn't want to think about it or even put malice on it. It was an inevitable act that they have to perform.

The guests and their respective families were all bewildered by Hongqi's loving behavior towards his bride. It was so refreshing to see Hongqi being affectionate. It's already a fact that he was a playboy but the way he behaved today was far different from the naughty billionaire that they were all accustomed with. It will take awhile for them to adjust to his new dutiful husband behavior.

They all thought the marriage was just the usual business play, but they were caught off guard when they saw that spark in Hongqi's eyes. His face was glowing and his smile was different.

Though the bride had an aloof aura, she gave off a very ethereal grace. Her expression doesn't have any hint of excitement so it made Hongqi look like he's the one who was head over heels. Another good points for Hongqi.

The guests really wanted to take a video and a picture of the wedding ceremony and the couple, but the marshals were so strict. But there are some photographs that are circulating in the internet right now and it's trending. They don't know who uploaded the real time pictures but netizens were all glad that someone secretly took it.

Actually, the one who took the picture was Secretary Yang Bo. Hongqi assigned him to get candid photos and upload it in the internet so it will create a buzz.

Hongqi knows that netizens were dying to have a glimpse of the wedding. So he obliges to give them some shots, secretly. It's also a way for them to know that he's a changed man now.

Hongqi's plan didn't fail since the netizens are praising him too much. From a sought-out golden bachelor now upgraded to the nation's dream husband. His male fans should take notes.

The sweet wedding kiss is still the hot topic of the guests while they wait for the reception to start.

The place is definitely very magical and obviously a huge amount of money was spent to get this place look like Hogwarts' Great Hall but with tons of fancy flowers instead. The guests keep taking pictures of the place. It was really magical and what makes it more special is that Hongqi prepared all of this in such a short period.

Currently, the bride and groom are having a pictorial outside. There's a huge beautiful garden and the couple are taking a quick wedding pictures with their families. All throughout the pictorial, Hongqi was such a gentleman to Xiulan. He was sweet and kept helping her fix her hair. For some reason, his hands and arms won't let go of her waist. He's always sticking himself to Xiulan like always.

Xiulan didn't think much of his wandering hands since she concentrated on what the photographer was instructing.

But Qingge and Nuo Shu saw it all. They almost vomit blood by how pretentious Hongqi was and they are really frustrated that the innocent Xiulan was letting him do whatever he wants. They glared at Hongqi but the shameless man ignored them and continues his shameless act.

This is a big problem! The Song women all thought that they must do something with the hotel rooms later. Those two shouldn't be in the same room or else Hongqi will devour Xiulan in no time.

Qingge's stomach churned just thinking about it. After taking photos with the couple, Qingge hastily went back inside the venue and called the hotel to book a separate room for Xiulan.

Nuo Shu and Qiaohui went back with their mom since it was so unbearable for them to watch the couple and seeing their little cutie pie sister being taken advantage by her so called husband.

The old man Song Ying Pei and Xing Yong Yi were bursting in happiness seeing this couple care for each other. They remembered how sweet they were to their wives when they got married. It was a blissful memory and this couple relieves the moment.

"Are you alright? Do you want to rest for awhile?" Hongqi sofly asked while he held Xiulan's waist. They were now going back inside to start the reception.

"I'm okay. I'm just hungry." Xiulan honestly said. The coffee she drank this morning has now occupied most of the space in her stomach. She can feel the acid and it's making her hungry and weak.

Hongqi softly chuckled. "Alright. Let's ask the host to make a quick introduction and let's eat after." He said and kissed the top of her head. He was taller than her by two and a half heads so it's quite an effort to steal a kiss on her lips or anywhere on her face.

Xiulan nonchalantly nodded and she let him lead the way to their seat. She didn't think much of the kiss since she was really hungry.

Xiulan wasn't able to see the inside of the venue awhile ago since the photographer immediately called them for a pictorial. So she was so amazed by the theme of their reception. It entices her artistic side so much that there was an obvious adoration in her eyes. She loves it so much.

What caught Xiulan's attention more when she saw the beautiful flowers that were like huge chandeliers on the ceiling. She kept staring at it and wanted to know what kind of flowers they were.

Hongqi noticed this and a mischievous smile crept to his mouth. He's so satisfied with all the reactions he's seeing on Xiulan's face.

"Do you like it?" Hongqi huskily whispered. While they are sitting, he hooked his hands on her waist again and slightly pulled her closer. He doesn't know why but he's actually enjoying it. It's supposed to be an act like he was a dutiful and sweet husband but he genuinely likes doing this so he's not sure if he's acting or not anymore.

Xiulan was still in trance and dazed by the beautiful flowers and decorations. She genuinely gave an adoring smile. "Yes. It's so beautiful. Thank you." She said while still looking at the flowers.

Hongqi's smile became wider and silently praised himself for the good job he has done. Success. That's the only thing in his mind. As usual, he is the greatest when it comes to flattering people.

He quickly stole a kiss on Xiulan's bare shoulders and naughtily grinned at her when she suddenly glared at him. They were in front of so many people and he's here trying to do something astonishing for their eyes again.

"You, stop being so naughty." Xiulan glowered at Hongqi. Her tolerance is almost at its peak. She tolerated him too much awhile ago and she's not in the mood anymore. She's hungry and cranky.

"Alright. Sorry, I just can't help it." Hongqi apologized and sexily whispered. But there was still a boyish grin plastered on his face and it infuriated Xiulan a little. Xiulan ignored Hongqi the whole time the host was talking and doing an introduction.

She only answered to his pleas and repeated questions when she was able to eat some food and her mood became better.

The host kept on talking about the usual wedding stuff and Hongqi also announced that there will be a second wedding soon but it'll be traditional Chinese wedding. The guests suddenly became frantic. They all thought of the dowries and gifts for the couple. They wanted to take advantage of that wedding to get on Hongqi's good side. The more expensive the gift and dowry, the more it'll be an advantage for them.

While the guests were in a wild discussion about the upcoming second wedding, a zither performance suddenly started. Slowly, the crowd begun to quiet down and watches the performance in trance.

After the very calm and enchanting zither performance, "Let's now cut the cake!" the host enthusiastically announced.

Hongqi lead Xiulan to where the cake was. The cake is 3 feet tall and the flower decorations on it kept Xiulan's eyes focus on the cake. She really likes botanical stuff so another points for Hongqi again.

While they were cutting the cake, the host kept on commenting how sweet they were and would tease them about their future children. Hongqi even entertained the topic about their future children.

Xiulan can't help but pinch the side of his waist so he would stop. It was so uncomfortable to hear such topic and in front of unfamiliar people. Gosh!

The host saw this and he teases them more. Hongqi won't stop saying unnecessary side comments on how he's being bullied by his wife.

Nuo Shu and Qingge rolled their eyes on what was happening on stage. They slightly praise Hongqi's acting skills and also damned him for being too cunning.

They skipped a lot of stuff in the Western wedding reception and there were some close male friends of Hongqi who ranted why there was no garter throwing.

Hongqi shines like a white knight when he explains and proudly said "I am sorry but there will be no garter throwing. I would like to confess that I haven't touched my wife's legs yet and I don't want any of you to see her legs. Also, no one can change my mind about this. I know my wife will be uncomfortable of the idea of garter throwing and I would like to respect that."

Hongqi knows very well that Xiulan will not like the garter throwing so he intended to skip that.

Xiulan face palmed and blushed by Hongqi's embarrassing words but good thing he quickly redeemed himself. She silently thanked him for skipping that daring part of the wedding activity.

Of course, the guests were in Hongqi's little spell again. Now they praise him for being respectful, polite and courteous. Very very different from the usual Hongqi, but they all thought a man can really change because of a woman.

Slowly, Hongqi was able to clean his Casanova image by displaying a dutiful husband persona. He was so delighted that he suddenly kissed Xiulan's cheeks, genuinely.

Xiulan was taken aback by Hongqi's sudden kiss and was about to glare at him but she stop when he saw how happy he looks. She just gave him an unknowing look instead and proceeds to smile at the guests.

"Endure, Xiulan. This day will end soon and this overly sweet acting of Hongqi will end the same time. So endure it for the day." Xiulan silently told herself.

Xiulan wanted to pat her back and praise herself for being obedient and tolerant. She doesn't know if this is a new acquired skill of acting or it was a natural thing for her. Either way, it's a good thing for occasions like this.

A lot of dancing happened, throwing of bouquet, and congratulatory greetings from the guests before the reception ended.

Hongqi was still talking and drinking with some important guests like politicians and future prospects for both political and business partners when Xiulan politely asked him if she can retire for the day.

Xiulan was dead tired and she can pass out anytime soon if she doesn't lay her whole body on a soft bed.

Hongqi saw Xiulan's tired face and pitied her. So he asks his entourage if they can talk some other day regarding their plans. They obliged and one by one left the place.

"Come, I'll lead you to our room." Hongqi places his hand on Xiulan's waist again but mother Song Qingge appeared and hastily pull Xiulan away from Hongqi.

"No need for that, Hongqi. Xiulan will be sleeping in a different room." Qingge firmly said.

"Mother, I will take care of Xiulan." Hongqi said and softly smiled at mother Song. He knows that the women in the Song household don't trust him yet. But that's okay; the only woman important in the Song household is Xiulan.

"No need. I'll take care of her. You rest as well. It's better if the both of you will sleep in a different room tonight. I still don't trust you." Mother Qingge directly said and gave Hongqi a warning look.

Hongqi gave a fawning smile and politely bowed his head as an agreement.

"I understand." Hongqi politely said and waited for the mother-daughter tandem to leave the room.

"Secretary Yang Bo, please get the room number and a card key of Xiulan's room. Leave it in my room." Hongqi said and has a mad look on his face.

"Yes, Master Hongqi." Secretary Yang Bo said and waited for Hongqi to leave before he starts his mission. He felt that his boss didn't like the way Madam Song talks.

Inside Xiulan's room, Mother Qingge helped Xiulan take off her wedding gown and makeup.

While helping Xiulan, Mother Qingge can't help but tell her honest opinions about Hongqi and their ambiguous acting awhile ago.

"Dear, may I ask if you know that Hongqi is only acting awhile ago?" Qingge asked.

"Yes, mother." Xiulan tiredly responded.

"I know you're a smart girl. I know you can handle him but please don't let him lead you on. I can't tolerate the way he held your waist and casually kisses you like you have some intimate relationship when everything is just an act. My dear, please be careful of him." Qingge was so concerned. The way that man touches her daughter gave her a disturbing feeling.

"Yes, mom. I understand." Xiulan said and tiredly smiled at her mom. She doesn't want her to worry. She must do something about Hongqi's touchy ways. He said he respects her but can't seem to respect personal space. She might have to quarrel with him about this.

Xiulan was almost in dreamland when she suddenly hears the front door being unlocked. She immediately stands up from her bed but to her surprise, she was greeted by Hongqi in casual sleeping attire.

"What are you doing here?" she suspiciously questioned the fresh looking Hongqi. His hair was down from the wetness and he has this chic aura even in that type of clothing.

"I'm here to sleep with you." He nonchalantly said and quickly threw himself on the bed and put on some blanket,

"Aha! Wait! Who said you can sleep here? Mom will be very angry if she finds out you're here. I'll be in deep trouble. Get out!" Xiulan took hold of the blanket and tried to pull it from him but his strength was too much to compete with.

Because she kept on pulling, her grip was slowly weakening. Hongqi noticed this so he suddenly pulled the blanket with all his might and Xiulan was also pulled along with the blanket. Xiulan dropped on Hongqi's chest.

Xiulan was about to pull away from Hongqi when the cunning Hongqi won't let go of her hand.

"Let go!" Xiulan exclaimed and tried to pull away from him.

Hongqi tenderly smiled and gently pull Xiulan closer to him. Though it was gentle, but a man's strength is incomparable to a woman's.

"Come on, let's sleep. I won't do anything funny. I'm also tired." He sweetly said and pulled her closer so she can lay down with him. When he finally got her on the bed, he tucked the blanket on her and suavely hugged her waist under the blanket.

Xiulan felt his arms and she was about to complain when Hongqi softly whispered "Thank you for this day, Xiulan. I'm really thankful that I married you. I'm really thankful that you cooperated and even tolerated my annoying ass today. Hehe, thank you so much."

With every words spoken by Hongqi, his grip on her waist became tighter and tighter. He inhaled her scent and it calmed his nerves. He decided to relax and sleep. "This is not so bad after all." He thought.

Xiulan wasn't able to move anymore. If she tries to resist, she'll just end up being pulled by him again and she doesn't have the energy to do that stint again. It made her exhausted.

Hearing Hongqi's words, Xiulan doesn't know how to respond so she remains quiet. She waited for him to sleep so she can escape from his arms and sleep at the sofa instead. When Xiulan saw the chance to escape, Hongqi suddenly tightly held her again.

"Sleep." Hongqi commanded and there was a threatening tone in it. Xiulan trembled under his grasp.

Xiulan sighed and looked at the man beside her. He was indeed handsome even in the darkness. She sighed again and raised the blanket to check what's happening under.

But Hongqi felt her actions and threatens her again "If you don't sleep, I will kiss you until you pass out from the lack of breath."

Xiulan was squirming and eventually stops any movements. She doesn't want any of that so she stops.

Since she won't be able to escape, she decided to count sheeps on her head and sleep with a frown plastered on her beautiful face.

Hongqi felt that Xiulan has now relaxed and a small smile crept on his mouth before he truly sleeps this time.
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