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Draig had at some point fallen asleep but he was no longer the biggest concern of the guilders for the moment, like Draig they had found there was some changes to their systems an example being the lack of a menu. At first this had caused a panic but soon the masses of Guilders were eased as mages realized they could recall their spells without their menu now where as most couldn't do so before. While those melee classes were finding that their skills and abilities were now able to be activated through simple sword movements depending on their level of mastery, the other classes were finding that the loss of the menu was perhaps a blessing in disguise until remembering that they were no longer the only beings with classes.

After testing out the effects of these changes they managed to rally back together and begin the search for the one suspected to be the cause behind the change, Draig.

The city went on full alert with Guilders patrolling the streets nonstop even the core Guilders had shown themselves monitoring from the shadows out of view. They wouldn't allow for the young Feratu to escape on their watch, there was however no sight of him causing some to begin thinking he had already escaped.

It was around midday when Draig had awoken, his first sight was Kira sitting vigilantly in the corner while the imps were nowhere to be seen.
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"It's about time you woke up, the whole city is on lock down after that fiasco from yesterday. They are searching for you if what I have heard outside is correct" stated Kira as he eyed Draig critically.

"It seems escape may no longer be a viable option" stated Draig as he sat down and began to think of something but his hand came to rest on his tome.

It was the curse of the Aries branch Family, the greed for more power. Many of their members had been driven mad by that insatiable urge to feed the pages within their respective Tomes, even forcing them into a decline due to infighting caused by that greed.

"Perhaps I can make a way to escape" muttered Draig as he summoned the imps and requested a few simpler materials.

These being the eyes of a Ravenous spider which were often used to spy on targets by rogue Guilders, however Draig had another idea for them as he also pulled out some transparent crystal.

"What are you doing kid" asked Kira in interest.

"I am hoping something that will strengthen our chances of escaping" stated Draig as he began to use Mana Molder to begin breaking the Crystals into tiny insect sized pieces.

Soon however those pieces began to take shape as mosquitoes, their rears appeared to have a dividing wall built in for some reason. Draig wasn't finished yet as he began placing the Ravenous spider eyes into the position just above the straw, sweat began building along Draig's brow as adding such fine details still took quite a bit of effort out of him.

"Bugs? How will that help us" demanded Kira with a sneer as he thought this was a joke.

The young Feratu said nothing though as he took a pill from one of the imps just in case he required more Mana than what he had thought and began enchanting those little creatures holding his pen in hand to speed up the process. Twitches could be seen along those little bodies causing glimmers to reflect off them making for a beautiful sight.

Draig concentrated deeply as the runes stopped casting from his pen and watched the crystal mosquitoes.

Giving a mental command he watched as the swarm rose into the air causing a smirk to form on his face.

"You ask how will this help us escape but these little treasures will be capable of so much more" laughed Draig as his mind ran with the possibilities.

Requesting another item from the imps it was shown to be a purple vial that Draig opened and ordered the Mosquitoes to consume it.

This was a key part of the plan invoked by Draig's greed to fill his tome, he had enchanted these mosquitoes to home in on his Mana signature and to poison all other Mana signatures while collecting their blood sample. With a thought the Mosquitoes resumed their position on the floor as if they were little figurines.

Kira started to catch on with Draig's line of thinking but still felt it was too risky, if the poison being used was fatal then they would be hunted ruthlessly. Unfortunately he wasn't very knowledgeable about poison and couldn't decipher the potency from the scent like those tribal Werewolves could. Sitting down he hoped Draig would have the sense to not act to recklessly.

Almost as if reading his thoughts Draig chuckled, he was aware of how the Guilders would react if he just started killing wildly. He wouldn't be able to get a decent nights sleep with danger of every Guild in the world searching for him.

"We will wait til night fall to come, it will be easier to mask our movements at that time" commented Draig as he sat down and closed his eyes once again.

While he did this there was a certain Knight searching critically carrying an odd set of holy looking chains.

'I will find you Vampire' thought Warren as a vengeful light glimmered through his eyes.

Elsewhere Zarra could be seen staring over the city with a regretful look, a picture held in his hand revealing a woman with dark hair and small reading glasses, a familiar looking robed figure could be seen standing next to the woman with a goofy grin stretched across his face.

'I was things hadn't been this way Elaine, our boy ended up with the worst of both of our constitutions. The dark energy of my body and the dormant Vampirism in your blood. I know what you would tell me if you were here now, why haven't I gone to him.

I wish it was that simple, I really do but I don't see anyway for this to be resolved quietly' admitted the Dark mage mentally as he let his thumb rub over the face of on the picture, his eyes seeming to grow some resolve as he put the picture away.
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