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Joash later traveled abroad and it remained only Susan. Her children were also in abroad schooling. She was later transferred to another city. It seemed to her she was starting life afresh. Everything looked new to her including the environment but the only thing that was not new to her was her profession.

One fateful evening as she was returning from office something happened and that was the day that marked the beginning of another love story. She couldn't remember what actually kept her late in the office; That was the only day she stayed too late. When she was trekking to a place where she could get a taxi, a young man who introduced himself to her as Vincent approached her; he told Susan how stranded he was but Susan did not want to give him attention initially, when he kept following her, she decided to hear him out; Susan believed even if she might not have a solution to his problem, she would at least hear him out. And that was when she remembered the first day she came to the city. She remembered how stranded she was that day and how she needed help from anyone available.

It happened that Vincent came from village to visit his uncle in the city and also see if he could secure a job because things were really hard in the village and he had graduated for long, but the terrible mistake he made was that he did not call his uncle to tell him he was visiting not until he got to city late in the evening and he was told his uncle had relocated to another state.

The funny thing was that he had no other money with him to lodge in a hotel. And he did not eat anything throughout the journey because he had no money but hoped he would eat when he finally reached his uncle's house, but the story changed when he got to the city. It was fast getting late and he was not talking of what to eat again but where to sleep which was the most important thing to him that night.

The weather was getting cold and he was shivering when Susan saw him; He was walking not knowing where to go. He managed to ask Susan for any help she could render. After listening to his story, Susan knew the young man was so stranded and confused, but at the same time was afraid to help a total stranger. After due consideration, she decided to lodge him in a nearby guest house and promised to visit him the following day during the lunch break.

The next day she visited him as promised, and that was when he told her more about himself. Susan wanted to help him reach his uncle but his cell phone was not reachable after so many hours of trying. He was not planning to go back to the village as his main purpose of coming to the city was to find work, but since his uncle could not be reached, he sought an alternative. Susan later helped him secure a menial job where he would be getting a little money for daily bread. Getting a good job was not that easy and so he started from the menial one available and was hoping to get a better one.

Vincent was surprised how a stranger helped him; He never believed she could go such mile for him. The way Susan attended to Vincent during that period he needed help most made him to develop interest in her. Vincent discovered that what first triggered a relationship with a stranger was not love at first sight, but attitude.

Would you judge Susan to easily fall in love again after her past experience? Would you blame her transfer and the loneliness in a new environment? She had no one to talk to (not even her children except on phone), no shoulder to lean on and no one to share her feelings with; after all she's a human being. When one finds himself in a new environment, he will start making new friends. If she was not transferred to that city she might not start another love journey again.

Vincent was a total stranger Susan was initially afraid to help, but as time went by, he became the closest friend she could not live without and she never mind sacrificing everything for him. It was like magic how everything started, Susan could not spend a day without hearing his voice. They both knew they had feelings for each other and there was nothing to hide. Anyone who saw them thought they were siblings because of the level of love between them.

Susan had every reason to say that the people one meets in life would either be a blessing to him or a sad memory. She had met a lot of people in her life; Some were a lesson to her while others were a blessing to her like Madam Teresa and Joash. Love and life are a mystery one will not understand. If life begins to handle one, he will not know where it will land him, and the same thing is applicable to love.

The love was growing every day. People who knew about Susan and Vincent's relationship thought it would not last long. Every day of their love life looked as if they just met. One would even believe the relationship was written and formed in the sky. However, it was just that two imperfect people came together and worked through their differences because they truly understood each other.

Days of tears and fears were not remiss, but one would hardly notice it because they were determined to resolve any issue before they went to bed. Some might wonder what made their relationship exceptionally great; here are the little secrets that make every relationship heaven on earth. As small as these suggestions are, one wouldn't believe it counts. Things like complimenting each other regularly, dropping a love note before leaving for office, calling and sending text messages to each other, helping the wife make the bed, and helping her cook. Most people believe that big things like living in an expensive home, driving the latest care and showering each other with expensive gifts are what make relationship or marriage great.

Those things are good but they don't guarantee a successful marriage or relationship. Another thing that made their relationship awesome was not because of how well they understood each other, but how well they tried to avoid misunderstanding one another. Susan and Vincent believed that every moment was an opportunity to put a smile on each other's face.

One may doubt how they easily fell for each other so quickly, but the truth is that one does not have to spend an eternity getting to know someone. Above all, the length of the relationship does not depend on how long it takes a man to win a lady's heart, maybe the longer it takes him to win her heart, the longer the relationship will last. It only takes a day to meet somebody, it takes time to learn the person, but it takes eternity to be with the person.

Susan did not have to wait an eternity before giving Vincent a chance, but she was very careful. She paid attention to every detail before finally granting him that special place in her heart because she knew the pain when she gives it to the one who does not know the worth. Vincent learned to be understanding and considerate of Susan. It enabled him to hold on to her instead of being deterred or rejected.

The other component that embellished their romance was Vincent's secret admiration of Susan. She read some of the unsaid loving and heartwarming words in his heart whenever they were together, Vincent was enamored. Do you think you need a reason before loving someone? Well, if you think so, then it may be you are talking about likeness. Loving someone does not need a reason after all God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son; If you search for the reason why he loves the world, you will see none and that is when you will understand that we don't need to have a reason before loving someone.

Vincent knew within him that he had met someone who was quite unlike any other person. He could talk with Susan for hours without getting bored. He always made her laugh and she could tell him any secret and he would not judge her end. Susan didn't know why she loved him more. They thoroughly enjoyed each other's presence. Their relationship showed that some feelings have no explanation, apology or definition. They did not waste time looking for a perfect love like others. Instead, they used time to create the perfect love and home they wanted. It's true that no relationship or marriage is a bed of roses because there are arguments, misunderstandings, tears, doubts and pains; Such things are bound to happen. However, these things can be overcome by true love.

In a relationship, anyone could easily walk away when the tough gets going. Vincent and Susan could also have their own reason to walk away when they faced relationship challenges, but the good thing about them was that they always have one reason to stick to each despite the one thousand and one reasons that could have torn them apart.

Months passed and their love was still growing strong each day. Just as the sun lights the earth, that is how her presence lit up the gloomy heart of Vincent. He valued her so much; she was a breath of fresh air following the series of heartbreak he experienced before he met Susan. He really cherished her because he knew that such people were rare. People believed that Vincent had spent a lot of time waiting for that opportunity and when it arrived, he did not let it pass him by. Vincent worshiped Susan as if she was a goddess. They later got married. What started like a play ended in marriage.

Susan knew that a wise woman builds her relationship before marriage. Before she married Vincent, she built the relationship foundation. That was the reason she did not spend much time trying to make the marriage work. The foundation was solid because it was formed when they were dating. Susan was working but Vincent was still struggling to make it. She did not mind because she believed he would make it someday. As a young man who had been struggling to make it in life, he had a very long way to go, he was not financially stable.

Susan took care of most of the expenses, but she never complained because love does not ask who contributes more money in a relationship. Since Vincent did not have much, she used the money she had been saving to buy house so that they could live comfortably. The house was furnished to their taste. Their wedding was not as colorful as she had planned, but they did not care because it was not about the wedding, it was about the marriage.

Three weeks after the wedding, Vincent woke her up from a nap to tell her what had been bothering him for a very long time. Susan gave him a listening ear and when he told her, it sounded like one of the bombs in the Second World War that left Hiroshima and Nagasaki trembling. He told her he wanted to wait at least two years before having children because he was not financially stable enough to care for children.

He tried to make her see the reason, but it took a while to fully convince her. After countless days of pleading with her, she finally acquiesced. She agreed because of the financial challenges they were facing at that period. Despite their agreement, she became pregnant few months later. When she noticed the signs of pregnancy, she didn't take a pregnancy test, (she thought it was symptoms of malaria) because she could not remember making love with Vincent without using protection.

She did not consider being pregnant until she went to the hospital and the doctor suggested a pregnancy test. Could you believe that two months had gone by, but she did not know she was pregnant? She knew she was a faithful wife, but she did not know how it all happened. The evidence of pregnancy was there, the test result, the signs were also there but how come she did not know she was pregnant. The last time they made love was nine weeks ago before Vincent travelled home for an emergency and she was very sure they used protection that night, and that was the first thing she calculated when she was told she was pregnant.

A lot of words were running in her mind because it's like saying that a virgin is pregnant, after all she was still menstruating. The doctor told her it's possible for one to be pregnant and still menstruate. He explained to her the medical reason behind it. She battled with telling Vincent the news. She pretended to be happy, but deep down in her heart were the real feelings about the situation. Susan thanked the doctor and left. On her way home, she was wondering how it happened, but later concluded that it could be the protection they used had a leakage.

When she got home that evening, she created a distinctive emotional aura before giving the test result to Vincent. He thought it was a letter of promotion, and within a second, he calculated how their life would be transformed. While his mouth was still wide open in excitement to praise her for being an industrious woman, the first thing he saw was the hospital mascot. He was forced to hold his joy; he paused and took a sharp look at her.

He quickly looked at the letter again; his eyes concentrated were the line that read, "three months pregnant" What! He screamed. The morning sun that was trying to brighten his pale face suddenly set. Still holding the envelop, Vincent read the content one thousand and one times in a minute, but the test result did not change to negative, and that was when the summer of joy turned to the winter of sadness. He was not sad because he hated his wife to be pregnant, but because of his financial status.

The question in Vincent's mind was how Susan got pregnant. It all happened the night Vincent drunk himself stupor one fateful night. On the other hand, it was a day Susan had a hectic day in the office. Immediately she returned from the office that night, she went straight to bed.

Susan was so tired to the extent she did not bother to eat; she only managed to change her clothes and slept off till the following morning. She did not remember the last thing that happened after she finished changing her clothes, she did not think of what had happened around her when she was sleeping.

But when she woke up the following morning, she suspected something that looked like dried semen on her body, but she did not give it a serious thought since her husband had told her that they should wait for some time before giving birth. Susan blamed Vincent for having a wet dream because that was what her mind told her.

When Vincent woke up that day, he knew something happened but he was thinking whether it was in the dream he had the sex, but nobody tried to ask each other. Susan did not bother to check if she was pregnant since she was still menstruating, so there was nothing to suspect or fear. She told her husband who was financially unstable to take care of the pregnancy.

When Vincent recovered from the shock he exclaimed, "No, this can't be" He turned to Susan, you will abort it." looking furious, Susan snarled, "Never. I will not do it" But could Vincent be right this time around? He should know that he who fights and runs away must fight another day until he's able to confront his fear. He had to confront his financial challenges and face his responsibility.

The pregnancy was legitimate and so there was nothing wrong since they were both legally married; one cannot say that Susan had eaten the forbidden fruit since it was her husband that gave her the fruit she ate in the "garden of Eden." And so since she drank what the fish drinks, there was nothing wrong with drinking like a fish; since she was pregnant for him, there was nothing wrong with it because he was the one who got her pregnant.

Another day gone, Vincent was still begging her to abort the child, but his reason was not justifiable. If he had to convince her, then he had to come up with another plausible reason. Looking for a lie to tell her, he knew what it would result at the end because for one to make a good lie, he would keep lying in order cover up the initial lie; but how long would he keep lying? He wanted to accuse her of infidelity, but he knew Susan was a faithful wife.

He was seriously looking for a way to give a dog bad name as to have a convincing reason to hang it, but he failed.

The following morning Susan did not get up from the bed on time probably because of what Vincent told her the previous night to abort the baby. When Vincent waited for her to join him for breakfast but she did show up he went where she lay. Pulling a wry smile he said, "Sweetheart, I know that what I told you last night hurt you but…" he took a deep breath, "…you have to do it, please." There was silence for some moments. Vincent tried to have eye contact with her but she did not look at him. After he persistently pleaded with his wife to abort the child Susan consented as if there was a spell on her, and that marked the begging of her sorrow.
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One of the reasons that made Vincent able to convince Susan was when he told her she could still get pregnant again since they were both fertile. Vincent believed it was very easy to get pregnant than to get a good job, but he forgot the adage, "That a man is in the middle of the ocean does not make him to call crocodile his friend." If he believed since he was able to mistakenly pregnant his wife, then he would still impregnate her again when he would be financially stable, but sometimes things do not work the way one wanted it.

Vincent did not know it takes a century to go from sorrow to success, but did not know it takes a day to move from success to sorrow. Susan's predicament started when they aborted the child. The abortion was not successfully done; days later she was rushed to another hospital and the doctor told them that the only solution was to cut the womb if she had to live due to the damaged caused by the quack doctor who performed the abortion. Vincent was numb when Susan looked at him. "Could this be nemesis or what; could it be the spirit of the dead child is angry or what?" Vincent mumbled. Susan was lost in thought; she did not utter a word to anybody probably because her conscious was pricking her because of the abortion. "We have no time to waste. A stitch in time saves nine." The doctor said.

Later in the day, Susan went for the surgery while Vincent waited at the lounge. The surgery lasted three hours. Vincent was busy checking time because he was no longer comfortable. When the doctor came out after the surgery, Vincent ran to him looking nervous, "Doctor, how is my wife; I hope she is okay?" the doctor looked at him and smiled, "Relax, she's fine." "Can I see her?" Vincent asked again. Doctor patted him at the shoulder, "Not yet," he said and left.

One week later Susan was discharged from hospital. What they spent in the last surgery could be enough to take care of the baby for some months if he was born. Susan mysteriously lost her job, but six months later, Vincent got an employment letter from one of the multinational companies where he submitted his résumé. When he was preparing to assume office, another job offer came. Different jobs offer started coming to the extent that he was confused to make a choice. He turned to his wife and asked, "Sweetheart, I don't even know which one to choose." He was expecting Susan to help him make a choice but instead, she mumbled, "Could it be God wants to punish you for what you said 'that it was very easy to have a child than to secure good job?'"

When Vincent observed that Susan was not looking cheerful, he stopped checking the letters, "Sweetheart, are you okay?" he asked. Vincent watched as tears rolled down her cheek. "Do I have to spend the rest of my life paying for your foolishness?" Susan quipped as she shook her head in sorrow. "I have been careful enough not to talk about this issue." Vincent said and left. Susan looked at him vaguely.

She knew Vincent would like to have his own children and so bringing Kelvin and Susanna in the scene may not be welcomed and above all, they were already grown up schooling abroad and they too, would not take Vincent as their father because they have grown. If it was when they were still small, it may be acceptable. So she suggested adopting a child, but Vincent did not welcome the idea and that was when things started falling apart.

Vincent was no longer a loving husband he used to be. Everything Susan did to please him he must surely see a fault in; what he would neglect before when the issue of childlessness has not started he would make trouble with. He started keeping late, chasing girls, taken decision without consulting his wife, and above all, he became so verbally abusive.

He was then blaming Susan for the problem he put her in. He could stay days without talking to her whenever there was a little misunderstanding that could be overlooked, and Susan would be dying in silence. She apologized in everything, even in the things that were not her fault just to make sure peace reign.

Susan glanced at the mirror in the bathroom when she went to bath and sighed sorrowfully, "Imagine the pretty lady everyone would wish to be her husband is now dying in pains and silence. I feel lonely all the time while my husband is busy gallivanting and cohabitating girls." She said to herself. Whenever Susan remembered how they started life together, what she had been through and how her husband was treating her, she would feel like killing herself because she could not imagine seeing her life spoiled by the one she trusted and loved most. She was so depressed and devastated.

Susan needed someone who would tell her that those things were not happening to her and also tell her where she had gone wrong. She was lost and broken. There were so much pain, sorrow and sadness all over her heart. "Why should it be me again? Why should it be at the time I need Vincent most, and also the time I supposed to be reaping the fruit of my labor that Vincent turned his back on me?" she cried. Each time she looked on a mirror, it seemed as if there was no hope for tomorrow. Could you imagine her pretty face soaked with tears and her bed wet with ceaseless tears?

Vincent came into Susan's life when he was in need; Susan was afraid to give her heart to him, but Vincent promised her that he would take care of it if she would let him in and she believed him. She trusted Vincent enough and gave him her fragile heart. When she listened to his promises, she saw a reason to love him; Vincent became her joy and song.

Susan built her world around Vincent; Saw the future each time she looked into his eyes. She thought life would continue to be like that, but was surprised and broken when Vincent told her it was over. Vincent left her in the cold not caring how it hurts to be broken. She saw no reason to believe anyone again because she was standing in the middle of nowhere not knowing which way to follow.

The pain was too much to handle. She was so sad and quiet. There were a lot of unsaid words in her hurting heart because of brokenness. Susan needed someone to tell her that Vincent was joking when he told her it was over. She cursed the night she met Vincent and each time she remembered the very first night she met him when he was desperate and stranded, she would feel like deleting it from the calendar of her life.

She lamented, "But could Vincent be too forgetful as to easily have forgotten how good I have been to him? Even if he has forgotten some of the things I did for him, could he be in haste to also forget his first night in the city when I was the only one that listened to his story and offered to help a strange like him? If the hand of clock could be turned back, I will ignore his story that very night he was helpless?"

Susan tried to gather the pieces of her broken heart and smile once again. She wished she never fell in love with a man who could not stand by his woman in hard times. Each time her heart beats, it echoed his name.

Susan cried even when she was not supposed to be crying. She groaned when others were jubilating, and wept when others were laughing. When others were crying and she was smiling, she would stop smiling to wipe away their tears because of her sacrificial life. When she stepped on people's toes she would pay for it, but when others stepped on hers she would easily forgive.

It hurt her to see others crying, but people took advantage of her nature to be hurting her. She might have made a lot of mistakes in life because she's a human; she paid for the mistake of others but gained nothing in return. Susan had lifted the burdens of a lot of people but only few cared to lift hers. She was the shoulder others leaned to cry, but no-one cared to offer her his to lean on.

She had climbed mountains for so many people but no one has ever climbed a hill for her. If she cries, she cried for a reason. When she groaned, it was because of her pain. Susan apologized even when she was not wrong. Her sorrow was the joy of others; her loss was their gain. What others got freely she paid to have. She could endure so many things but when one saw her crying, he knew she could not bear the pain anymore.

The following night Susan and Vincent had a very nasty quarrel; Susan later regretted why she quarreled with her husband and she tried making it up for him but Vincent was claiming bossy. It was not Susan's fault that particular night and when Vincent woke up in the morning he was expecting her to still nurse the grudges but he did not know that Susan let the night pass with it.

Despite the way Vincent treated Susan, she did not stop cooking for him and he was surprised to hear her praying for him which was quite unusual. One certain morning before Vincent could finish bathing she had already prepared his breakfast. Thinking that the wife poisoned the tea, Vincent did not drink it; Vincent stopped eating her food because he was thinking his wife would poison him one day.

But to his amazement, Susan ate the same food Vincent thought she poisoned in his presence to prove him wrong. Vincent expected his wife to be dying in silence but that was when she started living happily. Vincent stopped giving her monthly allowance except feeding money. The money meant for family upkeep he spent on other women; Susan supposed to be angry but she had learnt to let things be.

She understood that if she must live long, then she should not let any of her husband's attitudes disturb her life. One particular evening Vincent returned late, he expected her wife to frown at him but he met her eating dinner in peace as she was looking at the funny video on her phone and giggling. He looked at her then walked straight to the room. The last look he had on her before he left was of her happiness.

The look disturbed him. "This is not how it should be. This is not how she has been. Though I have been hurting her but she never mind. She should be angry but there she is enjoying the gift of life God gave her." Vincent muttered while leaving. Her peaceful way of living was tormenting Vincent because it was not what he expected to see that he was seeing. The following day, she still returned home too late than the previous night thinking that the reason why her wife was not angry with his lateness the previous night could be that she was in good mood probably something good must have blessed her day but, he still saw her more happier than last night. Sighting her husband, with a radiant eyes and a smile that lit her world, Susan said, "Darling, you are welcome."

Vincent stood for a moment, looked at Susan but she was glued to her phone and Ipad, pressing it interchangeably and smiling intermittently at no one in particular probably just to make him feel unnoticed. That was not what Vincent wanted to see, he wanted to see her always crying and begging for his attention but he was disappointed; and each time he comes home and see her happy he would start feeling bad because he wants to be seeing her in sorrow, and when Susan discovered that Vincent was hurting her intentionally she learnt how to live without him. Vincent wanted to ignore her but he was still consumed with anger, he tried to control it and quietly went inside looking like a visitor in his house.

He felt sad whenever he saw Susan happy and when he came out that same night, he looked at her and asked, "Are you okay?" "I'm blessed. I'm more than okay" Susan answered. Stroking his chin with his index finger, "Are you not mad at me the way I have been treating you?" he asked. Still glued to her phone and Ipad pressing them interchangeably without looking at who was talking to her, she said, "You are the man I married. Nobody forced me to marry you; I did not force myself into you…"

Susan dropped her phone and Ipad, sitting upright she looked at Vincent and said, "I'm the type of woman that when I love, I love with all my heart and when I stop loving, I forget the past and move on…" Vincent did not utter a word probably because he was surprised to see his wife talking boldly.

As she was relaxing on the sofa her phoned beeped, she looked at it and smiled; Vincent peeped to see why her phone beeped and why she smiled. Susan looked at him and continued talking, "…there is so much joy in the future than pain in the past. I asked myself what is the most important relationship in my life; the one I have with you or God? I realized it is the one with God. He has blessed me with life and I will not waste it crying because of the hurt you cause me to have.

I now realized that the fragile heart I gave you with hope you will not hurt is no more in a safe hand, I have to take it. You stood on my weakness to hurt me because you knew how much I loved you. You betrayed my trust. I think I have given you too much power to hurt me by crying for you anytime you intentionally hurt me.

The more you make me cry, the weaker I become. I have reached the elastic limit, but don't think I will break, No, you just made me strong. I now find strength in my weakness, comfort in my sorrow, and happiness in my tears. I can't keep crying for the same reason. I thought I was a weak woman but you have brought out the David in me and so I can now pull down the Goliath in you.

I can now face hundreds type of men like you who make women sad without shedding tears even if they beat me. I'm better than I was, stronger than I was. No more days of shedding tears at the smallest provocation, no more lonely night when you were not there. I realized I have given you too much power to hurt me. You are my husband, yes you are, the closest man in my life, but you have failed me but God has not, I will not continue to let you keep ruining my joy, my peace and my progress. I will be full of joy despite what you do."

With a forced grin he said, "Whatever" Susan looked at him and continued, "I gave you my love to respect and not to toy with it. I have to take back what you don't know the value of. Whenever you hurt and disrespect me, I will feel like taking revenge. Most time I would be forced to fight you back but, I did not know I was acting in ignorance…"

Susan paused, pressed the button of her Ipad probably to return it to the browser's home page and continued talking, "…if I had revenged, that means I'm still a weak woman; I have to forgive you because I'm now a strong woman. I have to neglect your offences and pretend as if you don't exist. I don't owe you my happiness, no, I owe it to myself"

Vincent was standing speechless; Susan smiled and said, "I think I have focused so much on you that I forgot I have a God. When you met me, I was enjoying a very good relationship with my God. We dated and got married and I did not hide anything from you because I wanted our marriage to work. Now I see that you don't want the marriage to work and I have decided to let you be since you have made up your mind to cheat on me and that simply means you no longer need me and I can't kill myself.

I will continue to be the good girl my late mother made me to be. I won't change because you changed" looking at his face Susan asked, "Did I hate you?" Vincent started scratching his head because her wife hit him where it touched him most. Still pressing her phone, "No, it will be weakness to hate you." She said.

The more Vincent gave Susan attitude and reasons to feel bad, the stronger she became because she discovered who she was and ever since she discovered her worth she stopped begging for people's attention.

Vincent gave Susan so many reasons to regret getting married to him. There were thousands of men out there, but Susan chose him. She did not know why Vincent treated her badly. Could Vincent thought that marrying Susan was doing her a favor? If he truly loved her, he would have been there for her after all he was the cause of her predicament. It was obvious to Susan that Vincent married her not because he loved her but because of her fortune.

While Vincent was out there enjoying with other women, his wife was at home; instead he would go home he would rather go to club but that did not make Susan to stop caring for the man she married. Most of the women he was chasing were not as beautiful as his wife and that made people to be wondering why men would leave their pretty wives and be chasing ugly ones.

Susan had asked herself time without number why she married Vincent but she did not have any single answer to her question. Vincent was never satisfied no matter how Susan tried to make him happy. The harder she tried to please him, the more difficult he became.

No one out there would love Vincent the way Susan did, but he left her broken and alone in the cold. He left her standing in the middle of nowhere not knowing which way to go. There was sadness in her heart.

How could Vincent easily forget how Susan tried for him when he was nobody and how she had been there for him when he was poor? He wanted to quit the marriage when Susan was in the worst moment of her life. Vincent was there for her only when the situation was good but left when things got worst.

He never cared to know how lost and lonely she felt. When Susan stopped loving Vincent, she started disliking him because of the way he treated her. Susan decided that she would cry no more for the man who kept her eyes wet. She determined to be strong where she was weak. She was not running away, but she wanted to walk away from the ugly situation that caused her pain. She was tired of standing in the middle of nowhere; tired of crying every night. Tired of shedding tears for no reason because Vincent, her husband had programmed her eyes to do so.

Susan was tired of complaining to a deaf ear, weary from causing herself hurt, exhausted by the abject loneliness from an absent husband. She could not stand his lies and fake promises, her unanswered calls and the messages Vincent did not reply. At a point she became tired of building hope on false marriage. Her fragile heart could bear the emotional pain no longer.

Susan would not stand for more days of little or no attention from Vincent when she gave him nothing less than her undivided attention. Whilst Vincent was not yet done with hurting her, he later understood the cost of a bleeding, pained heart when he had no other heart like hers to wound again. Susan found it hard to forget him with ease as his name resounded in her heart with each beat, but forget him she did with every faded memory.

Vincent later divorced Susan and married another girl. But Vincent had lost the moon while chasing the stars. Weeks after marrying his new wife, Vincent was sacked from his job for apparently no reason, this marked the beginning of his own sorrow. Karma was too quick to knock at his house through the back door. Life became hard for him again; he only afforded one meal a day. His new wife abandoned him to suffer alone, and all his friends ran away because he had fallen from grace to grass.

No matter all which had happened, Susan had one thousand and one reasons to be happy and grateful, her two children were doing great in school. Though initially unhappy when she told them she was marrying Vincent, her happiness was their priority, and so they supported her; they would sacrifice anything to make her joyful.

When Susan's womb was removed, she started thinking of what would have been her fate if she had aborted Kelvin and Susanna. She kept thanking God for bringing Madam Teresa who saved her a lifetime mistake. When the Devil attempted to ruin her life through the man who raped her the first day she came to city. Susan did not know it would all end in praise.

We may not know the reason why God allow certain things to happen, yet even when the enemy tries to hinder our future, God can turn the story round in our favor. Susan had no idea the children she wanted to abort would later be her hope. She could confidently say many people missed their blessing since it came in disguise of a mess. One never can tell the head that will be crowned tomorrow: Susan did not know the children she wanted to abort would later be great. Kelvin studied aeronautic engineering while Susanna studied medicine.

The reason why she was able to overcome the pain Vincent caused her was because of her two children, if she had aborted them she would live to regret it all the days of her life. Susan discovered that aborting a child may save one the shame she was trying to avoid, but the woman was no less a mother, but rather the mother of a dead child who could have been her blessing tomorrow.

After gathering the pieces of her broken heart, Susan applied for a job; her success in obtaining the position secured her the use of an official car. Just like the prodigal son when he came to his senses, Vincent tried for a driving job in a well-known company not knowing it was where Susan worked. His first day in the company, Vincent was assigned to be Susan's driver; she did not know until she was ready to leave on assignment. The receptionist informed Susan her driver was waiting and helped take her briefcase to the car; the driver sighted her coming and got down to open the door for her. Still standing he saw his ex-wife Susan, he messed up her life and presumed she would never recover, but he failed to understand no one can stop a woman of vision. Vincent dropped the car key immediately; he left and did not come back again while Susan used the stones life threw at her to build the world she dreamed.
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