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After what happened between Joash's family and Ciara, his mother was not comfortable with the situation, and she had been praying to God to help his son make the right choice. Joash, too, was tired of searching. Though he looked happy outside, deep down his heart he knew something was missing. Joash had what it took to travel to any part of the world but despite his influence and affluence, he hadn't been able to find the right wife. Money was never his problem.

One Friday night, he called his mother and told her he was getting married. He could hear the mom's voice from the other side of the telephone. His mom was very happy that her son was finally getting married, but after a while, she paused. She must have given it a serious thought and then asked him a question. "Son, did you take time to know her?" He did not hesitate to tell her that the lady was the best.

Lisa, the girl Joash wanted to marry, was the epitome of beauty and the paragon of pulchritude. The aura of excellence and elegance. In fact, she was the true definition of beauty. Could her beauty be the reason why Joash did not hesitate to tell his mother that Lisa was the best? Although his mother was very excited that her son Joash would be getting married, she had a series of questions. Would Lisa love him the way she did and would she be able to handle the boy in him? A mother knew there is a boy in every man. Would she be able to be cooking for him the way she used to? She knew that the choice her son made was not an easy one, and that was the reason she kept praying to God that both of them would make it just like she made it with her own husband.

As a Christian mother, she had read the scripture where it said, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." But the question she was asking herself was if her son would obtain favor from the Lord as the Bible said? So it was one thing to find a wife and it's another thing to obtain favor from the Lord and which is the most important thing in every marriage. Joash could spend a good number of hours calling Lisa when they were dating. Most often during the church service, he would sneak out just to call her to hear her voice. He hardly spends an hour without calling her. He later took her to Paris, the city of light for shopping after he had proposed to her. He was counting the days. Seven days to the wedding felt like seven centuries.

Finally, it was the wedding day and they all gathered to witness the wedding. Joash was walking majestically down the aisle with her wife. There in the altar, the priest asked him if he would take her as his lawfully-wedded wife. He nodded in affirmation to the questions. His wedding was one of the most colorful weddings in town. However, it's not about a successful wedding but a successful marriage.

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After Joash's weeding, Susan started distancing herself from him so that his wife would not see her as a threat to her marriage. The communication was not that serious as it used to be. Of course, she didn't expect him to be telling her everything since he had someone to be confiding in, but along the line, something bad happened.

Susan returned from the office one fateful day and she was very tired so she decided to take a nap and when she woke up and wanted to go through her phone. She saw thirty missed calls and it was Joash who called. She did not know she slept deep to have missed so many calls, and for Joash to have called her up to 30 times nonstop showed something was wrong somewhere.

She tried to return the call and when she called him back, he told her to quickly meet him at his house. She never wanted to go there initially but after a series of thoughts, she summoned the courage to go and who knows, she might save a life. Immediately Joash saw Susan he said, "It's not about looking for the right man; it's all about being the right woman every man would love to marry."

Susan didn't understand what he was saying until she asked him about his wife. That was when he told her how the choice he made then was hurting him. He narrated everything to her. Susan was unconsciously cracking her knuckle as she was asking herself a lot of questions. "How come the marriage of eleven weeks was gradually sinking like the Titanic ship after it had only been a few hours since it took off?" she wondered. She started imagining how a married man would still be living single. Though never married, she did not believe that marriage should be so. She remembered the letter her mother wrote her and was still wondering why Joash's own was like that. She waited patiently to listen to his story and that was when she realized what her mother said was true that 'the true love is not truly burying Romeo beside Juliet, but seeing grandpa and grandma still admiring and celebrating each other, living and growing old together under the same roof.

That particular day she went to see him. Joash was in deep sorrow and he was shedding tears profusely. "But do men really cry?' Susan asked herself. On many occasions she had heard people say that big boys don't cry and if they don't cry, then why was he crying? Joash's marital problem started from the wedding night. After taking his bath, he joined his wife on the bed. His wife shouted at him as he was trying to romance her.

All his effort to calm her down was to no avail and she was getting worse day after day. She never allowed him to touch her and when they return from the honeymoon, things got worst and she nagged him for small things. And that was when he remembered the question the mother asked him. If he had taken the time to know her the day he called to tell her he was getting married. He then remembered when he took her to the altar and the priest confirmed she was really beautiful. He could then see the reason why the priest asked him who the lady really was.

He did not know that behind every beauty lays the true color, and Lisa's own was not exempt. He did not know that behind her beauty lay the true color that would destroy him in the near future. A beautiful woman you may be dying for could be another man's headache at home. Joash started lamenting why he failed to marry Susan, but his father was not alive to see what he pushed his son into. Lisa made Joash constantly think about the past and each time he remembered the very day he met her and promised her to be the man of her dream, he would feel like cursing the day. He could also remember the day he called her mother that he was getting married and how he confidently told her that Lisa was the best.

He remembered how his friends and family members accompanied him to church when he took Lisa down the aisle. Joash could still remember the scripture the preacher read the day that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. He thought he had found a good thing as the scripture said, but didn't know he was wrong.

He could remember the comment the preacher also made that Lisa looked so beautiful and so innocent, but not quite long, he discovered that behind her beauty laid the true color that ruined his joy. Who would he call to tell that the choice he made was hurting him badly?

Each time he lay on the bed he would be remembering the past, how Lisa pretended to be the best. Her beautiful face did not move her anymore. While others were admiring her beauty, he was reading the true color behind the beauty. Joash could tell you that every beauty has its true color. What he thought was the best choice ever destroyed his happiness. He might be smiling whenever he went out but deep inside him were pain and a series of questions that have no answer. He might still look handsome but his heart was so broken and wounded. The attitude of his wife made him to start staying late because he had no reason to return home early.

Joash was the type of man who didn't like drinking and keeping late, but his wife's attitude forced him to start living a life he never believed he would live. One of the first things Lisa did after the wedding was to chase away her husband's friends. Joash was the type of person friends like hanging out with but as soon as he married, the wife sent them away. She would insult anyone she sees around her husband regardless of the person's profile. Lisa gained nothing in hurting the man that truly loved her. Joash married her to be his companion, but she ended up becoming his nightmare. He thought Lisa would be the eraser that would erase his sad memories and the pencil that would draw his joy, he never knew she would be the virus that would attack his happiness.
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