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Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me Chapter 73 - Shen III

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"Grandpa... grandpa?" Xia Wan buried her face in her arm with tears flowing out from her eyes. "Why did you hit me?"

  Xia Yongqiang looked at her angrily. "You won't admit it? Are you responsible for what happened last night?"

  "I... I didn't do it." Xia Wan's eyes flashed. She did not believe that he could find out so soon.

  "You found reporters that day." When Xia Yongqiang saw that she would not admit it, he really wanted to kill her with a crutch. "Who did you want to send to the bed?"

  Xia Wan cried and pleaded with him. "Grandpa, I would not dare. I would not dare anymore."

  "Tell me, who were you supposed to send there?" Xia Yongqiang stared at her.

  "Grandpa, I really know that I was wrong..."

  Xia Yongqiang pounded the table fiercely. "You fool! Why don't you understand?"

  "What... what..." Xia Wan shivered.

  "Changing the people on the bed and getting rid of so many reporters without anyone even noticing. Do you think ordinary people are capable of doing that?"

  Xia Yongqiang looked at his granddaughter in disgust. He always thought she was smart and stable, but he did not expect that she would plot against him.

  "Since the man had changed the person on the bed, he already knows what you had done. If you are not afraid of retaliation, don't say anything. I won't take care of you!"

  Xia Wan realized that this was not good. She had forgotten that since A Miao was saved, the person who saved her had to be….

  "It's A Miao!" she cried. "I put A Miao in a coma and sent her to the room, but I don't know how... how she became Xia Mei."

  "If you are of no use, believe it or not, I'll kill you!" Xia Yongqiang was angry from head to toe. "A Miao? You even want to do something to A Miao. Do you want to destroy the Xia family? "

  It was no wonder that the man had been able to change the victim so quickly. It turned out to be Shen Xinglan.

  "I... I didn't expect Shen Xinglan to move so quickly. I really don't know. Boo-hoo..." Xia Wan with tears on her face knelt on the ground.

  Xia Yongqiang raised his crutch and was about to fight on, but was stopped by Yao Lili, who had rushed in suddenly.

  "Dad, dad, you can't beat Wanwan. Tomorrow she will see Bai Youran. How will you be able to explain it then?"

  "Pah!" Xia Yongqiang threw his crutch to the ground. He took a deep breath. "There are a group of mysterious bodyguards at Shen Xinglan's side. I can't find out what origin they have. Why do you think people in City S don't dare to provoke him?"

  "I don't know, grandpa!" Xia Wan hugged Yao Lili and cried bitterly. "He will not let me get away with it. Grandpa, help me! Help me!"

  Xia Yongqiang snorted coldly. "I can't save you. It is the Bai family that can save you."

  "The Bai family..." Xia Wan did not understand.

  "How Shen Xinglan will get his revenge on you, I don't know. But if he lays hands on the Xias, our family is not his opponent. But..."

  Xia Yongqiang looked at her. "If the Bai family can fully support us by then, even the Ji's will not dare to make any moves so easily."

  "Grandpa means..."

  "Be good and loyal to Bai Youran. As long as he is satisfied, the Bai family will naturally stand by us." Xia Yongqiang's eyes flashed. "If you let the Bai family find out that you plotted this incident, you know what the consequences will be."

  Xia Wan quivered. She never thought of the Bai family's position. It turned out that her own small thoughts were not worth mentioning in front of the family.

  "Don't lose your only value, otherwise... I still have a granddaughter." Xia Yongqiang glanced coldly at the mother and daughter on the ground and slammed the door.

  Yao Lili quickly held Xia Wan's arm and said, "Hold on. Mom will help you back to your room."

  Xia Wan looked confused as she trembled with each step and went back with Yao Lili.

  The incident really passed by quietly. But what shocked A Miao was that a few days later, there were a great number of sex tapes posted on the Internet, and the leading lady starring in them was actually Bai Lu.

  "What are you looking at me for?" Shen Xinglan picked up his coffee and saw Miao eating breakfast while secretly looking at him.

  Since that day, the relationship between Shen Xinglan and A Miao became subtle. Shen Xinglan no longer spoke sarcastically to A Miao, and A Miao no longer hated Shen Xinglan.

  But... Shen Xinglan always felt that it was not enough.

  "Say what you have to say."

  A Miao shook the tablet. "Have you seen it?"


  "The video."

  Shen Xinglan replied, "No."

  A Miao curled her lip. "Bai Lu and a man... It's gotten many clicks."

  "Have you seen it?" Shen Xinglan suddenly raised his voice.

  Of course, he knew the contents of the video, which were the sex acts between Bai Lu and her foreign boyfriend. In them, there were various postures and tools. It could be said to be a classic porn film.

  "I clicked it..." A Miao scratched her face. "But when I saw that she was naked, I turned it off."

  "She has already gone abroad and will not come back any time soon," said Shen Xinglan with a satisfied look.

  "Oh." A Miao's made an expression that said, "Did you do something?"

  "It's her boyfriend." Shen Xinglan lifted the corners of his mouth. "Her boyfriend abroad is a gangster. He knows that Bai Lu likes someone else. The video is just a warning."

  A Miao suddenly understood. "So, she followed that man and left? But... Why did her boyfriend get here?"

  "Because I had someone call and tell him," Shen Xinglan said quite indifferently.


  "Haha, it was you!"

  "You don't have to worry about Xia Wan, she is now trapped. And as for Ji Xue…" Shen Xinglan's eyes narrowed, "she will pay for her actions. "

  A Miao lowered her head and Shen Xinglan waited for a long time, somewhat discontented that she had not responded.

  "Forget it." A low voice was heard.

  Shen Xinglan scowled. "What did you say?"

  "I said forget it. If anything happens to Ji Xue, Bai Yongwei and your father will not stop." A Miao looked up at him. "I'll pay attention to her in the future and just don't give her a chance to hurt me."

  Was this a concern for him? Shen Xinglan's heart trembled. He was afraid of A Miao would rather face the danger in order to protect him.

  "Don't worry. You have me."

  A Miao glanced at him. She did not understand why the man opposite her suddenly had so much fighting spirit...

  It had to be said that Shen Xinglan had just thought too much. A Miao's worry was after provoking the young one, the old would come out for revenge. Bai Yongwei was like an old witch in fairy tales; she could feed her a poisoned apple at any minute.

  "What about Shen I?" A Miao suddenly remembered that Shen II had picked her up yesterday.

  Shen Xinglan tapped his finger. "Shen I has other work, Shen II will follow you later."

  After he finished his words, Shen II came in with a man she had never seen before.

  "This is Shen III." Shen Xinglan raised a finger.

  A Miao looked confused. Could this guy's bodyguard really make it to Shen IX or Shen X?

  "Young... young lady... hi..." Shen III stammered out a greeting.

  He was more than 180 meters tall with a very mature-looking face that was flushed, and his eyes were fluttering around, afraid to look at A Miao.

  "Hello!" A Miao waved her hand.

  Shen III replied, "I... I..."

  "Boss, young lady, I will go down with Shen III first."

  After which, A Miao watched Shen III's hands and feet follow behind Shen II and leave.

  "Is he all right?" A Miao drew the corners of her mouth out and found that Shen Xinglan was also rubbing the space between his eyebrows.

  "You will get used to it later, Shen III is shy."

  A Miao had nothing to say.

  At the Ji family—

  "Xiaoxue, didn't you trouble A Miao at school?"

  Ji Xue was painting her nails when she heard Bai Yongwei's words. Her hand made a mistake.

  "I can't even find her. How can I make any trouble?" Wiping off the extra nail polish, Ji Xue spoke without looking up.

  Bai Yongwei sighed and sat down opposite her. "Look at what happened to Bai Lu."

  "Didn't she go abroad with her boyfriend?" Ji Xue blew on her nails.

  "You didn't watch the video on the Internet!" Bai Yongwei took a sip of tea. "If the Bai family didn't think it was honorable, how could they allow her to go with a man who has no fame or honor?"

  Ji Xue smiled with schadenfreude. "Haha, usually having such a lofty appearance, turned out to be a slut." She sat down beside Bai Yongwei. "Mom, you don't know... Many boys in our school said they were cheated by her appearance."

  "Leave this alone." Bai Yongwei poked her on the forehead. "How do you think she came to this end?"

  Ji Xue shot her a glare. "Didn't her boyfriend do it?"

  "Silly girl. Because she is always looking for trouble with that A Miao."

  "Do you mean..." Ji Xue could not believe it, "It's brother..."

  Bai Yongwei gave her a look. "You just blurt it out now. It's all right. On the surface, we are still a family."

  "Did he really do it?" Ji Xue grabbed Bai Yongwei by the arm.

  "Why are you so nervous?" Bai Yongwei patted her on the face. "As long as you don't do too much to that A Miao, she won't dare to do anything to you."

  Ji Xue covered up the hatred in her eyes and raised her head to smile. "Rest assured, mom! I know."

  The next day, Ji Xue wanted to ask Xia Wan out. Who knew that Xia Wan would reject her directly?

  "We will not contact each other in the future." Leaving off with this sentence, Xia Wan hung up the phone.

  Ji Xue paused before giving a mocking smile. "Hmph, if I had known she was so useless, I wouldn't have worked with her. I should have done it myself."

  On Sunday, when Shen II sent A Miao to school, A Miao asked him,

  "Shen II, is that Shen III... particularly introverted?"

  "No, he's just a little shy." Shen II looked at the steering wheel with a serious face.

  A Miao waited for a long time and saw that he did not intend to speak again. She could not help missing Shen I. Although that guy talked a lot, he would at least take the initiative to chat.

  Shen II could not talk at all...

  "I mean, does he always talk to everyone like that?" A Miao had to take the initiative to ask.

  Shen II replied, "No, just to women."

  "It's because of women? He is like that?" A Miao felt it incredulous that there could be such a shy man.

  "He blushes and stammers whenever he approaches a woman." Although Shen II could not chat, he was very cooperative and voluntarily confessed.

  A Miao tutted her lips and ended the topic.

  Shen Xinglan's words about protecting A Miao were still ringing in the ear. But nobody thought that in such a short period of time, A Miao would disappear a second time.

  On Friday, Shen II waited for a long time and did not see her come out of the school. He did not feel good and ran into the school to find her. As a result, he did not find her after a round of inquiries. He did not dare to delay and called Shen Xinglan immediately.
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