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Shen I and Shen II wiped their foreheads. They felt wet with cold sweat.

"Where is the last person who threatened our Boss? No... The last person who threatened our Boss is A Miao, who is obviously still alive."

"Mr... Mr. Shen..." The waiter was terrified and said in a shaking voice, "Mr. Shen, I know nothing. That's what our boss told me."

Shen I despised him and said, "Loser."

The waiter glared at him. "We are all employees. Why are you so arrogant?"

"Show me the way." Shen Xinglan stood up and his expression seemed calm. However, everyone who was familiar with him knew that he was about to lose temper.

In He Shishi's private VIP room, A Miao changed back to men's clothing. She put on makeup and her eyes turned into dull eyes again, which shocked He Shishi's subordinates. "Is she a man or a woman?"

"Do you really want to do this?" A Miao asked her indefinitely.

He Shishi glanced at her and said, "Isn't that what you want? Shen Xinglan won you back, so if I can beat him, you will be free!"

"But why are you doing this?" A Miao was confused. Why did a stranger want to help her? She just felt weird.

"You're reading too much into it." He Shishi elegantly lit the cigarette. "Can you tell me do you have anything that is worth my while?"

A Miao twisted her mouth. Indeed, she had nothing, but Shen Xinglan had! She had not forgotten that this woman was very interested in that psycho.

As the saying went, "God fights and imp suffers". She did not want to be a victim of their fighting.

"It's no use trying to use me against him." A Miao said honestly, "He will not allow anyone to hurt me but himself. He is more active than anyone else in this aspect."

He Shishi looked at her and said, "Yesterday, you took the initiative to kiss him. According to the hearsay, it is already a miracle that you are still sitting here without losing arms or legs."

Seeing that A Miao's face change, He Shishi smiled and said, "You are very cautious, but why do you keep provoking him?"

A Miao didn't make a sound. This bothered her as well. As long as she faced Shen Xinglan, she could not calm down.

"So, you must be special to him!" He Shishi raised a toast to A Miao. "Let's see what he will do for you."

"Humph, that's because you don't know his purpose..." A Miao closed her mouth when she saw the door of the VIP room was opened.

Shen Xinglan entered with no expression on his face. He looked less cold in private than in public. A Miao couldn't help but wonder if he was not cold only when talking to her...

"Mr. Shen!" He Shishi stood up and raised her hand, saying, "Please sit down."

Shen Xinglan sat down, but he kept staring at A Miao.

"Don't look at me! It's not me who told you to come here." A Miao blurted out.

He Shishi smiled and said, "I feel like A Miao is an old friend of mine when I first met her. I heard that she is a trophy you won in the table. Do you mind if I win her back?"

"You'd better buy her." Shen Xinglan saw A Miao reach out and let Shen I unlock the electric shock bracelet. He said somberly, "Compared to gambling with you in your casino, I think you'd better give me money directly."

Since Shen I didn't receive any objection from his boss, he had to unlock the bracelet for A Miao. The latter stroked her wrist and shifted her gaze between He Shishi and Shen Xinglan, lowering her head and pretending to be dead.

"You can't win me, but..." He Shishi stared at Shen Xinglan, "Your friend can."

Shen Xinglan knocked on the table and said calmly, "I can't decide if my friend will come or not. If you want to see him, you shouldn't come to me."

"As expected, He Shishi's target is not me!" A Miao felt relieved in her heart. "That is good. You two can go on fighting."

"In this case..." He Shishi waved her hand and said, "Let's start."

Although A Miao did not understand how to gamble, she could tell that Shen Xinglan had been losing. He was no match for He Shishi.

Finally, Shen Xinglan had lost all his chips.

"Okay." He Shishi clapped her hands, "Let's call it a day!" She stood up and turned to look at A Miao, saying, "Come on, you are mine."

A Miao peeped at Shen Xinglan and found that he was smiling at her. A Miao trembled because his smile looked so strange. She gritted her teeth and rushed over He Shishi.

"I am leaving with her temporarily. You must win me back! I still have something to return to you."

Shen Xinglan's face darkened while he withdrew his arm. He took a look at A Miao and left with his men.

He Shishi took her back to the room. When she entered, she said, "Clean your eyes. They look ugly."

"You..." A Miao wanted to say something but she didn't. Then, she went to the bathroom to take off the makeup. When she came out again, He Shishi was sitting there with a cigarette in her hand.

"I'm afraid you have to stay with me for a few more days." She smiled to A Miao.

A Miao shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter."

She could tell that He Shishi was completely uninterested in her. Bluntly speaking, if it was not because of her quirk that she liked the beauty, maybe she had been locked up. Her target was Shen Xinglan's friend...

"If you are very important to Shen Xinglan, I think there should be results tomorrow." He Shishi stood up. "You should take a rest early. You are smart, so I won't leave any man to watch you."

A Miao would never go out, but she could not stop people from coming in.

"Miss A Miao, Boss said that you have to stay with He Shishi for a while and he will win you back."

Shen Xinglan's original words were: "Tell that stupid woman to be obedient. If she dares to run away, break her legs."

Shen I planned to comfort A Miao. But when he saw her wear the look of "I'm fine, better than when I'm with your boss", he decided to shut up.

"I'm fine, tell him to relax since my passport has been burnt. I can't fly anyway." A Miao sneered.

When Shen I left, she thought while putting her head in her arms. She should be blamed because she could not help teasing Shen Xinglan. However, thinking of what he had done, no normal people could bear it...

"When I go back this time, I have to steal the damn mirror quickly." A Miao clenched her fists. Only then could she get rid of that abnormal psycho.

Shen Xinglan didn't know what A Miao was trying to do, or he was not interested in whatever she wanted to do because he was talking to someone else.

"When will you arrive?"

"Three days? Oh, then I will go back first. Go to City S and find me."

"You don't want to go? Then come over tomorrow, or you will never get what you want."

After that, Shen Xinglan hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa, saying, "Has that stupid woman scared to death?"

"Eh..." Shen I did not dare to say that she was not scared at all and looked pretty good.

Shen Xinglan waved his hand. "Fine. You can go now."

He kind of knew He Shishi. Except for her gambling skill, there was nothing terrifying about her. Besides, she was very amorous. It was said that she was fond of both men and women. It seemed that she had discovered the real look of that stupid woman.

But... Shen Xinglan narrowed his eyes. "Why did she force that guy to show up?"

The next afternoon, A Miao was finally taken out of the room. In the same VIP room, He Shishi and Shen Xinglan were already there when she entered.

"Mr. Shen, are you sure to gamble again?" He Shishi laughed and said, "You can't defeat me."

A Miao just wanted to sit down when she saw the gaze of Shen Xinglan. She was scared and stood straight.

"Three rounds. If I win, I will take her away."

He Shishi waved her hand and said, "Start!"

Without any suspense, Shen Xinglan lost in the first round.

A Miao stared at the gambling table. She did not want Shen Xinglan to lose. No matter how they tortured each other, Shen Xinglan needed her to steal the bronze mirror. That was her value.

However, He Shishi had no interest in her. If she was handed over to He Shishi, she had no idea what would happen.

"You can't win me." He Shishi lit a cigarette. "If I win, you will never see A Miao forever."

Looking at the cards in his hand, Shen Xinglan was about to talk when he heard the noise coming from outside the door.

"Go and have a look." He Shishi said to her men. Just as her voice trailed off, the gorgeous door was pushed open, and a man walked in.

A Miao noticed that when He Shishi saw the man, her face changed suddenly.

"Hey! Nice hand." The man looked at Shen Xinglan's cards. "Go on?"

Shen Xinglan stood up and said, "I am waiting for you."

The man had red hair and sharp facial features. Everyone could tell that he was a mixed-race child by one look. His two blue eyes made him look like the legendary god in Greek mythology.

"Boss He, show me your cards!"

There was an inexplicable brilliance flashing across He Shishi's eyes. She turned over the cards and said, "I lost."

"Oh, there is still one more card! How do you know you lose?"

"I knew that since you sat here." He Shishi smiled and said, "Long time no see, Ouyang Jin, the king of gambling!"

A Miao had no idea what happened next because she was taken away by Shen Xinglan.

"Boss, the plane is waiting." Shen II walked in, with A Miao's suitcase in his hand.

A Miao looked at Shen Xinglan and said, "I don't have a passport."

"Wheels up." Shen Xinglan ignored her.

When they entered the elevator, A Miao found they were going up. When she saw the plane on the roof, she immediately realized that she was a hillbilly.

She never knew that there was a private jet in the world, and for the first time, she knew that the plane could stop on the roof...

"Hey, is your boss angry again?" A Miao asked Shen I in a low voice. "Who provoked him?"

Shen I strangely glanced at her.

"What's wrong?" A Miao felt confused.

"Nothing." Shen I shook his head and ignored her.

The subtext was: This girl was really stupid! Boss was mad at her...

When A Miao was woken up, the plane had stopped.

"Where are we going?" Seeing a car coming over, she asked with vigilance.

Shen Xinglan had already got into the car, and his voice sounded inside the car, "Send you back to the Xia family."

"No, thank you." A Miao did not believe that he was so kind. "I can go back by myself."

Shen I pushed her behind and said, "Hurry up, get on the car. Don't make Boss angry."

A Miao was pushed into the car and looked very perturbed all the way home. When she rang the doorbell, her heart was in her throat.
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