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Shen Xinglan held her in bed, and A Miao didn't want to move. Because this man moved a lot due to lack of these for a long time.

"Don't touch me." A Miao said with a weak voice, "My waist is going to break."

"You don't have to get up tomorrow, and I will pack things up." Shen Xinglan gave her massage and said, "You are too tired recently, take a rest, and we will go at night."

A Miao didn't want to react, because he knew that she was tired, but he still wanted to start again.

The next day, A Miao woke up at noon, and she was awakened by the aroma of a meal.

"Where is the luggage?" She went into the living room and found that the large suitcases they had packed were gone.

Shen Xinglan reached out his hand and sat down with her, and he said, "Shen II took them away. You just think about what else you want to bring."

"Nothing." A Miao shook her head and said, "You even don't allow me to bring the tools that make cakes."

"We can buy new ones there."Shen Xinglan handed the porridge to her and said, "Have a try."

A Miao sipped and found that its taste was different from the one that she had ever eaten, so she asked, "Hey? Have you changed a restaurant?"

"Is it delicious?" The man stared at her, and A Miao suddenly felt nervous. So she asked, "Did you cook it?"

Shen Xinglan raised his eyebrow and asked, "Does it taste bad?"

"Delicious!" A Miao emphatically said and added, "It is the same as what I cook." Because she noticed that Shen Xinglan was about to show off again.

She picked up the bowl and took a few swigs and it was really good except too sweet.

"Not afraid of dying of sweet." Shen Xinglan snatched the bowl away and said, "Next time... I will pay attention to adding less sugar."

The man's ears were slightly reddish, and A Miao knew that he was shy. But she did not dare to point out it, so she could only look at Shen Xinglan and said, smiling, "Thank you, this is the best porridge I have ever tasted."

Shen Xinglan's ears got redder, and he suddenly held A Miao into his arms and said, "Then you should behave better, and don't make me angry."

She heard the man said before she wanted to say, "When had I made you angry."

"Let me do some more times in the evening."

A Miao: "..."

In the next afternoon, Shen I and Shen II came to pick them up. When they arrived at the airport, A Miao was confused when she saw the private plane. It didn't seem like a poor man who was kicked from the family. He still looked like a CEO.

"Our luggage follows the big plane, because many cars have to be transported away." Shen Xinglan thought that A Miao was thinking about this, so he said while helping her to get on the plane, "Most of these cars are limited editions, so they can't be bought easily. I should take them away."

A Miao nodded with a shy look, and Shen Xinglan said, "The school which enrolls you begins in September. So, I will teach you to drive after the Spring Festival."

Well, just learn to drive. A Miao thought that driving was also a necessary skill. But she didn't expect that Shen Xinglan suddenly said before the plane took off, "Forget it, I'm worried about your driving. So, it is better for Shen I to be your driver."

A Miao said nothing again, "..."

"Have you told Le Yi? There is a cake left in the refrigerator, and let him take it for Ling Lang." When she was having dinner, she remembered this and said, "Otherwise, it will go bad."

Shen Xinglan helped her to cut the beef into small pieces and said, "I've told them, rest assured."

Europe was a romantic place, and the most romantic countries of them must be the F country. A Miao knew that Shen Xinglan must have done something in this country, but she did not expect that he even ran a big business like that.

"This is……" A Miao asked.

"Our new home." Shen Xinglan opened the car door and said, "Go in and see if you like it!"

Located in the beautiful villa area, this white three-story villa was full of romance and elegance in Gothic architecture. Inside was a Chinese-style screen and vase.

"I know that you like Chinese style, do you like it?" Shen Xinglan looked at the little woman in his arms and asked.

A Miao hugged him and nodded, nestling on the man's chest.

Shen Xinglan picked her up and said, "Go, go upstairs and have a look!"

If such a big villa made A Miao surprised, she was overwhelmed with surprise when Shen Xing took her to the company the next day.

"This... is this yours?"

Shen Xinglan curled his mouth corner and said with a smile, "If you marry me now, it is yours."

The black building with dozens of floors stood at the end of the street, of which the golden letter was gleaming brightly under the sun.

"S..." A Miao gently spoke, "Acronym for your name?"

Shen Xinglan nodded and said, "I will take you in and have a visit."

"When did you run such a big company abroad?" A Miao followed him into the top-level president's office, and she saw a familiar face the moment the elevator opened.

"Shen III?"

Shen III slightly bowed and said, "My young lady!"

"Before I returned to Ji Corp, it was there." Shen Xinglan slowly explained to her, "Don't you remember that Shen I often left."

A Miao understands at once, and she said, "So, they came here."

"Yes. I don't want to expose this place, so I rarely came."

Entering into the president's office, A Miao found that it was exactly the same as his domestic decoration.

"But if you come here now, Ji Yan should know it too!" There were many eyes at home staring at them.

Shen Xinglan pressed her on the president's office chair and said, "The company's legal person is not me, but a British old overseas Chinese."

"So even if they find here, they only think that you are working for someone else?"

Shen Xinglan said while opening the file, "This is fun, isn't it?"

Once again, A Miao was glad that she did not offend Shen Xinglan, but her hand was suddenly filled with a pen.

"Sign here." A Miao nodded and signed these documents in a dazed mood.

Then, Shen Xinglan opened another file and asked her to sign. After signing for five or six copies, A Miao just realized it.

"Why did you let me sign these?" She reached her hand to grab the file and asked.

After reading a few pages, she was embarrassed to say, "Umm, you gave me so many shares. I'm so embarrassed because I have done nothing..."

"No, you've done so much." Shen Xinglan got close to her ear and said, "You are with me every night to..."

"Don't say it!" A Miao covered his mouth and said, "Seriously speaking, are you not afraid that I will run away?"

The documents that Shen Xinglan asked her to sign were 'Share Transfer'. She now owned 40% of the shares of S Crop.

"In order not to let you run away, there is a marriage certificate in the document that you just signed." Shen Xinglan leisurely said.

A Miao was frozen for a while, then she shouted at Shen Xinglan, "You liar!"

"Liar?" The man blinked and said. "You don't want to marry me?"

"Of course not!" After she finished, A Miao covered her own mouth and glanced at him, and said, "Nobody tricks others to sign!"

Shen Xinglan grabbed her hand and kissed it, and asked, "Will you marry me?"

So, A Miao married herself like this. Although there wasn't a romantic proposal, she also knew that it was not convenient to do this at this time.

But she didn't know that she was now the largest shareholder of S Crop.

"You really don't know it?" He Shishi asked her while polishing her nails.

A Miao looked puzzled and said, "I don't know. Does Shen Xinglan have fewer share than me?"

"Of course!" He Shishi glanced at her and said, "Shen Xinglan only has 20%, and the remaining 40% are taken by Le Yi, and Ouyang and Ding V and Lil Xi."

"Four people, 40%." A Miao muttered.

He Shishi threw the sofa cushion over and said, "One person holds 10%, and you are the biggest shareholder!"

"Why is this..." A Miao covered her face and said.

He Shishi looked at her with jealous eyesight. "This woman's life was really smooth." Shen Xinglan was afraid that she was not used to being alone in foreign countries. So, she was asked to come with her and to be her bridesmaid.

"I am very expensive." He Shishi laughed aloud and said, "Your husband is usually petty, but this time he gives me a big deal."

A Miao naturally knew that she was talking about business. She felt somewhat embarrassed, and she said, "Now, you can go back. I don't need you to be a bridesmaid."

"Do you want to die?" He Shishi sat next to her and grabbed her neck and said, "Do you think that I really want money? I just see you as a friend!"

A Miao happily smiled and said, "I know, I'm teasing you!"

"You become bad after you've stayed with Shen Xinglan for a long time." He Shishi patted her and said.

"By the way, you and Ouyang..."

He Shishi shot her a glare and said, "Don't mention that man, he is he, and I am I."

"Oh." A Miao saw that she was really angry, and so she quickly changed the subject. "How about your family?"

He Shishi sighed, "How can I do? I don't know whom the woman listens to, and she decided to sell the casino."

"Then I bought it." He Shishi laughed and said, "Due to your man! Otherwise, I can't pay so much money."

A Miao scratched her face and said, "Then... You should remember to repay."

"Hum!" He Shishi reached out her nails to threaten her and said, "Will you say it again?"

"I won't." A Miao surrendered and said, "It's okay if you don't repay!"

He Shishi glanced at her and asked, "Really?"


"Go to hell!"

On the last day of the Lunar New Year, A Miao and Shen Xinglan had a wedding in a small church. Besides Shen I, Shen II, Shen III, Le Yi, Ling Lang, Ouyang Jin and He Shishi, even Ding V, who was always on the prowl, came back also.

Of course, there were Lil Xi and Shanshan.

"Believe me, when we return to City S, I will give you a grand wedding." Shen Xinglan helped her wear a ring and promised. At this time, A Miao raised her head and kissed the man with red eyes.

He Shishi was whistling next to them, and Shen I cried in tears.

Lil Xi stood behind them with an ill-affected expression, but Shanshan slightly touched him with a smile and said, "Don't behave like this. Today is the happy day when brother Xinglan gets married."

"How should I be gratifying?" Lil Xi curled his lip and looked at her, and he said, "Are you really not sad?"

Shanshan shook her head and replied, "Xinglan likes A Miao. Now they get married, so I should be happy."

"You said that you should be happy, but you are not really happy." Lil Xi took her hand and said, "Marriage does not mean anything. Rest assured, I must let Shen Xinglan marry you!"

Shanshan quickly shook her head and said, "Don't do that. I've said that I'm okay as long as Xinglan is happy. I don't care."

"He is indeed happy. But how about you?" Lil Xi lowered his voice and said, "If A Miao disappears... No one will compete with you again."

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