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In the Shen villa.

"Come here and let me rub it for you." He sat on the sofa and held out his hand to her.

A Miao shot him a glare and sat a little further away.

When she came back from the university town yesterday, Shen Xinglan decided to give her a few days' leave. She could not even walk and really needed a good rest.


"Don't touch me!" Seeing him leaning in, A Miao pushed him away.

Shen Xinglan clung to her. "Don't move. Don't you want to walk?"

"Who did this to me?" A Miao glared at him.

If it weren't for him carrying her upstairs as soon as she returned to the villa, she would not have been so tired and slept in a daze and not woken up until noon today.

She was supposed to taking a leave of absence, but she was even more tired.


Shen I came in with a strange expression. "That policewoman is here."

A Miao's body became stiff as she looked in horror at him.

Shen Xinglan scowled and caressed her waist. "Relax, it's okay."

"Zhou Xiao is also with her," Shen I said.

"I don't want to see her. I'm going upstairs," said A Miao with a cold face.

"I'll carry you up." After saying this, Shen Xinglan picked her up by the waist. When A Miao saw Shen I, she squeezed her eyes, blushing red, and buried her head tightly against Shen Xinglan's shoulder.

"I'll take care of it, you don't have to worry about it." Shen Xinglan took her back to her room. "I'll call you when they're gone."

A Miao nodded, but still said with uneasiness, "I think that Ling Lang should come after us. She has always doubted me."

Shen Xinglan nibbled her lips, "I am here."

Downstairs, Ling Lang along with Zhou Xiao and several policemen stood in the living room. When she saw Shen Xinglan coming down, not only she, but also several male policemen blushed a little.

"How can a man look like this?" One of them whispered and was glared at by Ling Lang, and lowering his head, he did not dare utter another word.

As for Zhou Xiao, her starry-eyed look made Shen I nearby feel nauseous.

"Mr. Shen, I'm sorry to disturb you!" Ling Lang got straight to the point and said, "This lady has accused you of murder and torturing people."

She pointed to Zhou Xiao. "Do you know her, Mr. Shen?"

"No." Zhou Xiao felt ashamed and resentful because of Shen Xinglan's arrogant eyes. She could not help shouting, "Nonsense, I am a friend of A Miao's, we grew up together. We have seen each other before!"

Ling Lang looked at Shen Xinglan as if waiting for him to explain.

Shen Xinglan smiled scornfully. "If I recognized seeing her, then I simply wouldn't go out."

"You..." Zhou Xiao was short of breath. "You've been to my house."

Shen Xinglan ignored her and looked at Ling Lang. "Is there anything further, Officer Ling?"

"In that case, we have offended you." Ling Lang handed the search warrant to Shen Xinglan. "Please cooperate, Mr. Shen. According to Miss Zhou's testimony, your house has a torture room full of illegal instruments of torture. Do you mind if we search for it?"

"Did she say that?" Shen Xinglan's eyes narrowed.

Zhou Xiao shivered and hid behind Ling Lang.

"We also work properly. Please..."

"Yes." Shen Xinglan interrupted her. "I also hope Officer Ling works smoothly," he lifted the corners of his mouth meaningfully, "but... you can't go upstairs."

Ling Lang frowned, just wanting to say something, but then heard Shen Xinglan say,

"The righthand room is out of the question. My fiancee is not feeling well and is resting."

"I know." Ling lang nodded.

After saying this, Shen Xinglan went up to the second floor, leaving only Shen I to stare at them.

Ling Lang's subordinates focused on searching the rooms on the first floor. Zhou Xiao complained to her, "Why did you promise him? Maybe it's inside that room."

"Didn't you say you woke up in a dark stone room and didn't see any windows? Do you think a room on the second floor would have no windows?"

Zhou Xiao was shocked. A Miao stayed in a room with a large French window.

"Then you should look for it quickly. I'm still waiting to go home." She said, curling her lip.

Ling Lang looked at her with her head tilted. "You can go by yourself now, or you can sit off to the side and not speak. Otherwise, I don't mind taking another statement from you to talk about why Shen Xinglan wanted to grab you."

"Hello!? I am the victim!" Zhou Xiao shot her a glare. "If you can't find anything, will it be all right?"

"If you are willing to tell the whole story, I can consider taking you back to investigate with Shen Xinglan." Ling Lang stopped talking to her.

Zhou Xiao sat aside with a cold face. After a while, several policemen returned.

"Ling team..."

Ling Lang scowled. "Nothing?"

"No." One of the policemen shook his head. "I have looked everywhere; on the walls, on the floor, any possible trapdoors. There is no doubt."

At this time, Shen I came up and asked with a smile, "Do you want me to turn on the lights to look again?"

"No." Ling Lang pursed her mouth. "Please tell Mr. Shen that this was our mistake. I hope he doesn't take offense. Let's go."

Ling Lang gave a wave of her hand, then a line of people turned to leave. Zhou Xiao wanted to say something upon seeing everyone's calm face, but also did not dare to speak...

When they left, Shen Xinglan slowly came down from the upstairs. "Auntie, cook some soup in the evening, A Miao will wake up later to eat it."

"I'll cook something that nourishes yin and kidneys. Mr. Shen, you can eat it too!" Auntie went into the kitchen with special diligence.

Under the warning eyes of Shen Xinglan, Shen I's smile faded and he solemnly said, "Boss, do you want to teach that policeman a lesson?"

"Find a way to get her transferred." Shen Xinglan's eyes were cold.

Originally, he did not want to have anything to do with Ling Lang, but it seemed that the female police officer had decided that there was something wrong with A Miao. Although she had no evidence, she always came out to frighten A Miao.

"Do it cleanly and don't let people wonder about it, lest she tries to dig up anything more."

When A Miao woke up, it was already dark. She put on a cotton robe to run downstairs. But when she went out of the door, she found her feet were bare, and because stepping on the soft cashmere carpet was very warm, she continued to walk down the stairs softly.

In the living room, Shen Xinglan was facing the computer saying something. With a deliberately low voice, he was probably in a video conference. He inadvertently saw A Miao and immediately said,

"That's all for today."

When A Miao came over to him, he frowned. "Why aren't you wearing shoes?"

"The carpet is comfortable!" A Miao sat down beside him. "When did the police leave?"

Shen Xinglan stared at her feet and said nothing. A Miao pushed him. "Tell me! Ah... What are you doing?"

Suddenly, he put her feet into his arms, and A Miao lost her balance and had to half-lay on the sofa.

"I'm going to smell them," said Shen Xinglan with a face of calm, particularly shameless, and lowered his head down.

A Miao's face turned red. She wanted to kick him but she could not get free. She had to watch him put his nose on her feet with a look of intoxication. His hot breath made her feel particularly ticklish.

"So ticklish! Let go."

Shen Xinglan raised his head and put her feet into his arms. "They're not cold."

A Miao thought, "If this lunatic is serious again..."

"They're already gone," Shen Xinglan then said.

"But what were they doing here?" A Miao cocked her head curiously. They came all the way with Zhou Xiao and left without doing anything?

Shen Xinglan lifted his eyebrows and said, "I want to take you somewhere."

"Then I'll put on my shoes." A Miao wanted to jump up, but he held her down. "I'll carry you."

Before she could refuse, Shen Xinglan stood in front of the sofa and bent slightly.

"I... I am very heavy..." A Miao was a bit shy.

Shen Xinglan gave her a glance. "Come up."

"I'll crush you." A Miao curled her lip and deliberately jumped up.

Shen Xinglan dragged her legs and carefully fixed them on his back. "Fasten your robe, it's cold down below."

Through the corridor into the small garden at the back of the villa, A Miao looked at Shen Xinglan and put her hand on the stone wall. As she saw a flash of blue light on the wall, a rumbling sound came and several steps popped up from underground.

"Are you making a movie?" A Miao was dumbfounded.

Shen Xinglan slowly went down the steps. "This was originally a bomb shelter, but it was later converted into this. The way to open the door is by using fingerprint identification technology."

"So Zhou Xiao was locked up here before and then she told the police, but they didn't find anything?"

A Miao instantly understood. It was impossible that they could find such a place...

"What is this place for?" A Miao looked at the damp rock wall. At this time, Shen Xinglan had already walked down the steps. The stone house, which was about 30 square meters, was dark and damp inside with a strange smell.

Shen Xinglan took a few steps and discovered that she was suddenly somewhat stiff.

"What's wrong?"

A Miao hugged his neck. "I'm not used to a closed environment."

Shen Xinglan frowned, turned around, and left. "It's my fault." He had forgotten that A Miao was claustrophobic.

"It's okay, I'm not afraid with you." Although that was what she said, she began to shake noticeably.

"You have inputted your fingerprints. If there is an accident in the future, this will be a temporary refuge." Shen Xinglan went to the ground and pressed the mechanism.

A Miao smiled unconcernedly. "There are no wars. What am I hiding for?"

Shen Xinglan walked slowly toward the house with her on his back. "Forget it, you can't go down, you will stay by my side. As long as I live, no one can hurt you."

"Why do you suddenly say such strange words..." A Miao felt creepy with him and smacked his shoulder a few times.

He turned to her and smiled and A Miao suddenly stared blankly.

The light from the corridor was projecting on Shen Xinglan's back. A full moon was overhead. The moonlight frosted him with silver. His delicate and beautiful facial features seemed to be covered with broken diamonds.

"Shen Xinglan." A Miao suddenly let out a cry.

Shen Xinglan turned to look at her again. "Hmm?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to call you." A Miao smiled and lay down against his back.

She could not describe the mood at that moment. He seemed to emerge as a fairy and go to a place she could no longer find.

A Miao felt the temperature on Shen Xinglan's back and stuck her heart tightly to it.

"If you want to leave one day, don't tell me. I would rather be a person with the hope of waiting for you. I also don't want to hear you say it..."

"A Miao, I'm leaving."

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