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The Devious First-Daughter Chapter 152 Do You Know Ning Ziying Who Lived in Cloud Reflection Courtyard?

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“Fifth Sister, do you know Ning Ziying who lived in Cloud Reflection Courtyard?” Xia Yuhang suddenly asked Ning Xueyan while staring at her keenly, studying her facial expressions.

Ning Xueyan was confused at first, then smiled faintly and said, “Eldest brother-in-law, you also know Sister Ziying? I heard that she died the night before you got married. I wonder what she was depressed over and why she drowned herself in the lake. She died without a burial place! Alas, it’s so terrible!”

Ning Ziying drowned in the lotus pond. Watching the water stained red with her own blood, she suffocated to death. And the murderers were in front of her now. Ning Xueyan felt the blood gushing again and unaware of it, there was an ice-cold vicious look in her eyes. Then she bend her head slightly to hide the hatred.

“Fifth Sister, grandmother already said that we mustn’t talk about Sister Ziying.” Ning Ziyan turned pale.

Ning Xueyan looked up and said with a nonchalant smile, “Eldest Sister, what are you afraid of? We only gossip about it. We have nothing to do with Sister Ziying’s death. Even if Sister Ziying died with a grievance, she would not take revenge on us.” By now, she had regained her look of indifference.

Xia Yuhang closed his mouth tightly and felt sad in his heart. That gentle and beautiful woman who always followed him and wholeheartedly loved him would never come back! The smile on Xia Yuhang’s constantly calm face gradually disappeared. He gave a cold and meaningful look at Ning Ziyan.

“Stop talking!” Ning Ziyan reacted violently. She unconsciously shrieked and stopped Ning Xueyan from saying more. Her face was pale and fear flashed in her eyes.

Instead of stopping Ning Xueyan, the shrill cry made her turn and ask curiously, “Eldest Sister, what’s wrong with you? What we are talking about now is Sister Ziying. I heard that she was a kind person. Even if she died, she will not take revenge on innocent people. Good and evil will always be rewarded, it’s only a question of time. It’s only those who harmed her who have to be afraid!”

Good and evil will always be rewarded, it was only a question of time.

Ning Xueyan’s voice was gentle and low. But to Ning Ziyan, those words hit her like a giant hammer. She had lost her child. First she blamed it on Chen Hexiang, and then on the ghosts and gods. Now she suddenly felt that it was Ning Ziying who came to take revenge on her and took her child away. After all, she had a secret affair with Xia Yuhang and got pregnant when Ning Ziying was still alive.

Ning Ziyan stared at Ning Xueyan, and seemed to see the familiar mild jade-like eyes suddenly became cold and bloodthirsty, almost swallowing her up. She subconsciously screamed as she flailed her hands, “No… it’s not… It’s not me…”

Xia Yuhang gave her a tight slap, which stopped her and also sobered her up.

“Ziyan, what’s the matter? Are you having a nightmare?” Xia Yuhang’s face darkened as he stared coldly at Ning Ziyan without smiling. Seeing Xia Yuhang like that, Ning Ziyan dared not say a word, but murmured, “I… I’m afraid that…”

“What are you afraid of? Even if you have been on good terms in the past and you blame yourself for her death, you can’t lose your mind. You can worship her when we go back. She’s dead and her soul has gone to Hades. What can we do about it?”

Xia Yuhang spoke in a restrained manner. At the same time, he explained to Ning Xueyan why Ning Ziyan suddenly forgot herself.

“I… I feel so sad and guilty as soon as I think of Sister Ziying’s death. If I had noticed earlier that she wasn’t her normal self, maybe she would not have died.” Ning Ziyan had sobered up at this time. She explained while smiling stiffly. But her pale face told Ning Xueyan that she had not really gotten over Ning Ziying’s death.

Ning Ziyan did not regret killing Ning Ziying. She lost her child recently, which made her feel that it was Ning Ziying’s revenge, so she was afraid…

Ning Xueyan looked away and did not ask. She could feel Xia Yuhang watching her suspiciously. If she went on, the shrewd Xia Yuhang might start suspecting her.

“Eldest Sister and Eldest Brother-in-law, since you’re here, let’s go and visit mother together!” Ning Xueyan stood up and suggested while blinking her dark-jade eyes.

“No matter what they are here for today, I’ll let them witness Madam Ling’s disgrace together!”

Ning Xueyan turned her head and mockery was all over her face.

Yu Lian respectfully knelt at the entrance of Buddha Hall, sobbing as she spoke. Although her voice was not loud, it still attracted the attention of Madam Ling who was in the Buddha Hall.

“First Madam, it’s… it’s my fault. Please… please don’t blame Marquis. You can scold and beat me how much you want, as long as you don’t blame marquis.” Yu Lian lowered her head, her face was pale and the tears which filled her eyes were falling in droplets. She looked so pitiful.

Some maids and older female servants who were passing by, stopped, wondering what Yu Lian, who was said to be promoted as a concubine, was doing.

In the Buddha Hall, Madam Ling was gasping in anger. Concubine Xu had come and said that Ning Zu’an liked Yu Lian and wanted her to agree to promote Yu Lian to a concubine. Madam Ling immediately burst into anger. She rumpled Concubine Xu’s long hair and fiercely slapped her.

“Bitch! Both of them are bitches!”

Yu Lian’s words reminded her that Concubine Xu and Ning Zu’an also got together like that.

Concubine Xu used to be Madam Ling’s maid and came to Lord Protector’s Manor with Madam Ling when Madam Ling got married. Originally, Concubine Xu was going to be sent to Ning Zu’an, but Madam Ling didn’t agree. One night, Ning Zu’an got drunk and the two slept together. Because of this, Madam Ling argued with Ning Zu’an and almost beat Concubine Xu to death.

After that, Concubine Xu knelt at the door of Madam Ling’s room for a day and a night before she finally fainted. In the end, Madam Dowager showed up and asked Madam Ling to forgive them. In this way, Concubine Xu was really sent to Ning Zu’an. At that time, Madam Ling was not the First Madam and had to deal with Madam Ming. Therefore, she could only accept Madam Dowager’s suggestion even though she hated Concubine Xu very much.

Afterwards, in order to please Ning Zu’an, Madam Ling had to put on a smiling face!

Fortunately, Concubine Xu was sensible. After that, she respected Madam Ling more and prioritized her. When Madam Ling dealt with Madam Ming, she also firmly supported Madam Ling. All of this made Madam Ling a little bit reassured and feel less guarded against her.

In any case, this was her disgrace. Unexpectedly, after many years, this not only happened again, but even Concubine Xu was sent to tell her. Madam Ling was no longer the same as she used to be. She had already been the First Madam. It was more serious to see such a thing happen again than to be slapped.

Furthermore, Yu Lian’s background was the same as Concubine Xu. This matter brought shame on Madam Ling.

Therefore, she beat Concubine Xu and drove her out!

No sooner had Madam Ling calmed down because of Mother Chen’s conciliation than she heard Yu Lian’s voice outside. Then Madam Ling burst into anger again. “Beg me to forgive marquis and punish her only? What does she mean? It seems that I’m going to do something to Ning Zu’an.” Madam Ling could not control her hatred anymore. She reached for the platform in front of the Buddha and took a candle that was as thick as a baby’s arm.

Then she stood up and rushed out. Mother Chen who was standing on one side could not stop Madam Ling, so she had to follow her out.

On seeing Madam Ling, Yu Lian trembled in fear. She had been fearful of Madam Ling all along. She had mustered all her courage to rush here earlier. Now she was really scared. But she calmed down at once, when she thought of the awful consequences if she didn’t settle the matter today.

Yu Lian raised her tearful little face, and looked at Madam Ling as she begged, “First Madam, please… please forgive Marquis. I… I’m willing to take the whole blame.”

Looking at Yu Lian’s charming young face, Madam Ling drew near wordlessly and slapped her. Yu Lian was unable to kneel anymore. She directly sat down on the ground and the corner of her mouth started to bleed.

“Bitch, you’re just my dog. How dare you say that when you see me? Do you think that you’re going to be the concubine after serving marquis all night?” Madam Ling fiercely scolded Yu Lian while holding a candle with one hand and pointing Yu Lian with the other.

Yu Lian felt the sting on her face. She reached up her with her hand and touched blood. A gleam of hatred flashed in her eyes. Who’d have thought that Madam Ling would be so fierce? “You wanted me to marry a fool and ignored my objection. Do you really consider me a fool?”

“You promised me that I would have a bright future. So it turns out to be a lie.”

Suddenly, Yu Lian rushed over with great courage and held Madam Ling’s foot in her arms. She loudly cried while tightly holding Madam Ling’s foot, “First Madam, beat me to death. As long as you forgive Marquis, I’m ready to die!”

Yu Lian had already seen the thick candle in Madam Ling’s hands. It appeared that Madam Ling was going to beat her with this candle. If she was beaten by this candle, she would certainly faint. So she decided to take the initiative to gain the upper hand. She suddenly rushed over and held Madam Ling’s foot. Madam Ling almost fell down and she inadvertently kicked her.

Shouting at the same time, “Whore, you’re a whore!”

Yu Lian cried loudly while pulling Madam Ling’s foot hard, which made Madam Ling almost lost her balance. Mother Chen, standing on one side, hurried to support Madam Ling and help her kick Yu Lian who then uttered mournful cries. Others were shocked by that and looked at each other, not knowing what to do next.

A few quick-witted servants turned and ran out to report it to Madam Dowager!

Yu Lian took hold of Madam Ling and shook her till she was dizzy. After stabilizing herself by holding Mother Chen’s hands, Madam Ling was very angry and wanted to kill Yu Lian. She had forgotten that she was still in the Buddha Hall. She clenched her teeth and shouted fiercely, “Take her away and beat her to death!”

Then she raised the candle in her hands and beat Yu Lian mercilessly.

Seeing that Madam Ling held up the candle in her hands, Yu Lian knew she was in trouble. She quickly let go of Madam Ling’s foot and rolled on the ground while screaming and covering her head while Madam Ling kicked her.

Seeing Yu Lian evading the candle made Madam Ling angrier and lost her head. She pushed aside Mother Chen who was supporting her, raised the candle in her hand, and rushed towards Yu Lian. “She dares behave wildly before me! I’ll kill her today.” The fierce and vicious expression on Madam Ling’s face made a few maids who were close to them scream out!

Mother Chen had already seen the trouble coming and was rushing over to stop wild Madam Ling. Unfortunately, it was too late. “Stop!” Outside the crowd, an angry voice came.
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