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The Devious First-Daughter Chapter 147 Tie Up that Little Bitch and Drown Her

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Madam Ling's face was livid and her look was ferocious. She pounded the table heavily and said, while gritting her teeth, "What? She accompanied marquis in the study last night?"

Mother Chen rolled her eyes, and said angrily, "Yes. When I went out in the morning, the people in this manor were saying that marquis would promote Yu Lian to Concubine, after he comes back from the court."

Mother Chen knew that Madam Ling had always protected Yu Lian. Besides, Yu Lian had promised Madam Ling that she would never have any relationship with marquis and would instead, serve the Eldest Young Master. Unexpectedly, Yu Lian had betrayed Madam Ling and seduced marquis as soon as Madam Ling entered Buddha hall. How could Madam Ling not be angry?

"Bitch! She's a bitch. She makes me so mad! If I knew that was going to happen, I would have killed her." Madam Ling was so angry that she went around in circles, while gritting her teeth. Without her permission, her maid actually had sex with Ning Zu'an. What would the others think of her?

"Yu Lian promised us at that time. Unexpectedly, she went back on her words. First Madam, don't be angry. No matter what she does, she will only be a concubine. She can't take away your control."

Mother Chen was angry, but she did not lose her reasoning. She pulled Madam Ling and made her sit on the cushion.

"You go out in a minute and ask Housekeeper Lu to find some people to tie Yu Lian up, and drown her directly!" Madam Ling said this ferociously, as she gritted her teeth.

"First Madam, don't do that. I feel that there is something strange going on. What did Yu Lian tell you? The future you promised her, is much better than the one she chose. Why was she so daring? Why did she suddenly go to marquis's study? Was it because she was bewitched or instructed by someone else? Otherwise, how dare she betray you?"

Mother Chen had sobered up, but was still in a state of confusion, while trying to pacify Madam Ling.

This reminded Madam Ling of something. She screwed her handkerchief, with a gloomy face, while frowning. Was it related to Ning Xueyan?

"First Madam, you're in Buddha Hall now. Everything you're going to do, is not appropriate. We'd better wait for the Eldest Young Master to come. Anyway, he is the only son of marquis. As long as the Eldest Young Master is here, marquis will certainly let you out. At that time, you'll have an advantage when you deal with both Yu Lian and the Fifth Young Lady."

As long as Madam Ling was still the marchioness, she was the mother of all the children, and the Legal Wife.

Besides, she had given birth to Ning Zu'an's only son.

This remark made sense. Madam Ling looked up at the dusky room and had a grim sneer on her face. "Okay, I'll wait. I won't let that little bitch die a natural death."

Although she said that, she was still unwilling to yield, and there was a flash of cruelty in her eyes.

In the Bright Frost Garden, Ning Xueyan had gone to bed early. All of a sudden, she smelt something strange. Immediately, she opened her eyes and subconsciously reached under the pillow, for the sharp dagger, she had placed there before. But before she could reach the dagger, her wrist was caught in a heavy grip.

That strong force immediately made her hand weak. She was shocked and struggled, hoping to knock against the table beside the bed. There were cups of tea on the table. As long as she knocked down the cups, others would know that something had happened, and no one could quietly take her away. Unfortunately, it seemed that the person knew what her intentions were, and what she wanted to do.

Ning Xueyan was grabbed tightly by her waist and then she was lifted up. Seeing that she was getting further and further away from the table, Ning Xueyan tried hard to open her mouth and shout. Suddenly, a familiar voice came into her ears. "What's wrong? Are you scared? Little wildcat, I know you're very bold. You even dared to frame the marchioness of Lord Protector's Manor. How come you're so timid now?"

When she heard the voice, Ning Xueyan suddenly relaxed, and was not nervous or scared at all. Instead, she felt angry.

Ao Chenyi! It was Ao Chenyi again. Instead of sleeping, he had broken into her boudoir. What did he want to do? People might die of fright, if they were suddenly frightened by others. Even though she had been reborn and was bold, she would still be scared. Just because she was bold, did she deserve to be scared by him like that? He could not be more daring!

"What's wrong? Don't you want to see me? Unfortunately, my favorite concubine has run away, so I have to come and see her." He pinched Ning Xueyan's nose so forcefully that she frowned, due to the pain. Shyness and anger flashed across her face.

They were still going up and finally rested on a beam in the middle of the house. Ao Chenyi, hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears, with a smile on his face, "Come with me, my favorite concubine. I'll show you a good show."

Ning Xueyan calmed down, looked at the half-open window and the dark sky, and asked, "Prince Yi, are you sure that we'll be able to see the show from here?" She did not feel that climbing up a beam at night, instead of sleeping, was a good plan.

"Of course not. But, don't you want to put on a coat before leaving? Or do you want to stay in my arms all the time?" Under the moonlight, Ao Chenyi's eyes were as dark as ink, and his voice sounded lazy. However, he did not put Ning Xueyan down to let her put on a coat, even though he said those words.

"Then please get the coat for me, Prince Yi." Ning Xueyan blinked and pointed to a pile of clothes on the screen below.

Now that he had mentioned it, she ordered him to do so.

"If your rigorous grandmother saw that we're having a private meeting in your boudoir at this time, will she feel that we have been together a long time ago?" Ao Chenyi narrowed his eyes slightly and said this casually, while glancing at Ning Xueyan, in the darkness. He had good eyesight, so he immediately saw the blush, as well as the irrepressible anger, on Ning Xueyan's face.

It was really very interesting. Looking at the angry and depressed Ning Xueyan, Ao Chenyi was in a good mood.

"Prince Yi, if we're late, we will miss the play, but others will see it, instead?" Ning Xueyan was both shy and angry, and she wished that she could bite him on the spot. However, the little fish cannot eat the big fish. Moreover, she was held by Ao Chenyi in mid-air, and had to depend on him, so she would not fall.

Could any woman's reputation be joked about like that?

"Fine, since you want to see the show so much, I'll carry you there!" Ao Chenyi was in a good mood and flew out of the window, while carrying Ning Xueyan in his arms. The wind was very strong. Ning Xueyan huddled in his arms, subconsciously. Ao Chenyi felt that and wrapped her tightly in his cloak. Following four shadows directly, he jumped onto the roof and sped towards a certain direction.

Ning Xueyan believed that the four shadows must be his guards.

After jumping over several roofs, Ao Chenyi came into a room through the window, while carrying Ning Xueyan, and then sat on the beam this time. Ao Chenyi loosened his hold and immediately Ning Xueyan felt unsteady, and hurriedly grabbed hold of his waist. Although she was mentally berating him, she dared not let it show on her face.

"Prince Yi, what are we doing here?" Under the moonlight outside the window, Ning Xueyan looked around the room and felt that she had never seen this room before. Or it could be said that she had never noticed it before.

This room should still be in Lord Protector's Manor. Ning Xueyan recognized that it was still Lord Protector's Manor, when she looked around, outside the room.

The room was similar to all the other rooms. The decoration inside was gorgeous, but it was also very old. The room was still clean. It seemed that someone had been cleaning it regularly. The room was not small, which made one feel that the person who lived here, should be a master.

But Ning Xueyan had not seen anyone from Lord Protector's Manor, living in this room.

Ning Xueyan stretched out her hand, gently poked Ao Chenyi's waist, and asked, "Where are we?" This place does not look like a place where people would live.

"Just wait for the good show!" Ao Chenyi seemed very interested. He craned his neck and whispered in her ear. The warm breath around her ear, made her tilt her head uneasily. However, instead of keeping away from her ear, Ao Chenyi blew in her ear, instead.

Immediately, Ning Xueyan blushed and anger appeared on her face.

At this time, the door opened unexpectedly, and someone Ning Xueyan had never expected, appeared.

Ning Zu'an. It was Ning Zu'an.

Ning Zu'an, the Lord Protector, was in his own home and had sneaked into an old room, with a lantern in his hands. Shouldn't he be with Yu Lian at this time? Why was he here alone?

Ning Xueyan narrowed her eyes slightly and stared closely at Ning Zu'an. Ning Zu'an was the last person she expected, to see, at this time. This was the good show Ao Chenyi brought her to see?

"Marquis..." He was not alone. Ning Xueyan could not see the person, but she could hear the voice. It was familiar, but she could not remember who it was, for a moment. But she was sure that the person was neither an ordinary older female servant, or a maid.

"You go back first." Ning Zu'an waved one hand impatiently, while holding a lantern in the other, and asked the woman to leave.

"Yes, marquis!" The woman outside, did not enter the room. Ning Xueyan heard her retreating footsteps.

Ning Zu'an put the lantern on the table and looked around, and frowned. Then he walked to the big bed and sat down, keeping his body still, as if he was thinking about something.

Ning Xueyan knew that Ning Zu'an was good at Kung Fu, so she dared not breathe hard. She just huddled in Ao Chenyi's arms and did not move at all. She did not understand what Ning Zu'an was doing here, at this time.

Ning Zu'an sat on the bed for a while, and then stood up. It seemed that he was looking for something. He searched behind and under the bed, and almost all the hidden places. Next, he knocked on the bed, the table, and even on the wall. But he found nothing.

Obviously, he could not find what he was searching for.

After that, Ning Zu'an stopped and sat on the bed, and rested, while looking around. Then he stood up and pounded the bed again. He still found nothing unusual.

Ning Xueyan kept watching Ning Zu'an, who always appeared calm in front of people, walking around the room for one hour, like a headless fly, and finding nothing in the end. Eventually, he picked up the lantern, closed the door, and left.

Hearing the retreating footsteps of Ning Zu'an, Ning Xueyan wanted to relax and stretch her rigid body. But Ao Chenyi stopped her and said, "Don't move!"
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