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An Exclusive love Chapter 12: The Money Is What You Deserved

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At night, Xin Qing was lying on the bed with a hot water bottle in her arms.

He probably didn't want to touch her anymore. As she was thinking about this, the door opened.

"What... what do you want? "

Ying Qingcang frowned: "What do you think I should do? Today is the last day. Hurry up. "

"But... but I'm not feeling well." Xin Qing looked at him in disbelief.

"So what?" Ying Qingcang looked at her coldly. "Don't tell me you want to re-peat the same thing for another seven days? Do you think I'm willing to? " Ying Qingcang did it in shorter time than before. After he left, Xin Qing went into the bathroom to prepare some hot water and soaked herself in it.

When Xin Qing accidentally saw the blade she bought at the supermarket, she held it in her hand. As long as she used a little more strength, everything would be over. However, she thought of Xin Yudie, Xin Pengfei, and that woman. She thought of everything they had done to her and her mother.

She could not die. Otherwise, what about the humiliation she had suffered in these days? Her mother could not have died in vain. Why did Xin Pengfei and the others occupy the company and have carefree lives? Xin Qing fiercely threw the blade into the trash basket.

She had to live well. At least until the next full moon day, she wouldn't have to face Ying Qingcang. Next week school would start, and they would not see each other when she lived in school.

The next two days were exactly as Xin Qing had expected. Ying Qingcang didn't come back at all. She lived alone in the villa and she gradually got relaxed as well.

On the night before school started, Uncle Fu gave her a credit card and twenty thousand yuan.

"This is the card Young Master gave you. The card is open-ended, so you can freely use it. The cash is pocket money, please keep it well."

For a moment, Xin Qing was in a daze. Looking at the money in her hands, she felt that it was unreal. Then she laughed at herself. She deserved it. Why wasn't she used to it?

The next morning, when she was about to get in the car with her luggage, the driver told her that Ying Qingcang did not allow her to live in school. The driver would be in charge of driving her every day. She wanted to see Ying Qingcang and tell him that she wanted to live in school. But Auntie Tian told her that Young Master's decision would not be changed. Xin Qing had to take her luggage back.

When she got to school, instead of returning to the dorm first, Xin Qing went straight to the President's office. What she didn't expect was that someone was faster than her.
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