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Shina was moaning wildly, She already lost control of herself.

"Aaaahn harder. aaahn that's it harder." She synchronized her movement with mine. If I go back she would go up and then when I thrust up she would go down making the impact pleasurable.

The naughtly maiden is humping her hips and mounting my body. She's already sex-crazed slutty girl. We keep fucking like rabbits for around an hour now.

She already came 15 times and I ejaculated 4 times inside her womb causing her navel to bulge. Her womb is full of my milk. If it weren't for my power she would be guaranteed as pregnant right now.

"Uhhn Aaahhhhn I-love you Uncleeeee nnnngggh." She bent down and kissed me ferociously. I think I broke her.

"I love you too baby." I whispered.

This girl is already exhausted. So I ended it and cum inside her again.
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Her body shook and collapsed on my chest.

She look at my eyes with love and lust, she softly said."I love you so much uncle."

Then closed her eyes, she went to dreamland. Her breathing stabilized.

I planted a kiss on her forehead and whispered."Fool little girl, You overdid yourself."

Our bodies was covered by sweat and love juices. The little girl on my embrace cuddled me like a cute creature.

Now that my lust has been lifted. I feel normal now.....

Also, We had a spectator behind the door. I already knew she was there earlier.

I also let her watch us because it's fun this way. I could have create a sound-proof barrier but I did not. I expected someone would get here. But I did not expect that someone would be my older sister, Shiyuki.

I portray her as a composed woman who would not budge in front of indecent and immoral things. But I was wrong. She's the same as every female in the world, sexual frustraded due to lack of men and the lose of her husband. In short, a lonely woman.

A very lonely woman.

She was just right behind the door pleasuring herself. She was touching her private parts for the past hour. She already came many times just by watching me and shina fucking like there's no tomorrow, She would constantly gave us an envious gaze.

I bet she was thinking of being penetrated too.

After we are done having sex...

Sister Shiyuki hurriedly walked towards her room. Escaping with a bright red face.

I chuckled lightly, Sister Shiyuki don't worry I will help you cure your loneliness later. I will make you scream from pleasure...Ah not again. My inner demon is resurfacing again.

Using my power to clean my body and shina, also summoning a blanket covering ourselves.

Closing my eyes I gradually drifted to sleep.


(3rd pov)

An hour earlier.

Shiyuki peek through the gap of the door. She could not believe what she was seeing.

She covered her mouth from shock.

She saw the girl she just complimented a while ago was making out with her younger brother.

'What are they doing! They are both relatives. Young brother, It's your niece!" She screamed inside her head.

She wanted to get it and scold them but she hesitated because Shina's sweet moan shook her mind.

'How can she moan like that, It's her uncle. It's immoral!' She keep scolding in her mind but could not do anything but watch her two relatives fucking each other.

After sometime.

Shiyuki's eyes became lusty and she was panting hot air. She keep watching until she feel itch between her thighs. Shiyuki keep rubbing her thighs together to ease the itchiness.

But she was wrong, The more she rub the more the itchiness worsened.

She snapped and realized, between her thighs was strange slimy liquid.

'I got t-turned just by watching my young brother and niece copulating! What an Indecent thought!' She scream at herself. But, her lower lips is aching she could not do anything but satisfy it.

She move her hand on her lower lips, rubbing her soaked panties.

'Mmnn ahhhn I-Indecent'She scolded herself.

Shiyuki bit her lips. She was so envious she want that dick ram inside her too 'Indecent, He is my young brother, Immoral....but'

She put one hand to cover her mouth and one on the other mouth below. She finger her hole and knew it wasn't enough...

She stared at the cock thrusting inside her niece's pussy and cast an envious gaze. She gulped, Her fingers is not enough to satisfy her craving.

Now she realized how lonely her body was, She only thought peace and nature can cure her lonelines but she was wrong all along. Her heart, body and soul was filled with lonileness, Gardening is just a way to escape reality.

Shiyuki saw the two was done with their session, She stands and up walk away, her body is stil unsatisfied. She forgot that on the floor she leaved her love juices.


Afternoon came, waking up on a couch.

I feel weight on my chest. I opened my eyes saw a raven black hair on my view, Long black eyelashes sometimes flutters and soft breathing tickled my chest.

Shina was sleeping naked on top of me. She have this delighted expression on her face,I think she's having a really good dream.

Combing her silky hair with my hand, the smile on her face became wider.

I don't want to wake her up. let's wait for a while and enjoy myself watching my niece sleeping on top of me. After all it was still 2 on the afternoon.

About my power I realized something about it.

I talk about how my heart desire can increase the capacity of my energy storage and supressing my inner demon can strengthen my body. There is one thing I did not understand, How can I increase the level of my power? If my power is the same as magic then I could increase my power by reading magic books, Nourishing my soul by meditation and killing monsters to gain experience or battling against powerful foe. But, It was not.

Where can I even find magic books? So this is out of my reach....maybe in the future I could make a portal to another world. Also, My magics are just based on my imagination, So I lack experience. After all I tried to summon a dragon but the only thing that was summoned was a gecko, After I used all my energy I summoned an Iguana. See, not everything I imagine can be powerful, there is always a limit.

Meditation is a choice, I could look for an instructor to teach me meditation. Let's tell mama about it later.

As for killing monsters... I think I can't find a single monster in the world, If that is there is no another monster outbreak.

Battling, a good choice. It coul not only toughen my body but it could also power up my magic. Yeah, lets fight powerful people....Am I an Idiot! Where can I find one!? but, let's not lose hope because it seems there is a witch in our world, cursing my family. Another one is My family have magic.

Speaking of curse, I tried alleviating the curse using light magic on Shina but I was stunned by the result. Not only the negative effects disappeared but the positive effects have strengthen.

It means she can become a loli in her 80's but also not, Her youth would still remain until her last day. The mind would not affected too her maturity will remain the same if she become a loli. So it was great.

The most amazing part is the lifespan, The usual 150 years of lifespan of women in chikushodo family increase two times, two times! 300 years. Also it won't need to be fed with memories.

Lastly, Magic. Mama did not tell me about magic so how did I found out then? Easy, Ordinary humans doesn't have orb of light inside there body. So when I accidentaly use my Eyes of Visual Perception, This is not the Mystic Eyes of Death perception. I can see through every objects within my perimeter and see things human eyes could not see.

I saw Kana have light orb inside her body and I expected the same to those who have the blood of chikushodo.
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