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There is this person who will carry you for months. Once you get out, This person would suffer from pain, because this person will endure the pain until you get out. This person will not stop screaming from pain, even if she became exhausted she will not stop until you are safe and sound. Yes, This person is a mother, They carry the most burden in your childhood. Despite how naughty you can be, they will always support you from behind.

A mother is the best thing you could ever have in the world. The least thing a child could do to his/her mother is making her cry and sad.

I, for sure love my mother from my past life, even now I can't help but woory for their well-being.

I'm really thankful of my mother for gaving birth of me. Gave me things that people cannot give me.

Right now, in my embrace was a mother who lost her son despite he was just in her embrace. I feel sad for her. Seeing her like this made me release a sad sigh.

Did I really deserve to be reincarnated in this body? I ask the god.

But I recieve no answer.

I close my eyes and let tears flows down, Tightly embracing the person within my arms. I don't even know who I am now. Am I still the person who reincarnated or am I Chikushodo Shido?

Why am I asking this to myself?

That's because the moment I felt painful in my heart, a memory just popped out in my brain. This memory is not mine but Chikushodo Shido's memory. Leading me to say the words 'mama'.

"Mama" I repeated the words.

"Shii-chan" She responded.

"Mama" Again.

"Shii-chan" She responded again.


We repeated this process again and again, tightening the hug more and more.

After sometime, We loosened the hug.

She look up and stare at my face, her eyes was red from crying. My heart greatly felt a grip. I raised my hand, caressing her face with my thumb and removing the tear strained cheek.

"Mama, don't cry" I look at her, I said with a caring tone.

"Un" She nodded.

"Mama I want to tell you one thing." I said.

"Un" She nodded and her eyes tells me to continue.

"I know that I'm not the Shido you are looking for...b-but, I'm still your child. Although, I don't remember past. It pains me to see you sad, My heart is telling me to not make you sad. I don't want to see you cry, I don't want to make you sad. From the bottom of my heart I feel like you are the last person that I don't want to see making a sad expression." I seriously said, without even the breaking the eye contact with her.
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Her eyes trembled when I say the last part.

"Shii-chan, Can Mama still call you Shii-chan?" She asked softly.

"As you wish mama, You can call me anything you want" I agreed. I just want to make her smile.

Not long after I said those words, She smiled sweetly.

"Then, Mama will still call you Shii-chan from now on" She said.


"So Shii-chan, Mama knew that you would change. Mama also knew Shii-chan lost his memories but you know.... Mama didn't want to admit from the bottom of heart. Mama still hope to see Shii-chan but the moment Mama meet you, Mama feels pain in her heart, Mama now knew that Shii-chan she knew is not Shii-chan before her. Mama feels so sad. But, Mama became relieve when you called me 'Mama', The tone is exactly the same as Shii-chan..... But Mama can't deny that you are a new Shii-chan so you know Mama decided to become the Best Mama for you.." She told me what she was feeling earlier, I jut realized she talks like a child and decribe herself in third person which kind of cute and adorable. She's so lovely, I also decide to protect her and make her smile more.

I only gave her a hug as my answer.

"Mama let's go let's talk in the hallway." I whispered.

"Un, let's go. Mama has many things to talk to you" She nodded. She stands up grab my large hand with her cute small hand. She looks like my little sister if some stranger saw us.

The strong presence is still lingering inside that door, I thought Mama would drag me inside that door but I was mistaken she lead me to another hallway far from that Mysterious room. She drags me through the hallway, I sigh in relief, She is not sad anymore. It appears she is smiling and humming while dragging me.

I let her do what she wants, Because I don't really know how interact with a loli mother. If she was more mature I think I could handle the situation. Also I'm weak with cute things.

I gripped the hand that was holding my hands. Shizue Mama seems noticed it, She turn her head around and gave me a sweet smile. I can't really picture her as a mother. I'm slightly troubled.

I smile in exchange.

After walking from 1st floor to the 3rd floor, we arrived on our destination. In front of us is also a wood sliding door. Mama took out a key from her cute pink purse, speaking of kimono, she already dressed herself from the twelve layered kimono or Junihitoe to a cute small pink flowery kimono(looks like a children kimono). Her silky smooth black hair was already untied.

She opened the door, What I see is something I expected. Pink and red, It's a bedroom. Cute dolls and stuff toys, Lovely frilly curtains, Cute drawer and furnitures, Big wide queen's bed with pink fluffy bedsheets and pillows. The flooring is also pinky and the carpets is fluff fluff. The view from the window and balcony is mesmerising, Fresh air swept the curtains meking me entranced. I'm surprised but not stunned, Seeing her personality I already expected something like this. A lovely cute bedroom for a lovely sweet cute loli mother.

"Shii-chan, Welcome to Mama's room. Come come inside." She look up to me and introduce her room, She drags me in. Fortunately, I was admiring her room and didn't focus on her words or I might turn crazy.

"Shii-chan, Sit here" While I was looking around the room, Mama Shizue took out a pink pillow and put it below the white shape heart table, serving as cushion for the butt. She sat on the other side in seiza. She even prepared a tea and cookies. I smiled wryly and sat on the cushion not in seiza but croos-legged.

I grab the cute cup and take a sip, hmmm Delicious tea.

"So Shii-chan, What do you want to hear first?" Mama said.
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