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The door opened, Kana and another gorgeously mature woman she looked like this teen girl here but more Mature and voluptous. So is this my other Sister? Wow my family is booming with gorgeous girls and women aye.

"Shido your awake, Shina your already here?" The woman calmly said. She glanced at the girl, Shina curiously she found out her daughter red face.

"Are you okay Shina?" Kana approach the girl and Touch her head with her hand. "You are hot, a flu? You should take a rest"

Seems she's safe or else they might found out.

I was curious earlier, Shouldn't Kana hates me? I raped her after all. Moreover I took her virginity. I think I'll ask her later why she acted coyly.

"Who are you?" I look at the black haired woman.

"It seems Kana said was true, Shido doesn't remember me at all? WuWu" Then her character bust out! What's wrong with her? She fake a cry.

"I'm sorry okay, I just can't remember you at all" I pretend myself in deep thought, Touching my head with my right index finger.

"Wuuuu, Little Shido can't remember Big sister?" She made her eyes glossy, Pouted her mouth. She looks ready to cry. What's wrong with this woman. Her looks is out of her character. Earlier she was calm and dignified and looked serious.

"Yes I don't" I blatanly replied.

"Then should I make shido remember me?" Then her eyes glinted a bit. But I didn't notice it.

"Yeah if you could"

"Okay close your eyes"She smiled sweetly. I nodded and Closed my eyes. I waited for a while, I heard the woman whisper something to Kana. I couldn't hear it.

I hear the door opened and someone walked out.

What are they doing?

I slightly open my eyes and saw it. I saw the young highschool girl stripping her clothes, She was on her bra and panties. Her C-cup breast. Smooth thighs. No fat waist. Breathtaking figure. I wander my eyes a bit on her. Then I snapped! What is she doing? Damn I appreciate it but why is she doing that?

I had no Clue at all.

I look from the other side and saw my sister was also stripping naked. Her bra fell off revealing a very big pair towering mountains bouncing. Pink areola and nipples. Fuck! She is amazing. Her bush bellow is black but also trimmed. Damn. I could not believe what am I seeing right now.

How is this related to my memory? this clearly not isn't it. But I don't hate it, More like I love it.

Are they seducing me?

Ah fuck that!

I suddenly got up scaring the two woman and girl. But I couldn't care about that. I strip my patient clothes and walk behind the shocked woman. I circled my arms around here and grab her boobs. Fondling and rubbing the nipples with my finger.

"Aahn! So sudden!" She exclaimed. But did not resist. more like she let me. She turned her head sideways and said "Kiss me Shido"

I pasted my lips on her lips. Opening our mouth, Sticking our tongue. Twirling around, Saliva dripping from the corner of our lips. We couldn't care such thing. We continued our kissed. We are like a dogs in heat.

I removed my right hand on her right breast and stretch it below. brushing the bush in the way and arrive at the pink labia. I rub my hands om her clitoris. Causing her to be intoxicated by pleasure.

"Hnnngg Aahn!" She moaned.

Now that I think of it I didn't know her name.

"My sister what is your name again?" I asked.

"Hnn Aah it's Sona, Shido hnnn" She quivered when I pinched her nipples. So this is her most sensitive part.

"Then Sister Sona can you suck my dick?"

We parted our kiss. Her eyes is getting hazy. Hmm. She's already horny.

"Un okay, haaa haaa."

She kneeled down grabbing my erected dick. She opened her mouth, letting her tongue out and licked my glans. She was licking my dick profusely. It feels so good, She's good! As expected of married woman.

After licking my dick, She sucked my dick whole and mover her head back and fort. She's a bitch. Damn, My family is so immoral. Why are they liking this. There must be a reason behind this.

I patted her head. I looked at the daze girl at the side. I signal here to come here. She is buck naked, Wow she doesn't have hair below. Her body is young but I can't to wait taste her. Fuck! My incest complex is so intense. Is it really considered as incest? After all I didn't know them. well the body is blood related to them so it's Incest.

I wrap my hands on shina's waist and look deeply into her eyes and whispered . "Why did you kiss me earlier?"

She also stared at my eyes, She softly said " Mom will get angry for getting ahead of myself"

Eh? I thought her Mother didn't know. What the fuck is wrong with this family.

Without further ado, I french kissed her. She wrap her hands around my neck and aggressively tasted my fluids. While Sona is sucking my dick in ecstatic.

I will fuck them hard later on. I grab the supple butt of Shina. Her butt is soft and smooth, it would ripple when I patted it. Damn! This is so tempting. She moaned when I played with her booty. So she is sensitive here? Wow. I continued playing her butt.

We ended our kiss, I licked her neck down to her boobs. I sucked her pink nipple. causing her to moan. Wait she is also sensitive here. Damn! like mother like daughter.

So is Sona also sensitive with her butt? I can't wait to explore their weaknesses.

"Sona I'm cumming! Take it!" I grap her head and bent my waist forward. Cumming inside her mouth straight to her stomach. White fluid came out from her nose.

*cough* "Shido your bad" She pouted cutely but her appearance doesn't match.

"Let's move on" I creepily smiled.
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