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The teams met for an after-action discussion and had lunch before their afternoon battle.

Keira felt so down, Zach obviously pointed all the blame on her. She usually did not mind getting scolded, but something like that coming from Zach, really made her feel discouraged.

Keira's face couldn't be described as she ate her meal. She ended up rustling several times as she took her bite.

"He's being mean lately, particularly with you," Lana muttered to Keira as she looked at Zach's area.

"Yeah, what is wrong with General Lim lately? It's like he's been into your every mistake, like he was surveying you, literally waiting for you to make a wrong move. I mean, didn't he notice that it was hard to defend that area in the first place, and why would he blame Keira for our death? It's not like Keira could shield us all with those bullets firing at us!" added Trish with a creased forehead.

"Surveying Keira?" asked Lana arching an eyebrow at Trish.

"Actually, I've been observing General Lim and noticed that he's been monitoring Keira a lot…" Trish murmured.

Vel, who was quietly listening as she ate her meal, interrupted, "I heard that General Lim has some issues with spoiled brats. You know before, during his training in here, there are rumors that he's been bullied a lot his training because most recruits are from well-known families: rich spoiled brats who were punished with military service."

"Oh yeah, I heard he had a really hard time to keep up inside the Military Academy. Thank goodness they have changed the rules and regulations now." Commented of one of the soldiers from Keira's team.

"He and General Liu often argue on many things. They have different opinions every time there's a discussion. We all know that General Liu came for a prominent and wealthy family, thus, there's always a competition between those two, like rich versus poor. I also heard that they have bullied General Lim a lot before..." Vel added.

"Oh really? Maybe General Lim is now accomplishing his revenge with wealthy people like Keira. He hates spoiled brats like you. Maybe he thinks that your kind is all the same and must experience real hardships to know how it feels. But wait, isn't he afraid of your dad?" said Trish as she looked intently at Keira, waiting for what the latter would say.

Keira looked at Trish with her passive expression as she said, "I guess he just hates me, Trish."

Lana and May exchanged meaningful glances.

Keira smiled and added, "It's okay, I'm not the type who can be bullied easily, Trish. Trust me, I will straighten up the people's twisted opinion about me."

"Especially, those who are doing things behind my back or will intentionally harm me or my friends," Keira added with her warning tone.

If Trish was really spying on her, Keira would rather make Trish think that Zach didn't like her, just in case.

But Trish was not her concern right now. She wanted to be alone with Zach so she could talk with him one on one.

But then she was hesitant at the same time, thinking if she had enough courage to accept whatever she would hear from him.

Keira was sunk in thoughts that, without realizing, she swallowed what she bit without chewing and choke.

Lana quickly gave her five back blows but it seemed not working as Keira seemed to still be choking.

May and the others panicked, seeing how Keira's face was turning blue, as she couldn't breathe.

Zach who noticed the commotion almost stumbled on running to Keira as he immediately gave her alternating five back blows and five abdominal thrusts until her airway was dislodged.

Keira was almost crying after she felt relieved.

She thought her life was going to end just like that. Then she turned around and saw Zach, who was still holding her, but quickly let her go after carefully checking her.

Zach looked at Keira's unit with a dark face, raging he yelled, "Are you all dummies who can't overcome panic? What kind of soldiers are you who do not even know how to react and save your comrades!"

Then he looked at Sergeant Cole and Sergeant Park as he said, "Punish this platoon! All of them! I want them to be dead meat!"

"Yes, General," the two Sergeants answered.

Zach turned to Keira, then looked at the meal she was eating and said with pursed lips, "You! Even during eating, you are too clumsy!"

He looked at the two Sergeants again and instructed, "Soldier Chan must fill the sandbags with a fork!!!"

"Yes, General!" answered the two Sergeants in chorus.

Keira opened her mouth and wanted to complain but she couldn't find words to defend herself.

'I almost died!' She wanted to loudly shout out at Zach who turned around and gestured Torin to follow him.

"Does he hate me for real?" She murmured with dropped shoulders as she felt her body weaken.

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