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When he arrived at the Military Academy that day, Field Marshal Chan together with Zach, walked to watch the ongoing training.

Lyra had arrived at the hospital and insisted on taking care of Grandfather Shen until he was checked out, so Zach decided to go back to the Military Academy.

Zach let out another long sigh when Field Marshal left him.

The soldiers were too busy with their training to notice them. Zach also noticed that Keira seemed to be enjoying the training too.

'He probably knows what has happened at the parking exit of the hospital,' Zach mused, referring to the Field Marshal.

He was a bit embarrassed to look straight into Field Marshal Chan's eyes while they spoke a while ago.

He did understand Mrs. Chan. Her words were not offensive at all but sounded more of a pleading to him.

A plea of a concerned mother who wanted her daughter to become someone eminent… and not to be in danger…

He actually did not know how he would react when Mrs. Chan stated her concerns.

["I know you are a good man Zach. I do like you too. I can easily see why Keira is so attracted - she passionately wants to get you within her grip. If possible, I would like her to finish college and have a proper degree of her own first. I don't want her to end up as a housewife who knows nothing but how to spend money. She has a lot to learn, and I do believe that she is too focussed on you right now. Her hundred percent attention- her world is revolving totally around you. I don't want to see her like that. I don't oppose your relationship with her at all, so don't get me wrong. If you reciprocate or are not ready to reciprocate Keira's feelings right now, can I have a simple request? Please, don't be too nice with her, if you know what I mean... If possible… can you make her think that you don't like her?"]

But that was not the part of Mrs. Chan's words that left him speechless...

["I know my daughter well, she's quick-witted and will not stop at anything. I think this request will be in vain in the end… Because that girl is very determined..."]

He intently looked at Keira...

Before Mrs. Chan talked to him, he had actually already made up his mind. He had decided to make Keira Chan think that he hated her. That way she might stop pursuing him because if he did the other way and made Keira Chan hate him, according to what Mrs. Chan asked, it might not be possible…

He had his own reasons for making Keira believe that he hated her…

He was going to leave soon. He would be gone, together with his trusted men, for a long time for an important and classified mission.

In every mission like this one, his life was always put on the line… so there's no way he was going to accept Keira's feelings even if he liked her.

He stood firm to what he believed… He believed that if something was meant to be then it would happen whenever the circumstances are right.

"General, why do you look so serious?" Cielo, who suddenly appeared beside Zach, murmured.

"Our next mission details are almost finalized. Do you think it will be possible not to join you this time?" She asked in a jest.

"Are you pregnant? Because the only acceptable excuse is if you are pregnant." Zach answered nonchalantly.

Cielo did not respond, so Zach turned his head to look at her.

To his surprise, Cielo's face paled as she slightly bowed her head.

"What? Look at me, Cielo! Raise your head, Cielo Kang!" Zach exclaimed as he looked straight into her eyes.

Cielo bit her nails. That moment Zach knew that Cielo was definitely pregnant because she bit her nails like that only when she felt nervous.

"You don't have a boyfriend! How did you get pregnant? Who's the father?" Zach asked in a row.

"That guy, Drey Russo," Cielo mumbled as she pointed her lips to Drey's platoon.

Zach's face darkened, as he was in a rage, thinking Drey took advantage of his friend, he started walking in Drey's direction.

At that moment, Torin, who had already noticed Zach, ran towards them, but Cielo signaled him to stop Zach.

Torin stood in front of Zach and asked, "Bro, what's the matter? You look like you are ready to kill someone," Torin said looking worried as he shifted his questioning gaze to Cielo.

"That Russo got Cielo pregnant! I'm going to kill that bastard!" Zach hissed as he pushed Torin away, but the latter quickly got up and blocked him again.

"Stop, Bro!!! Didn't Cielo told you? She was the one who took advantage of that poor Russo guy!!!" Explained Torin with a crumpled face as he looked at Cielo.

"What?!" Zach burst out and turned his head to Cielo who bowed her head because of embarrassment.

Torin scratched his head and explained everything that had happened to Zach who ended up open-mouthed.

"So it's Cielo's fault. She should be thankful that she wasn't sued," Torin added while he suppressed his laughter.

"Shut up, Torin!!!" Hissed Cielo.

"So what are your plans now? Russo must know about that…" Zach suggested.

Cielo smiled and said, "Don't worry about me, because I know what I'm gonna do. It's just, I'm sad that I can no longer accompany you two on the next mission."

Zach sighed and said, "Don't think about it and focus on your baby. If you need anything at all we are always here."

Torin quickly interrupted, "Yeah, but I'm sure what Cielo need is a father to her baby and I can only be an Uncle or Godfather, okay? Don't ask me or Zach to be the father!"

Torin shuddered as if he had chills running down his spine and Cielo threw her ballpen at him.

"Torin, stop teasing! It's not good for Cielo's baby to look like you," commented Zach nonchalantly that made the three of them laugh.

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