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"Left, right, left, right, left… Yes, Sergeant! No, Sergeant," May mumbled in her dreams and Keira wanted to throw the pillow on her friend's face.

She couldn't sleep at all. She hoped to go back to doing tremendous exercises, so her body would get tired and she would be able to sleep peacefully like before. The past few days they were into programs, thus she managed to rest just a little.

She covered her ears with her pillow, but even then she could hear the snoring coming from Vel at the upper deck.

It's still early, around 9:30 PM and everybody in their unit, except for her, was peacefully sleeping.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep easily no matter what, so she sneaked out and ran towards the Meteor Den.

It's been a while since she last went there and she did it on purpose, leaving Zach hanging with her words. Besides, she also felt shy, so she needed at least a few days to build up some confidence or was 'shamelessness' a more appropriate word?

She was panting as she reached the place and smiled as she saw that Zach was there.

"Hello, General Lim," she greeted him stammering as she sat next to him.

Zach's forehead crumpled and he said, "Why are you here? It's bedtime. Head back now or you will receive punishment once you are caught!"

Keira smiled and stared at the sky then she said, "Are you going to punish me, General? Or you'll spare this lovely lady. Wait, what's that?"

She pointed her chin to the paper bag beside Zach.

"Uhm, it's a snack, I often bring some here and…" He paused when Keira grabbed the bag and checked what's inside.

"Wow, it looks tasty. Wait, are you waiting for someone? Why is there two bottles of soda in here?" Keira asked, still holding the bag.

"Yeah, it's for Torin, but if you want you can take it since he has already gone to sleep," said Zach with a hesitant tone that made Keira's brow arched.

"Okay, I'll take it then," she said and excitedly get the snack and soda.  

At the Military Base, they had no snack at all, and all the food was the same most of the time, healthy as they say, but not tasty at all.

Zach watched Keira ate enthusiastically.

'She's like a happy child who has received a lollipop,' he mused and smiled.

"Finish that and head back! You won't like cleaning the toilets, will you? Because I heard that it will be the punishment if you get caught outside after the curfew," said Zach in his usual emotionless voice.

But to his surprise, Keira laughed out hard.

He looked at her with an arched brow.

"Sorry, it's just I find your sense of humor is so unique. I mean you are joking but the tone is so serious. I like your sense of humor, General Zach. It's cute," Keira said and winked at him.

"By the way, you just came here or have you stayed here this late? Before now, we were often meeting each other here before 9:00 PM," asked Keira as she continued to eat.

'What is wrong with you!' Zach scolded himself for prolonging the conversation by answering Keira's every question.

Maybe it was because he saw Keira like Rizie, as they were almost the same age and somehow, he could tolerate her even though she was vocal with her feelings toward him.

Then he massaged his nape as he felt something was wrong with his analysis.

"General! Are you with me?" Keira asked as she leaned her face closer to Zach.

Zach was startled and moved a bit back and said, "Keep your distance, will you?"

Keira pouted her lips. "Noted, General Lim. But the distance is not even that close, besides, we have already kissed."

Zach's face reddened because of embarrassment. He found it hard to talk to Keira and told her that it's inappropriate for her to like him and that she must not think of anything like that.

Keira noticed Zach's uneasiness so she changed the topic and asked, "So why did you become a soldier? Is that what you really wanted, like since being a kid?"

Zach let out a sigh of relief and said, "Yes, I wanted to become one since my childhood. Plus, I came from the slums, so it's beneficial to be in the army to help my family survive. It's actually hitting two birds at the same time. Doing what I love that can also help me and my family in return. It's not easy for me, being a nobody to achieve certain things. It takes a lot of effort and hard work."

Keira nodded because the soldiers, including their families, indeed received a lot of benefits since their lives were always at stake.

"And you succeeded very well I see. I was born lucky so I only know how to spend money most of my life," Keira murmured as she realized what a spoiled brat she was most of the time. There's nothing much she could even brag about in front of Zach that she suddenly felt a loser, though she had everything.

Zach chuckled because Keira talked straightforwardly and he found it funny, the way how sulky she looked at that moment, but it quickly changed as she turned her head to closely look at him.

"That's nice. You should smile more often like that. You look more handsome," she said smiling, the kind of smile that made Zach's heart thump irregularly.

"Stop it! Go back to your unit now, or I will report you for violating the rules!" Said Zach in a serious and authoritative tone that almost made Keira jump up to her feet.

"Geez, what a weatherman! Alright, General Lim, Chan will go back to her unit now! Good night, Sir!" Keira said and turned to walk back but then she paused and turned around to say, "By the way, you look more manly when you use the serious and authoritative tone!"

Then she gave him a wink before she hurriedly ran back...

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