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At that day Keira's unit received their full tactical gear- a camouflage pants and jackets labeled with each soldier's last name.

Keira smiled seeing the word Chan on her tactical uniform.

"Look at that smile! Are you so excited to go in a battle?" Lana exclaimed.

Keira made a face and whispered, "I'm excited to wear the same outfit with my Wolf. I feel like we are wearing a 'couple' outfit."

Lana laughed out hard on how her dearest friend looked so head over heels at the highest level because of Keira's wide smile and twinkling eyes while she bit her lip and held the tactical uniform close to her chest.

Lana snapped her fingers in front of Keira's face and said, "Wake up, Earth to Keira, wake up! This is not the dreamland, our highness."

Keira pouted her lips and murmured, "Sooner or later, you'll be like me, dear."

"What do you mean?" Lana suddenly asked, a bit muddled.

Keira smiled full of teasing as she pointed her lips towards Lieutenant Torin who smiled at them two and greeted them covertly.

"Do you really think that my world is just focused on Wolf? Of course not!" Keira muttered laughing and stick out her tongue to May and added, "It's like he's saying 'watch out! I'm coming for you!'"

Then Keira laughed teasingly. "By the way, that's a Falcon. John's report said that it's fast as a Falcon. Fast on eating the prey!"

Keira almost ran back to her position before Lana, whose nose was already burning, caught her and poked her sensitive parts.

She was not able to see Zach yet, so she wondered what happened to him. She also hadn't got to chance to approach Torin yet.

An officer clapped her hands and shouted, "Alright, soldiers, we're going to PX! So get all the things you'll need for yourselves!"

At PX (Post Exchange) Visit, true to her promise, May bought all the things listed by Trish.

Keira got all her personal things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sanitary napkins and more.

It was the first time she chose the personal things she needed for herself because her personal nanny always did it for her before. She felt happy that she was able to do something like this for the first time.

May scratched her head and grabbed Keira's arms, "Sis, are you done? Get more notebooks and pens for me. Also this… and this…"

Keira laughed but she let May pick up more things for herself and put it in her basket.

At lunch, Lieutenant Jang sat with Keira's unit.

"Have a nice meal, soldiers!" He said in a friendly voice that made the group exchange bewildered glances.

"Thank you, Lieutenant!" They all responded.

Torin looked around and smiled when neither Sergeant Park nor Sergeant Cole was present.

"You don't need to respond so loud, guys, and you can talk to me casually when there are no officers around. I'm the icebreaker on every Military Training for new recruits." Torin smiled invitingly as he looked at Lana who did not even glance at him and continued with her eating instead.

"Wow finally! An officer we can talk to casually. An icebreaker you said, so I guess you can easily break some ice?" Keira muttered and secretly elbowed Lana.

Lana twisted her mouth and said, "Icebreaker? More of a heartbreaker probably."

Torin coughed and quickly picked up a cup of water to drink.

"Hey… be nice," Keira gestured Lana who just answered her with a shrug.

"By the way, Sir, how come we did not see General Lim today?" May asked and blinked an eye to Keira.

"Oh yeah, Zach is at a closed-door meeting for the whole day with all the Generals and Field Marshal Chan, so today you will only see the handsome Torin instead," he said following his words with a charming smile.

Almost all the girls blushed while May and Keira laughed. Lana at the same time rolled her eyes.

Torin scratched his head and bid farewell to the girls when Sergeant Cole entered.

The night came and as usual, Keira went to Meteor Den but to her disappointment, Zach was not there.

She looked at her wristwatch, she still had fifteen minutes left before the curfew.

She stood up and raised her arms to stretch then looked at the sky.

"How come I haven't seen any falling star yet?" She murmured.

Little did she knew that Zach was standing just a small distance away and staring at her back.

He sighed, he was used to staying in this place for a few minutes because it was peaceful and he loved to look at the sky alone. He considered that place as his sanctuary.

But now, it was invaded by that girl who he still thought was trouble.

He did not want Keira to notice his presence. But the moment he thought that the girl was anything but trouble, Keira lost her balance because of her stretching and he had to run to catch her.

"Aww…" Keira hissed when her bottom hit the ground.

She was about to get up when she saw a hand so she quickly grabbed it, without looking who it was and said, "Thanks."

Then she raised her head and smiled.

"Oh, you're here," said Keira who was startled to see Zach's face.

But then she recalled Zach's words last time so she said, "Good evening, General Lim. How was your day?"

Zach's forehead crumpled as he said, "I was on a meeting and we just finished."

Keira's eyes widened and she murmured unconsciously, "You haven't had dinner yet?"

Zach coughed and answered, "Of course I had."

'Wait, what's going on? Why am I answering? I should tell her to get back!' Zach scolded himself silently.

Then he looked at his hand that was still holding Keira's.

Keira smiled and said, "General Lim, it's already late, so I should head back. Please have a good night sleep!"

After saying her last words Keira quickly let go of Zach's hand and walked back to her unit.

She was grinning happily and she did not notice that Zach was following a few meters behind her to make sure she arrived at her unit safely.

"Goodnight, Keira," he whispered when he saw Keira enter her unit.

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