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Sergeant Cole did one of the bedsheets of the bunk bed and throw one at May's front.

"Catch it, soldier! Heck!" Shouted Sergeant Cole.

May was caught off guard and did not move for a second.

"Ten pushes!" Sergeant Cole shouted again.

May's eyes widened and she asked, "Are you talking to me? Push?"

"Yes, you! Push-ups now! Shithead! Be alert next time!" Sergeant Cole said.

May scratched her head but followed the order and did the push-ups while Sergeant Park was teaching the group to how properly do their beds.

"We want cleanliness and tidiness in here. Clean your own mess and if you don't, you will be punished! Remember to read your Smartbook at your free time. Light's off at 9:00 PM! Everyone should be inside your unit. If you are caught outside, you'll be punished! Understood?" Sergeant Cole shouted.

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Also make sure you all shower before going back to bed or you'll be punished. We hate the stinky smell. So don't dirty our mattresses or stank! Hooaah?"

"Hooaah!" the girls answered in chorus.

"You, shithead, stop the push-up!" Sergeant Cole instructed May who extended her push-ups more than ten.

"Thank you, Sergeant!" May answered as she stood up.

As soon as Sergeant Cole and Sergeant Park left, May pouted her lips and exclaimed scornfully, "Shithead? The heck, can she at least upgrade it to pig head?"

Keira laughed and threw the Smartbook to May.

"Here, read it, they say it's called Smartbook because it will make you smart!" Keira said laughing.

"Hey, where are you going? It's almost bedtime!" Lana asked Keira who was walking outside.

"Yeah, I know, just a few minutes… I just need some air. I'll be back soon," answered Keira before going out.

The lights were dim and Keira walked a little bit more to a very nice spot while she looked at the sky. She knew that no one went on that spot except for two persons only.

"Hmm, there are so many stars tonight," she murmured and smiled.

Then she sighed, they were like twenty people inside their unit, though she was glad she's with Lana and May.

"Why are you still outside? Go back to your unit, its almost bedtime," said a voice from her back.

Keira let out a wide smile. Based on John's report, this was Zach's favorite spot, as well her father's, whenever he's inside the boot camp. It would definitely become her favorite spot too.

She did not turn around. But continued to look up.

"Yes, I know I'll head inside soon. I heard from my father that I'll be able to often see shooting stars from this spot, so I wanted to confirm and try it every night... I'm sure it's not against the rules," she murmured.

"Field Marshal Chan is right. You are at the right spot, but I don't think you'll see one tonight, so go back to your unit," Zach said as he looked at Keira's back who was wearing the all-white cotton hoodie jacket with lettering ARMY at the front, partnered with jogging pants.

After seconds of silence, Keira turned around and smiled at him.

"General Lim? Is that you?" Keira asked as she looked directly at Zach.

Zach creased his forehead, showing a bit of uncertainty but he had an idea on to why Keira was asking.

"I'm sorry?" He replied back.

'Zach, what are you doing? You should tell her to go back to her room instead of asking that stupid question! You will be in big trouble so try to stay away!' Zach scolded himself inwardly.

Keira was about to speak when Zach suddenly pulled her at the side of the nearest wall to hide.

"Shhh," Zach whispered and gestured Keira not to make a sound.

"Wait guys are we allowed to this place?" Asked a man for a distance.

"Of course we are, but we need to head back soon. Let's explore the camp more tomorrow. I'm sure we will have a lot of spare time then," said another man.

Keira heard their footsteps leaving the area so she said, "Is that you who voted the last yes for me to pass?"

Zach did not respond and just stared at Keira which made the latter to wickedly grin.

"General Lim, don't you know the saying 'Silence means YES?' So it's you then…" she added with a pleased smile.

Before Zach could utter a word, Keira tiptoed and gave him a kiss. It was a very quick kiss on his lips that left him dumbfounded.

"Thank you for giving me a chance. I promise you won't regret it, General Lim," Keira whispered before she quickly ran away from Zach toward her unit to catch the bedtime curfew.

Zach stared at Keira's back totally staggered. He shouldn't have pulled Keira to hide. He did it because it's inappropriate if those soldiers saw them together that might have caused gossips.

But now he regretted it because Keira had the opportunity to fulfill her promise about kissing the one who voted 'Yes' that made her pass.

"How come she's so bold?" Zach murmured. It was already dark but the reddening of his face was burning hotly because of embarrassment.

Keira's words flashback. "I promise you won't regret it."

Zach's sighed because now he felt like he was somehow regretted it.

At that moment, three shooting stars showed up and fell from the sky.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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