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"Keira, stop it and move forward dammit are you deaf!?" May shouted when she noticed that Keira was crawling backward to get to her.

"Geez, this is crazy, it's not a real battle why would you come back," May hissed, trying to repress the tears that wanted to run out of her eyes.

Keira smiled and winked at her, "Shut up, May, and let's hurry. Come and grab my shoulder tight let's move faster. There's still time."

"But you should hurry and pass this test, Keira. You've worked hard for it." May exclaimed as they moved. She felt frustrated for being stupid and causing such trouble to Keira.

"Shut up, May, just move," Keira instructed and quickly helped May.

"Heck, look at those two crazies," May exclaimed with a weary tone, seeing Drey and Lana crawled back to them.

"We are all crazy you know," Keira murmured and continued to help May.

"Geez, look at you two? GIve me that snail." Said Drey as he got May on his arms, then he instructed, "Go, move Keira!"

"Alright, we still have time so you three quickly follow," said Keira as she passed Lana.

She kept looking at the clock as she stood up from the mud. She turned around and smiled when Lana, Drey, and May were now at her back and almost beside her.

The next obstacle course was Keira's forte, climbing over the nets.

"Crap!" Lana cursed because this was her biggest challenge, climbing and crawling over the nets.

"Go by yourself, Lana. I will take care of May," said Drey who helped May.

They noticed that Keira stopped and kept on looking at them from the back.

"Keira, move! Stop looking, we are just behind you. I'm stronger than you, you know!" Drey shouted and almost made May choke.

"What? Do you want me to throw you out, May?" Hissed Drey as he pulled May who was laughing.

"It's your fault. I will really put you on a diet once we all fail at the final round, May!" added Drey with an irritated tone as he pulled May further.

They were already at the tight rope walking as the last course.

"Darn! Why would they set a long walking rope, I so hate it!" Complained Lana, panting as she ran in line with Drey and May.

"What's with her? Why would she stop again?" Drey murmured, looking straight at Keira.

"She's playing a hero, Drey. That's her weakness remember?" Lana mumbled as they watched Keira pulled a woman and helped her walk and crawled through the nets.

"Why help me out? Go and leave me or you'll be dragged down with me. Look at the time? Go!" Vel exclaimed.

She was startled when Keira stopped by her and asked her what's wrong while other candidates didn't even bother and rushed to finish all obstacles to reach the time limit to pass.

"Are you nuts? You're fast and ahead of me, it's just your leg cramps! Hurry and put your arms on my shoulders and give all your energy to not drag me down. There's still time so let's hurry." Keira scolded and moved as fast as she could while helping Vel.


"I love watching dramas like this!" Lieutenant Long shouted, which made the soldiers cheer more.

"They won't make it in time though," Torin murmured then looked at Zach who, as usual, had a blank expression on his face.

Torin tried to read Zach but he failed.

"Hmm. She failed by one minute." General Lei commented as Keira got her flag a minute late together with Vel. Unfortunately, the two of them were the only one who did not make it in time.

Other candidates were murmuring.

"Keira would have surely passed if she did not help Vel," Trish commented. She looked irritated at Vel.

Her eyes were accusing Vel as she said, "You keep on bullying her and yet she failed the test because she helped you!"

"I told you to leave me," Vel murmured to Keira as she bowed her head.

"Raise your head! Why would you feel like that? It's just in my nature, so don't worry. Maybe, the Academy is really not for me. So don't blame yourself because it's my own choice and I decide things on myself." Said Keira loudly, making sure that those who were murmuring and accusing Vel heard it.

Lana, Drey, and May sighed.

"What is this? We pass and the mastermind for this military thing failed?" Lana complained.

"Can you please consider, Keira Chan? She is just a minute late and there's a valid reason. She helped me so…" Vel requested to the Generals and Lieutenants watching.

"Hey, stop that!" Keira scolded Vel. However, all candidates who witnessed what happened agreed with Vel and requested the same.

"Alright, we are all aware of this commotion. But it's not for us to decide. The five Generals in charge of the tests this year… It's their sole discretion, so we will ask them." Lieutenant Long answered.

"Bro, you're one of those Generals, right?" Torin asked Zach who nodded and stood up to have a deliberation with the other Generals.

"Damn, the curiosity will kill me! I must witness this voting thing no matter what happened!" Torin hissed as he followed Zach quietly.

The five Generals had a thorough discussion while General Lei listened.

"That's the twist, right? All who have passed the second rounds were the admitted ones already? That final round was designated to test them mentally to understand if they will still be ready to continue further or quit?" General Choi said.

"Yes, but we want to avoid commotion since the person involved is Field Marshal Chan's daughter so announcing it might sound biased," General Ling said.

"Generals, let's just vote. We are five here so let's see if we get a three YES or a three NO? About the announcement, let Lieutenant Long decide on it" General Lei suggested.

Torrin was not breathing at all as he witnessed the voting…

There were two YES and there were two NO…

Only one person was left to vote and that would decide if Keira Chan would be admitted or not.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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