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"This is nice!" May gasped as they enter the billeting area provided to the candidates.

All the candidates looked in wonder at the big building like a hotel before them. All of them were excited and were about to get inside when a cadet from the side shouted.

"Candidates! Follow me! That's not your lodging area." Said the cadet and signaled them to follow him.

Keira laughed silently at the weary faces of most candidates. Even Drey and May looked disappointed as they saw a camping ground a hundred meter away from the back of the army lodging where military tents were set in line. Tents for men were at the west wing while tents for female were in the east wing.

"Please find your name on the sides of each tent and settle in all your things. You will be given ten minutes to rest and report at the training grounds immediately." A female Lieutenant instructed and advised them to change into their exercise clothing, so they would be comfortable enough for the mentioned exercises.

The girls settled their things at the assigned tents. Keira was separated from Lana and May.

She sighed as she looked around at the double decks inside the tents.

"The hell…" she murmured with a twitched mouth because, for her, it looked like they were sardines compressed to fit the can.

"What, Princess? I'm sure you're not used to this? Too squeezy, right?" Mocked the woman whom she had encountered at the canteen before.

Keira's eyebrows arched, out of all the tent mates why was she so unlucky to be in the same tent with this bully.

"Yes, dear, I'm so not used to this since I grew up in luxury, but it's nice to experience new things that would help me mature, right? Don't you think it's nice to act mature instead of bullying others? I could be such a mean girl any time I want and I'm sure my victim would absolutely have it once I'm pissed off..." Keira answered nonchalantly and smiled sweetly at the woman before she focused on her bag and get her exercise outfit.

She loved to wear bubbly feminine colors so her clothes were all customized according to her taste.

She immediately changed into her pink tank top racer back and went out of the tent leaving all candidates inside open-mouthed.

"Tsk… I'm really curious why is she here? I mean, she's even prettier than most celebrities, I feel like I'm turning…" one of the candidates murmured but slapped herself to wake up before she spurted out nonsense.

Keira excitedly ran towards Lana and May.

"The heck? Are you in a fashion show?" Lana commented, looking at Keira from head to toe.

"You know I love standing out everywhere," Keira said as she rolled her eyes.

The talking was interrupted by a Senior female Lieutenant.

"Alright… Today you'll do the physical fitness tests. You must get the recommended scores to pass these tests." She started to explain how it would be scored at their target to pass it.

Keira smiled triumphantly to Lana and May because she was confident that they would pass it all since it all was a part of the training they had done during their preparations.

The test consisted of the following:




Two-mile run

5 Mile run

Keira felt Lana elbow her secretly so she followed Lana's eyes pointing somewhere.

It was Zach and Jeru, who were again both staring at her from a distance.

"Get ready… for the love triangle that will crush your world soon," Lana whispered teasingly.

Lana giggled when Keira remained quiet and just pouted her lips.

The physical test began, and Keira did her best for it, pushing her body to its limits to gain an outstanding score before the bell rang, indicating that it was times-up already.


"Our candidates for this year seems to be all dedicated don't you agree Sirs?" Torin commented as soon as he arrived on sight and stood beside Zach and Jeru.

Zach looked at Keira. He could see that she was well prepared for these exercises.

"Field Marshal Chan's daughter has surely prepared well," Jeru voiced-out what was on Zach's mind.

"Though I still hope she will not continue on. As soon as we got engaged, I will let her do anything she wants except anything that involves the military." Jeru murmured out of nowhere.

Zach's forehead creased while Torin's eyes widened.

"Is it confirmed, General Liu? You and the Field Marshal's daughter?" Torin burst out, which made General Liu smirk.

"This is how our society works among the elites, soldier. I choose her. Whether she likes it or not, she will end up joining the Liu Family." Jeru answered casually as he never let Keira out of his sight.

"Isn't it too personal for you to announce it like that to us," Zach commented. He too was staring at Keira.

Jeru laughed and turned his gaze to Zach which the latter met, "Yeah, I'm vocal and bold about it because I want to make it clear to everyone: You all should know that Keira Chan is already my property."

Zach frowned, he did not like how those words sound so he said, "As far as I know, Keira Chan is not a property to be owned. Owning her, without her permission, is a bit too off don't you think so, General Liu?"

Torin's face paled as he could sense the tension between two men who never blink as their gazes pierced on each other. Neither of the two broke from the intense eye contact.

'What is this? Are they fighting over Keira Chan?' Torin mused with his muddled expression as his head moved left and right between Zach and Jeru.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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