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The group went back to the Military Academy for their Complete Physical Examination where their medical, physical, mental and emotional condition would be examined.

"I don't really get why the tests don't end once we passed the complete physical examination. It should end there, right?" May complained.

Lana laughed, her friend couldn't get over it.

"May, Torin explained everything to us last time, they have changed the approach and tests for this year's admission test. They added the challenge thing in the final round so basically, we have an idea of how hard the training will go on in the future. They don't want quitters at the half of the year which usually happens every year. So they prefer the applicants to quit or do not enter instead of quitting once admitted and experience the training." Lana explained.

"The hell, Lana. I thought you're not bothering at all and was wandering at your own world that night!" May exclaimed.

Lana actually listened well at Torin that night, although she looked uninterested when Torin was explaining and giving them some tips.

They sat at the bench, waiting for Drey to finish the physical exam.

Keira, on the other hand, was very alert with the surroundings, scanning every area her eyes could reach from her spot.

Lana noticed it and laughed. "Dear Keira Chan… I'm sure you will not see your General Zach. If I was him I will hide from you as soon as I notice your shadow around the area."

May laughed too and added, "Yeah, a teenage girl in her puberty confessed boldly to him. I'm sure he thinks you're a crazy stalker now."

Keira pouted her lips and said, "Hmmp… It's my style of wooing. Direct to the point. Besides, I will not stalk him in the open. I have it all planned so just watch and learn. For now, I need him to notice my presence and hunt him with that confession. By now he will have mixed emotions and that's okay. I know what to do next, so he won't distance himself from me or think I'm a crazy stalker."

May and Lana stared at Keira totally flabbergasted.

"Woah, I really don't know how your mind works, sis…" May commented as she shook her head.

"Haha, she's one in a million, May. A different kind of species from us!" Lana stated.

"Are you an alien perhaps?" May continued the teasing.

Keira winked, showing them her wicked golden smile, a natural symmetry, shape, size, and contour that absolutely fit her face.

"I'm a goddess, dear." Keira declared laughing.

"Yeah right, a clever, tricky and scheming 'Goddess'…" Lana murmured with a twitched lips and Keira made a face on her.

She wouldn't correct Lana because it's the truth. She smiled and said, "You all love me, right? Even when I'm playful?" Then she put her arms on the shoulders of her two friends and squeezed it hard and she pulled them closer to her small body.

"Right, right?" she kept saying as she laughed.

Their bantering was interrupted with Drey's arrival.

"Hey, is there something wrong?" Keira asked because she noticed that Drey was still quiet and he seemed out of himself.

Drey was startled when Keira touched his shoulder, "Hmmm?"

Keira touched Drey's forehead and said, "Your temperature is normal but why do you lack energy as if you're sick?"

Drey sighed and with his whacked look he whispered, "I'm fine."

"Don't mind Drey, Keira. I think he got laid on that night that's why. By the way, where do we go now?" May said casually. Not minding how reddened Drey's face had become.

"Oh my? For real? You mean Lieutenant Kang took advantage of you?" Lana asked in complete bewilderment.

"How was it? That's your first? Oh, are you going to be a straight guy now?" Keira asked excitedly.

Drey wanted to be eaten out alive by the ground right on that spot because of embarrassment. He himself couldn't absorb what had happened that night too, because everything happened very fast.

May shook her head. Among them all, she believed Drey was not really gay. She felt that he was just in his confused stage of puberty and the big factor was he grew up practically with them, the company of women.

"Please… I really don't want to talk about it." Drey murmured with a weary tone.

"Alright, let's just go and eat, I'm hungry. I think Drey is still in shock too, so let's go for now." May said as she hooked her arms on Drey.

Keira followed and hooked her arm on the other side and said, "Okay, let's go. Just remember, Drey, we will always be here no matter what. We will stay by your side and will remain friends forever."

"The heck! Where should I hook my arms?" Lana complained from the back.

Keira laughed and said, "Try hooking it on Drey's leg, Lana!"

"Nah, you both took his arms. I'm gonna go for the kill." Lana murmured and without a second thought jumped on Drey's back and she hooked her arms on his neck from his back.

"Urghhh… You will literally end up killing me, Lana, that way," Drey complained as he almost choked because of Lana's sudden grab on his neck.

From the third floor of the Main Hall Building, Torin and Zach saw Keira's group from afar.

"These kids… playing around like it's their playground." Zach whispered.

"Nah, those are no kids. They are adults already, bro, and I like that group. See their connection? Isn't it great to see a solid bonding like that?" Torin commented smiling, as his eyes were fixed on Lana.

"I smell trouble, Torin. I feel like turbulence is about to come…" Zach grumbled helplessly.

Torin: "...?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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