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Thea had a normal delivery and she gave birth to a very cute baby boy.

"Oh he's so handsome," commented Od Madam Liu looking at the baby beside Thea. "He looks so much like Jeru," seconded Keira who became too excited with the thought of seeing her twins soon while she gently caressed her tummy.

Thea noticed it so she smiled and said, "I'm sure your twins will be  adorable and cute little babies too like their mother and father."

They were startled when the door suddenly opened. "Where is he? My grandson…" It was Senior Liu. Everyone in the room laughed when they saw such an excited grandfather.

"You're often late nowadays because of dating too much. Are you back in college days Thom?" scolder Old Madam Liu with raised eyebrows. 

Thom blushed as he scratched his head and mumbled, "I thought it's okay with you mom."

Old Madam Liu rolled her eyes and said, "Yes of course I was just commenting on your acting like a teenager…"

It was true she was fed up with how her son showered himself with perfume and she could still feel its lingering scent even after Thom already left the the dining area. Well, Thom was always going out early and arriving so late at night that she could barely see him arrive.

Zach laughed and interrupted by saying, "Uncle, my mom is just a simple woman. I mean you don't need to work hard too much to impress her really. I believe she already likes you the way you are."

Keira and Thea exchanged meaningful glances and quietly grinned seeing how red uncle Thom had turned because of embarrassment. He had been the center of bantering lately whenever they would gather together.

Old Madam Liu could feel chills and complainingly said, "Oh let's stop mentioning all these things and I'm really not for this kind of topic. It gives me the creeps."

Jeru on the other hand shook his head, seeing his father this happy was more than enough for him. Personally, he liked Zach's mother from the first time he met her at the military headquarters. He could feel the warmth of a mother he was lacking since childhood from her. He knew that Zach's mother was a very good and loving woman.

"That's okay dad. Don't mind grandma… Just do your thing. Impress aunt Sheila and make her fall deeply for you so she won't have a second thought at all. You will never find another woman like her and you two are not getting anymore younger so you should live to the fullest without inhibitions at all because you two deserve it..." Jeru commented in his serious tone and no one dared to utter a word because all of them actually agreed to what Jeru said.

"Thank you son…" murmured Thom with a smile.

Keira and Zach did not stay long because they had prior appointment, they would meet Mara and John at their house gifted by her father. John said Mara could now read, write and talk. And it was not just their language. John said Mara was progressing fast and it would be safe soon for her to mingle with others.

Keira asked their cook to prepare a lot of dishes for her sister. "Are we going to have a feast?" asked Zach laughing, seeing a lot of dishes were prepared on their dining table.

"Yeah, I'm sure Mara could eat everything here. John said Mara really loves eating…" Keira excitedly mumbled, wondering how a lot already changed to Mara who was now her younger sister and was using their family name, Mara Chan.

The doorbell rang and Keira's eyes widened in excitement, "They're here…" she gasped while looking at her husband who shook his head with a smile and held her hand to walk at the door.

"Sisssss…" burst Mara with a beautiful smile on her face and hugged Keira with her arms on her neck though the tummy was a hindrance for a tight hug.

"Oh, your stomach is so big now.... I'm excited to see my nephew and niece." Mara added while she held Keira's tummy.

Zach was startled and so was Keira to hear how fluent Mara talked now. "Wow Mara… I'm so glad. You learned so fast." murmured Keira as she gently pushed Mara to look at her closely. She was better now, she wore clothes though it was still a bit revealing. Because she wore a short skirt with a hanging blouse so her revealing her bare navel.

John sighed and said,  "She likes loose clothes. I think she 's not comfortable with having clothes on her body." that was true, it was a real torment for John to be honest. The two of them often fought just for Mara to wear appropriate clothes because the latter still hates wearing clothes. But she knew she could not go out naked to visit her sister.

Mara pouted her lips and defended, "It's a nuisance to my body. Besides I like cuddling you..."

Hearing that, Keira creased her forehead and looked at JOhn who was flushing at that moment.

Zach immediately changed the topic and said, "You two must be starving already. My star, why don't we go talk later and eat for now? Let's have lunch first cause John and Mara were probably tired from the long trip. Let's go…" Zach immediately grabbed Keira's hand and pulled her to the dining area before she asked too many questions from John who looked nervous at that moment.

As expected, Mara enjoyed every dish Keira prepared. The two went into the garden and chatted while John and Zach stayed in the living room to have coffee.

"Have you heard anything from your father? The treaty is almost in completion and I think your country would finally have peace. You are a royal blood John and your father wants you back." Zach commented. He had already met John's father and knew John's story.

"Hmm, it's now safe to call you by your real name though I'm used to calling you John but since your real name is Chad then I must call you Chad starting today. You have been a great help to our family so don't hesitate to ask for help in case you will need us." Zach added.

"Honestly, I'm not sure yet what I want." Chad honestly answered. He was confused though one thing was for sure. It was now safe to use his real identity. He would love to stay here but he knew his father needed him because his father was no longer in good shape.

"Whatever it s that you decide into. We will always support you. Mara is doing good now so you don't need to worry for her." Zach nonchalantly said because he could see that Chad had become too attached to Mara already.

Chad smiled and nodded. "Thank you." he whispered.

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