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Zach heard the gunshots in the room where he was locked, and he immediately understood that the military had succeeded in finding this main hideout. ""Good job boys," he mumbled with a smile.

A few more minutes later, the door of his room was abruptly opened. Megan marched in with a team of her armed men. She walked upto Zach and put a mask on his face covering his sight completely and then pulled him out of the room in a haste. Then she signalled her men to hold his both arms and pull him forward, as she led the way to exit the hideout, he presumed. 

He struggled hard because he didn't wish to go away from there and Megan stopped to turn toward him. She removed the cover on his face and said with a blank face, "If you keep on struggling and posing problems for me, I will have your wife killed!"

Zach was unsure whether to believe that statement of Megan or not because if  their main hideout was already discovered then Keira must definitely be fine, besides they had all the bombs already removed from their building that Megan had installed earlier. However, when it was about his wife's safety, he could not compromise, so he stopped struggling and let Megan take him instead.


Everyone was engrossed in the current situation. Keira could hear all the gunshots loud and clear from Torin's signals. She could also watch the footage and movements through Torin's camera. 'Oh God, please save my husband,' she never ceased praying while waiting for the news about Zach, when Torin would confirm Zach's been found.

'Bro, just wait I'm coming…' Torin anxiously mused as he followed John's instructions.

"To your right Torin!" he heard John and moved. Torin moved and his men followed but halted because of the gun shots. It was hard for them because they were unable to fire back blindly, to make sure they would not compromise Zach's safety.

"You're almost there Torin," John said on the other line. It was really a struggle for Torin and his team because the enemies were continuously firing in their direction.

"Only five meters away to you left!" finally John shouted.

"Tear gas," he signaled to his men as they reached a certain distance. They wore masks and fired at the lights on the ceiling before the tear gas was thrown. 

"Move!" Torin shouted. The enemies were caught off guard but kept firing in their direction. Torin and his men crawled their way to the enemies amidst continuous firing as Megan shouted.

"General!" Torin shouted as he quickly removed his mask. At that point, Torin knew Zach would be on the ground. Then he heard Zach inform his position using their code language. He immediately put back his mask on and crawled towards Zach who was struggling for air like others.

Each soldier started a one on one combat with the terrorists as he put the other gas mask on Zach.

"I got him! I got him!" shouted Torin on the radio as he inspected Zach's condition physically.

"Yes!" soldiers shouts could be heard on the other line while Keira's loud cries almost deafened his father.

"Oh thank you Lord!" she cried out loud in joy. "Clear the area dad. I want a closed door with that snake! I want to see her face to face!"

"Alright! Don't go to the site without my signal Keira Chan! You boys, you listen carefully, you three will die in my hands if something happens to my daughter and unborn grandchildren!" instructed Field Marshal Chan in his firm and  threatening voice.

The three boys exchanged meaningful glances followed by a gulp. "Stop it dad. I'm patiently waiting so clear the area now real fast please…"

After hours of waiting, finally, Field Marshal Chan gave his signal. Keira also took the opportunity to report and took a quick report for the incident while she was on her way to the site, there she instructed John to take important footage. Especially the facilities underground. 

She wanted the whole nation to see what had happened. She wanted them to know that the military was making sure to protect the people's safety and interest. She wanted those terrorist groups to be threatened, showing them that they would never succeed in harming innocent people for because there were reliable countrymen who were willing to sacrifice themselves to maintain peace and order in their country.

"I wanna see him now." She insisted because her dad said that Zach would receive first aid before he could be allowed to meet anyone. While waiting, Keira did a live report from the site.

As soon as she was done reporting, she finally received a signal from her dad that she could see her husband. She was escorted to one of the military vans where Zach was being treated.

She gulped seeing the gloomy face of her husband as soon as he saw her. She knew Zach was not pleased to see her because obviously she broke her promise to him and he perhaps already knew by now how she interfered, making an  alternate plan on their confidential mission.

Keira ignored her husband's sullen look but hugged him as tight as she could instead, not minding her big bump that made it hard for him to hug her fully.

She felt Zach inhaled and exhaled loudly. She bit her lower lip and prepared herself for his scolding. But she heard nothing, only her husband's sighs several times.

Then she heard him whisper, "How come you always rescue me… It is like you are the knight in shining armor instead of the other way round. When will you stop being impulsive."

Then she heard him add, "I'm grateful though that you got me another opportunity to stay with you and our twins. Thank you. But please, I hope this will be the last time you will compromise yourself, just to save me."

Keira raised her head resting on Zach's chest and with pouted lips complained, "If you want it to be the last time then you have to make sure not to put  yourself in danger again!"

Zach's facial muscles flinched. He should be the one  scolding her, but how come his dear wife had the last word and it even felt like she was scolding him… 

He kissed Keira's aforehead and released a deep sigh of relief. He was happy to see his lovely wife once more. Keira was his star that shone brightly in his life, giving his life more meaning to live. He was truly lucky to have such a one in a million star in his life.

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