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Megan and Zach went towards the main exit of the building where an armored van stopped in front of them. Megan gently pushed him inside. Zach's eyebrows creased when saw armed men inside. "Is this necessary?" he casually commented.

Megan smiled at him and held his hands. "Yes dear. I want to make sure that no one is able to take you away from me."

"The King asked if you have settled everything in the building without a flaw," one of the men asked. "Yes, I did. Gentlemen, you can blow it anytime you want…" Megan proudly said. Zach noticed that all the men had a cyclone tattoo on their arm.

He acted as if trying to find one on his arm and acting naively asked, "How come I don't have this." He pointed at the cyclone mark on Megan's wrist.

"Don't worry love… You will have one soon. The King will personally mark you with it." murmured Megan. One of the men looked at Zach intently. "Are you sure he is clean?" he asked Megan who crumpled her face and muttered, "Yes he is!" The man shrugged his shoulders. Zach looked outside, the road they had turned to was unfamiliar to him somehow. It seemed like they were headed to a place not frequently visited by people. 

"You will now become one of us my love. This will be your home. It's one of our bases." Megan excitedly declared.

"I don't understand. We are husband and wife. Aren't I already one of you all?" said Zach giving a confused tone in his voice.

"Yes of course, what I mean is that you will soon be a part of our group… The Tai Clan." explained Megan.

"So that's the symbol for our group?" asked Zach, making his tone to sound more confused.

He heard Megan laughed and said, "NO. It's temporary we will remove this after the mission is completed. It's a long story so I will tell you about it later."

"The car has stopped. Have we reached our destination?" Zach mumbled when the car stopped at a gasoline station for a carwash.

"No. We will be scanned for bugs here…" explained Megan. The car moved a little but then was stopped and Zach could hear the alarm and notice from the radio inside the car.

"Damn Megan! You're bugged!" exclaimed the man on the other line. 

"What! That can't be!" Megan burst and looked at Zach in disbelief. That instant all guns were pointed at Zach and had him out of the van together with Megan and the rest. Zach was expressionless while Megan talked and hissed, "What bug are you saying? Check him! I'm sure there's a mistake!"

The men did but the scanner beeped and the men removed everything from Zach.

"Fuck!" Megan cursed loudly as she quickly removed all the things Zach gave her. "Check these things too!" she instructed.

She looked at Zach disappointedly and whispered, "What's this?! Were you acting all the time?" 

One of the men pull the trigger of his gun and aimed it at Zach's head. "We have to terminate him Megan! You know the rules!" he said and was ready to fire but Megan held his arm and said, "No! I will take responsibility for him. We are not bugged now. You have removed everything. I'll be able to effectively erase his memory in our base."

But the man did not move and still had his gun aimed at Zach's head. "Put the gun down dammit!!! I'm your superior so follow my orders!" shouted Megan.

The man finally heeded and put his gun down. Megan had Zach tied and bring him back inside the van.

Form the military base, one of the soldiers reported, "We lost contact with General Zach!" Torin cursed, they had Zach's last location but they could not dispatch their men to retrieve him because to penetrate the main base would be impossible without all the information.

"Check the manual tracks. Get our tracker and see if they could check the tracks." instructed Torin.

Meanwhile,at the location of Keira and her boys, John heard the current situation from the military base and said, "They are now in the move for manual tracking. Their signals were all gone."

"Shall I activate the signal in her body?" John asked referring to the tracking device Keira had implanted inside Megan's body during the four hours of her sleep. Keira had that tracking device adhered inside Megan's womanhood.

"No not yet, we have to make sure that she is already inside their hideout before we activate it." Kera muttered. They could actually had it activated because the enemy would find a hard time removing the tracking device she had put in Megan's body unless they cut her open on the spot.

"Let's wait for thirty minutes more John. Make sure once it is activated it does not take long for you to get my husband's exact location.

"Hello dad, can you hear me?" Keira called out from the bluetooth in her ear.

"Yes dear I'm here," answered Field Marshal Chan on the other line.

"Make sure enough men are in our vicinity to pull out my husband very fast s dad." reminded Keira.

"Yes dear I will and you make sure to not go anywhere near the danger spot unless we have cleared the area understood?" his dad also reminded her.

Cobra looked at Jiim. It seemed like Mrs. Liu's back-up plan was their only hope. Who would have thought about installing a freaking tracking device inside Megan's body, in her vagina to be precise. "That's creepy right?" John mumbled as they waited inside the car.

"That's what you called the power of love John. Giving you crazy ideas in desperation to make sure your loved ones will be safe and saved." defended Keira in her low key tone because at that point she was starting to get worried for the situation they were facing.

She would make sure that she would get her husband back in her arms, safe and sound.

She gently caressed her tummy and whispered, "Don't worry my loves, I will make sure to get your daddy alive in one piece, no matter what."

Cobra sighed, he had never met a woman as brave as Mrs. Liu and for some reason he envied his friend Zach for having such, one in a million, partner in life. Stubborn they said but Cobra would say, Mrs. Liu was one admirable fearless woman.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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