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"You'll be dead soon with that glare dude," Torin commented to Drey as they watched the live video on the screen captured by one of the hidden cameras they implanted inside Zach's office. Zach was obviously annoyed because it took a bit longer than expected for his phone to ring. Megan had almost kissed him. Had  the phone rang after a few more seconds they would be watching an epic live kissing scene with his dear brother-in-law as the victim.

Torin clicked his tongue and patted Drey's shoulder while he added, "I'm sure you'll be killed later." Drey seemed to be enjoying the show and instructed the soldier assigned to call Zach's office to wait a little longer before he rings on Zach's phone.

Drey grinned. He was very amused with Zach's conflicted look on the screen. Besides, he had found a way to get spared with his playfulness.

"I can't imagine how Keira will explode once she sees this video. I must save a copy so I can blackmail General Zach later," Drey proudly announced still grinning. 

Torin's eyes lit up all of a sudden with that bright idea as he said, "Give me a copy too. No, wait we have another schedule of passing out. Let brother-in-law get kissed by Megan, that would be epic, the best we can use in blackmailing bro-in-law."

Drey's face twitched and said, "That's my idea, use another will you?"

The two were distracted when a soldier came in, handing the reports to Torin about the thing Megan had installed in Zach's office. Torin read it and commented, "It's a very high technology time bomb as we suspected. I'm sure that Megan has managed to implant a lot of these inside the Liu Group building. They sure want to blast the building after she takes Zach with her."

Torin looked at one of his soldiers and instructed, "Dispatch our men, make sure these bombs are removed from Liu's building immediately."

That instant military soldiers were dispatched along with the bomb squad to the Liu's building, all in disguise to avoid  creating a ruckus among other employees.

"I think it would be better to evacuate the building," Dion suggested.

"Let's wait for Zach's instructions. For now we'll try to remove all those bombs. Evacuation will be suspicious and it may jeopardize everything." Torin stated, "One wrong move and all their efforts could end up with nothing." he responded. 

"By the way, did Keira contact you?"asked Drey looking at Torin as he stretched his arms.

"No. Why?" mumbled Torin.

"Nothing, I know her well. I'm sure she has something up her sleeve. I don't believe she will just stay put knowing the situation her husband is into right now. She will surely find her own ways in ensuring the safety of her husband." murmured Drey as he looked back on the screen.

Torin only shrugged his shoulders because he would not be surprised, if she did this, at all. His brother-in-law's wife was known as the most stubborn person alive.


The next day…

Keira went to her father's mansion to have dinner with her parents. Field Marshal Chan was very quiet during the dinner, waiting for her daughter to fire him with her fierce fireballs.

"Dad," Keira mumbled as she cut some pork on her plate. "I clearly said that I don't like my husband being put up in a mission especially now that he is no longer a soldier." Keira suddenly said casually.

Field Marshal Chan gulped and cleared his throat before he answered, "Dear… this is beyond my control. It is Zach who volunteer because the person who is a part of the terrorist group is in his lair…"

"Yeah that snake is even trying to steal my husband. That obsessed crazy snake…" Yera irritatingly mumbled. She stopped eating and turned her head to look intently at her father and said, "Dad, do you love me?"

"Of course Keira! You're my only child, my most beloved daughter!" Field Marshal Chan quickly responded, a bit confused with Keira's question that was out of the blue.

"Then why does it feel like you want me to become a widow soon?" Keira countered with pouty lips. Then her face became serious as she said, "I want to be involved in this case and know everything…" 

Though she had promised Zach that she would stay still and not try to get involved in this case at all, but she thought they must have a back up plan in case 'worst comes to worst'.

This time Mrs. Chan who was only listening to the conversation of the father and daughter a while ago interrupted and burst, "No!"

"What can you do in this  condition of your's?! You can't even run with your big tummy Keira Chan!!!" exclaimed Mrs. Chan in her gloomiest face. She knew her daughter was stubborn but what Keira was thinking now was totally insane. "Let your father and the rest handle things! I'm sure they have a good plan in case of that 'worst comes to worst' you're worrying about!" Mrs. Chan continued and tried her best to reason things with her daughter. 

"Mom, you're overreacting… Do you think I will fight in field, hold a gun or something? Of course not, we have our own reliable people apart from the military. What I'm saying is lemme join hands with the military and keep my own plan in place with their cooperation." Keira explained.

Mrs. Chan's eyebrows raised and said, "I doubt you plan to do only that much. I know you too well. I'm sure you'll follow your husband wherever he is, even if it's dangerous and life threatening!"

Keira sighed and gave her mother a sweet smile before she answered, "Of course mom. You know how I love my husband but don't worry, safety of my twins is still my priority. Please trust me?"

Mrs. Chan blew air on her forehead as a sign of giving up because her daughter would often do things according to her will in the end, especially when it involved her husband. 

'This possessive stubborn brat!' grumbled her mother inwardly.

Keira grabbed the hand of her mom and added, "I love my twins mom. The same love as I have for my husband. I just want to make sure my husband will be safe along the process."

Then she looked at her father with her expressive eyes and mumbled, "I just need full access to all the details dad because Zach, though he said he will give me that, but it's not full access dad. I don't know the complete details at all… Please? Please trust me. I will not put my twins in danger… Please dad…" Keira begged her father with all her might.

Field Marshal Chan looked at his wife before letting out a long deep sigh.

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