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Keira tried her best to stay put as Zach wanted her to do. "Geez, I'm furious Cobra! What should I do?" she exclaimed as she drank the fresh fruit shake she had asked Cobra to buy while waiting inside the mini garden of their floor at Cooper Network building.

"Hmm, just follow the General's advice Mrs. Liu, that way you and your twins will be safe. Besides, the General is very much capable of protecting himself plus your father will make sure he won't be harmed in any way." Cobra tried to convince her but was met with only as  long deep sigh of Keira followed by a long silent pause.

"Cobra, will you do me a favor?" Keira broke the silence and asked after a few minutes. Cobra knew there won't be any simple words coming out of her mouth and his throat suddenly felt dry and he gulped thinking  that the favor Mrs. Liu would ask might cause some trouble. It took him a while before answering. "What is it Mrs. Liu?" asked Cobra with hesitation that made Keira laugh.

"Make sure you monitor me and always keep reminding me to keep my promises because I'm really stubborn and I'm afraid I might break my promise to Zach, and if such time comes…" murmured Keira with a straight face.  She was no longer alone because as Zach said she should consider their twins in her body. Keira knew herself and how stubborn she could be especially when it comes to Zach's safety.

"I got you Mrs. Liu." Cobra answered with full of conviction.


At Liu Group Building

Megan was smiling widely seeing the cup of tea she made was already empty. "Thanks Megan the tea was nice," Zach complemented with a smile and dismissed her. She saw assistant Dave arrive with the president's lunch.

"If you want you can go and eat lunch outside and I will take care of serving lunch to the president. I have my  own lunch already packed, so I won't be going out." offered Megan with her sweetest smile.

"Oh that's really nice of you Megan. I will leave it to you then." said assistant Dave and gave Megan the paperbag. Four more days… She needed just four more days…

As soon as assistant Dave left, Megan entered the president's room and she smiled seeing him passed out with his head on the table. She looked at  her watch to wait further for him to become conscious again.

She  looked around Zach's office and put  some small chips in every corner of the office. In four days she must complete the task at hand.

After a few more minutes, Zach finally awakened and the first person he saw was Megan smiling at him. "Did I fall asleep again?" he asked as he straightened his back and massaged his nape. 

"Yes you did… I was about to prepare your lunch." Megan said smiling as she arranged the food from the paper bad on Zach's table. Zach watched Megan's every move and suddenly grabbed her wrist when he noticed something.

"What's this?" he asked as he gently touched the mark on her wrist.

"Oh this! This is just a tattoo." Megan answered casually

"Yeah… It looks like a cyclone…" commented Zach with curiosity

Megan laughed and said, "Yes it is a cyclone."

"That's rare… Does it signify something specific? I know a lot of women like to  get tattoos but most of them prefer more of feminine designs. This one on your wrist seems a little off. This tattoo will best suit me or males." said Zach as he let go of Megan's wrist.

"Hmm, yeah, this tattoo signifies something special,  but I will tell you about it later," said Megan. "There you can eat now," she said smiling and was about to leave when Zach grabbed her wrist once more.

Megan's lips curved upward before she turned  her head and said, "Yes?"

"Hmm, eat with me." said Zach simply and Megan obliged. The hypnotic drug was taking effect and Megan was on cloud nine at that moment.. 


Keira inhaled and exhaled loudly as she ended the call. It was assistant Dave, informing her that Zach would not go home tonight as he had to finish a lot of paperwork. She knew it was not real but she was still irritated.

"That snake must be enjoying her moment with my husband…" she irritably and annoyingly muttered. If only not because of the innocent people they could save along the process, she would definitely cut the head of that Megan at any moment.

She was so furious that she could not sleep at all. "Maybe I should pay them a surprise visit." she mumbled as she got up and changed.

She was in their garage and was about to sneak into her car when she heard Cobra speak from behind, "Please return to your room Mrs. Liu."

"Oh! you almost startled me!," said Keira with an awkward smile. 'Doesn't he sleep at all?' Keira complained inwardly because it was already midnight.

"Mrs. Liu if you leave… You might jeopardize the plan. Remember that a lot of innocent lives are on the line in that mission…" Cobra said simply that made Keira sulk. Cobra rarely talk but how come he just shot her with so many  words. It was the same as saying that if anything went wrong and many people would die it would be her fault entirely because she could not control her emotions.

Keira walked towards the kitchen and Cobra still followed. "I will just  get some milk Cobra since I can't sleep." she said with twitched mouth.

"And I will only get water Mrs. Liu since you're not sleeping yet." said Cobra as he got a glass of water and sat in front of her.

"So you won't sleep too if I'm still awake? Go and sleep Cobra your eyes look heavy. I won't go anywhere." said Keira smiling. Cobra pursed his lips because Zach said never let his wife fool him. He should guard Keira 24/7, he was actually taking turns with Jim who was now sleeping.

"It's okay Mrs. Liu. I'm really not sleepy." answered Cobra firmly. Keira shrugged her shoulders as she said, "Suit yourself then."

Cobra did not know how to handle women at all but he could understand Mrs. Liu's sentiments so he said, "That Megan actually can't compare with your beauty at all Mrs. Liu. General has his eyes only for you so even if that woman gets strip naked, I'm sure the General will just close his eyes and pretend to pass out."

Keira's face crumpled and she did not know whether she should cry or laugh. She knew Cobra was trying to pacify and comfort her but the man simply sucked at it.

"Are you trying to be funny right now Cobra? Geez, don't ever say any such kind of words like  that. I will rather sleep…" said Keira as she quickly stood up and walked towards her room.

Cobra shook his head… Finally he could sleep… He actually had set an alarm, both him and Jim had it, that would buzz in case Keira would be away  for more than a particular distance from them, they had placed it in the set of jewelries that Zach had given to her. 

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