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The General Who Hates Me 337 The Files

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Zach was working hard at the company. He wanted to help Jeru who would soon leave for honeymoon so he wanted to make sure to understand every project Jeru would be leaving under his supervision.

He was massaging his temples when Megan entered with a tea. "Sir you should try this tea. It's good for headache and stress" Megan said with a beautiful smile as she put the tea on Zach's table.

Zach looked at Megan with blank face and said, "Thanks Megan."

Zach felt Megan stood still as if waiting for him to drink it so he held the cup and said, "You can go now,I'll drink it." Megan nodded and turned around then she looked at Zach's glass window covered with blinds so she commented, "Sir, how come your office is always closed, I mean the blinds are always closed."

"Yeah let them be because my wife prefers them closed and I will receive a scolding once I open it. I like it too, more privacy for me.... You can go Megan." instructed Zach and she obeyed. Zach smelled the tea and looked at the door.

Megan's face crumpled as she went out of Zach's office. She could not see anything at all. After a while Zach called at her via intercom and said, "A man named Cobra will arrive. Let him in as soon as he arrives."

"Noted sir," Megan answered on the other line. She wanted to know if Zach drank the tea she prepared.

After thirty minutes, a well built man arrived and told her, "Hi, I'm Cobra." Megan stood up and led him inside Zach's office immediately.

"Would you like anything to drink Sir?" She asked smiling and Cobra only shook his head. "Megan, take this. Thank you," Zach said as he pointed to the cup before he signaled her to leave.

The cup was empty and Megan formed a smirk on her face. She began with her plan and she would make sure she would succeed.

Cobra did not stay long and left soon. Megan reminded Zach about his dinner meeting. Assistant Dave was on sick leave so she would be the one to accompany her Boss. Megan felt hours were too slow that she wanted it to move immediately at 5:00 PM to be with Zach.

After a few more hours of waiting she got ready and check herself in the mirror inside the restroom. Megan was pretty and sexy so she made sure that she would always look alluring.

She went back at her desk to set  her things before she went inside Zach's office. "Sir, we have to go. I already called driver Ja," she said as she walked towards Zach and organized his things.

"Alright, let's go. By the way call my wife and inform her that I will be home late." Instructed Zach as he stood up but for some reason he seemed to lose balance and was about to fall. Megan's lips curved viciously as she quickly helped Zach, almost hugging him to keep him in his place.

"Sir are you alright?" she asked. Zach nodded and tried to compose himself as he murmured, "It's just my head… I feel a bit dizzy but I'm fine now. Let's go…"

Megan followed Zach from behind as the latter walked out from the office. Megan was grinning ear to ear as she watched Zach's broad back. 'You're meant to be mine' she mused.

The meeting was held in a private room at one of the known restaurants in the city. It was  about the collaboration offered by another company and Liu Group was considering to sign with them but Zach would like to talk to their President further about it. 

Megan saw Zach's phone blinking and she saw it was Keira. Zach was in a deep conversation at that moment so he did not notice his phone. She was supposed to call Zach's wife but she intentionally did not call Keira and already formulated a good alibi for not doing so.

The two men had few drinks together. The President of Zhang Company left first with his assistant while Megan and Zach remained in the closed room. "Did you call my wife?" Zach suddenly asked when he noticed that he got a lot of missed calls from Keira.

"Yes, I... I did Sir… Several times... but I can't get through. It's either not available or cannot be reached…" Megan answered. Zach nodded and said, "You can go first Megan… I'll see you in the office tomorrow. Have driver Ja to drive you home."

"How about you Sir?" asked Megan, she wanted  to stay with him more or at least go back together.

"I need to see my friends. They will arrive soon…" Explained Zach plainly. Megan nodded and bid her farewell to her Boss, totally disappointed in missing a good opportunity. 

Zach called Keira as soon as Megan left.

After sometime, Torin and Drey arrived. 

"Bro!" Torin cheerfully greeted as he hugged Zach tightly. "I missed you so much," Torin added. Zach's lips pursed as he pushed Torin and gestured the two to sit. "Where's Jeru?" asked Drey…

"Hmmm, let's not include him in this matter. He will leave with her wife soon for honeymoon so I don't want to disturb him. I want them to enjoy a good vacation…" explained Zach. Torin understood and he started to show Zach the files.

"Did Keira know about this?" Drey asked out of curiosity. Zach read the files as he said, "Me and my wife doesn't hide anything from each other. Communication is very important in a relationship so we always talk on a lot of things. I know everything, even the sound of her fart…"

Drey and Torin almost choked on their wine.  Both looked at Zach's serious face and none dare to comment. Torin shook his head. He missed this so much… Zach's expressionless face whenever he would drop a joke that you would be left hanging whether to laugh, cry or ignore it. 

"Keira's fart is not hard to distinguish and recognize though…" Drey commented. Torin almost forgot that the man sitting beside him was Keira's best friend. His face crumpled as he complained, "Guys! Stop mentioning fart for goodness sake! Food is on the table! Don't ruin my appetite…"

"Well… The smell of Keiras's fart is undeniably…" continued Drey, not minding Torin at all.

"Lieutenant Russo!" blurted out Torin in his authoritative tone that he would often use as a General. Then he added, "If you don't stop… I will assign you for another mission away from home soon! As in far away!" Torin threatened and that instant Drey immediately zipped his lips tight.

Zach on the other hand shook his head and could not help but be proud of his brother Torin for getting the promotion. He smiled and let the two banter while he focused on the files Torin gave him and his eyebrows furrowed as he read further.

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