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"Are you ready?" Jeru asked Thea, who responded by giving him a nod and a smile.

Today they would move into the Liu's ancestral mansion, where they would live with Old Madam Liu for several months. Jeru carried their suitcases and put them into the car trunk. They only packed a few things because Jeru still had some of his stuff at the old house, and everything else was provided. 

Liu's Ancestral Mansion was not that far. It was just thirty minutes ride from their own house. 

"Wow, it's huge!" Thea gasped in awe at the view of Liu's Ancestral Mansion as soon as they entered the main gate. "Why would you and your father live somewhere else when your family owns a house this big?" She puzzled.

Jeru snickered, "Well, you've met my grandmother, right? Do you think anyone would last long with her?" 

"Oh, right," Thea responded and chuckled when she realized that Jeru had a point. Old Madam Liu was definitely a terror of an elder. Maybe that was also the reason why this mansion had an eerie vibe to it. 

Yes, it's a massive estate, so it was somewhat normal that it seemed to lack warmth. But looking at it, Thea just felt sad by how gloomy it appeared. 

"Is it true that your basement is as big as a village?" Thea suddenly asked as she got reminded of an article she had read before in which it was written that the Liu's ancestral mansion was so huge that its underground could fit a village.  Jeru laughed and answered, "I really don't know. I have never explored the whole property. When I was still living here, I mostly just stayed in my room. In case you haven't noticed, I didn't like staying here that much... Maybe the rumor about the basement is true."

Then he added, "Do you want to check it? We can explore the whole mansion if you want. It's fine if it's with you…"

Thea gave him a doubtful smile as she replied, "Hmm, I'm not sure I want to... This mansion looks creepy to me."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Jeru laughed, and while they were conversing, the car had reached the courtyard in front of the main entrance door. Rows of helpers and stewards were waiting to greet them and helped them with their luggage.

Jeru held Thea's hand as he guided her toward his room. It was a humongous room. It couldn't even be qualified as a room, because it was more like an apartment. Inside Jeru's room, there was a library, a personal gym, his bedroom, a living area with a bar, and a big bathroom with a big whirlpool bathtub, separate shower room, and a sauna. 

"Gee... You only missed a kitchen," Thea remarked teasingly.

Jeru laughed and said, "Yeah, sorry for that. I can't cook, so there's no kitchen inside my room. You'll have to go down to the main kitchen to cook, hon."

Jeru dismissed the helpers as soon as their luggage was inside. His grandmother was still at the office and would probably be home late in the evening.

"Show me where the kitchen is. I will prepare dinner for your grandmother," said Thea, who was making her way toward the door when she felt Jeru grab her.

Jeru had his arms around her waist as he turned her around to face him.

"It's still too early to cook. We haven't tried out the bed yet. See if it's sturdy enough…" Jeru murmured, followed by a playful smile.

Thea laughed, "You want to see if it's sturdy enough for the both of us?"

Jeru nodded and began to kiss Thea, consuming her mouth as he pulled her toward their bed.

Thea met his demand for an intoxicating kiss while their hands started to undress each other.

Jeru paused their kiss to look at his wife's bare body. Her stomach was already showing, but she still looked sexy in his eyes.

Thea's shivered as Jeru's fingers started to trail her skin and stopped at her bosoms. He bent down a little to taste her taut rosy buds. He licked and sucked each of them equally as though they were his favorite ice cream. Thea could only arch her body to welcome more of his sweet assault.

"Oh…" she gasped when her knees got weaker as Jeru's hand landed in between her thighs, rubbing her swollen folds.

She could feel her own moisture as Jeru's fingers stroked and caressed the lips of her womanhood before he slid his fingers gently inside, while his mouth and tongue were still faithfully glued to her bosoms…

She could only hold onto Jeru's shoulders for support and place one leg on the bed, giving Jeru's fingers more access to invade her honeypot.

Thea unconsciously swayed her hips to the rhythm of Jeru's fingers, making sure to get the most pleasure from their stroke inside her…

"Hon, are you cumming?" Jeru whispered as he felt Thea's pelvic muscles start to contract. He inserted one more finger inside of her to heighten her pleasure. 

"Uhmm…" was the only response she could give him as she reached her climax, whimpering and shivering...

She was still in the middle of savoring the blissful feeling of an orgasm when she felt her body being lifted off the ground and laid down gently onto the bed. Jeru turned her so she would lie on her side, while he spooned her from behind. She could feel his hard rod poking the cheek of her butt.

"I want you now, hon," Jeru whispered as he slightly part Thea's thighs and entered her from behind. Jeru groaned and started to move inside her. Thea tilted her head sideways to somewhat face him and asked for a kiss, which Jeru eagerly gave. 

They kissed ardently as Jeru kept penetrating in and out of her. Jeru quickened his movements as he felt he was close to his peak.

Not long after, Thea could feel his warm liquid inside her as he pulled away from their kiss and groaned hard.

He was still panting but feeling relaxed from his release, when he heard Thea confirming, "This bed is sturdy enough. I think it can withstand a few more rounds.

Jeru laughed and hugged her wife tightly.

"I really like you so much…" he murmured in her ear before he started to kiss her neck and shoulder.

"Let's do another round..." Jeru whispered before he entered Thea's cave once more...
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